Breaking News...Tom Metzger on White Student Unions..."The first WSU was started by Greg Withrow at American River College in Sacramento, Ca with the support and guidance of Tom Metzger."... Read...Corporate America Stole Racial Standards from Democrats Read...How Presidents are neutralized Listen...The party before JFK's assassination Watch ...KKK fliers spur Negrophiliacs rally Read... Donald Trump Is as American as the KKK, They both hate Negrophilia... Read ...Ric Burns, director of the documentary The Pilgrims "This is more like Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness in many ways than it is like, 'Let's all sit down for turkey for Thanksgiving." ...Robert Parry on Downed Russian Aircraft Listen ...Televiv's Impunity in U.S. Watch...North Korea: Entering Syria's Civil War Watch...Predatory/Prey Capitalism Watch...Hitting Saudi Arabia Where it Hurts Watch...Castro on U.S. Israel and ISIS: Read...Robert Parry on U.S. false narratives about Russia and Syria Read...Emilios Georgiades on Russia and Lebanon: "The Lebanese government has given its permission to Russia to carry out airstrikes against Islamic State terrorist cells on Lebanese soil"...Wall Street Journal on GOP:...joining up to eliminate Donald Trump from the presidential race through a "guerrilla campaign," backed by secret donors...Daniel Lazare on the Saudi Connection to Terror...Read...Captagon: The amphetamine fueling Syria's war Read........With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations Watch...The US put ISIS in business Watch...U.S. “allies” have been aiding and abetting extremists Read...Tom Metzger on the Murder of Europe: "I hope you all realize this is no accident...It's been in the works for decades, both in Europe, the U.S. and all other White countries. Why do you think anti-gun forces are pushing so hard?"...Russia and Syria's War on Terror Watch...Metzger on ISIS: "Two can play that game. Are you ready to play Whitey?" Read...Metzger On Rights:"Rights have always been the perennial myth for the gullible and ignorant. There is nothing that those in power cannot take away from you, including your life. So when you say I want my rights, the ruling class laugh in your face. Watch ...Free Speech Cartoon...


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War is a Racket

"...The only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives." Gen. Butler

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What is W.A.R.?

W.A.R. is a thought process, not a membership group. Membership groups have become as obsolete as WWII aircraft carriers, making excellent targets. W.A.R. is a stealth submarine cruising at periscope depth, effective both in surface and submerged action.

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