W.A.R. and Tom Metzger were probably the first to coin our ideological struggle, as White Separatism. Even though our economic determinist enemies continue to simplistically label us as White Supremacists, our message is slowly getting through. There surely are White Elitist Supremacists, however they operate in the economic determinist camp, while pretending to fight "naughty" racism (belief in one's own race).

From the breakaway republics in the Soviet Union, to the Northern Indian colony of Kashmir or even closer, Quebec in Canada, ethnicity and culture are again gaining their proper place on the world stage.

Extremists on the Left rail against the reemergence of Nationalism, while the Right Wing rail for America first. The Left continues to support the idea of suppression of nationalistic moves, preferring the failed "bigger is better" attitude, of the last several decades. The so-called Right has correctly argued against a world class Universalist Cult, while at the same time supporting an equally dangerous transnational economic program which falsely equates Capitalism with Free Enterprise. When discussing the Right and the Left however, things can become very confusing. The majority of the Right has followed the lead of the Left, into programs and laws, suppressing discrimination. Discrimination and property ownership are the two issues that separate all mankind from slavery. Without the ability to discriminate, ethnic and racial protection is impossible. Anyone who advocates laws against discrimination or private ownership of property becomes your enemy, no matter what racial group they belong to, or which flag they happen to wave.

One must remember that forced integration and the outlawing of discrimination, increased at the same rate as state control of private property. These anti-Separatist ideas were enacted under the various flags of the so-called Democracies. Under Old Glory and the Pledge of Allegiance, our race became enslaved.

Remember those anti-Separatist words " nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all..." Separatists are not Nationalists. For the most part, a Separatist sees national borders as lines drawn arbitrarily, to the tune of economic guidance, not for racial or cultural best interests.

For today, what is this nation? It is certainly no longer an identifiable, homogeneous, racial or cultural group. What, in some cases, may have had its beginnings as race and culture, today are simply an economic outline, that encloses any combination of races and beliefs. This, of course, is not a real nation. This is a bastard nation, with almost no roots, where millions of non-Whites can claim only one generation on the land. That land usually being the asphalted big metropolis. These sad places cannot, without tongue in cheek, be called cities or city-states. They are like overnight mining camps, that rise in population, until they suck out the environmental resources and then collapse. The metropolises being the gaping anal cavities of a sick and dying nation. To those unclean places flock the worst of all races. Only the most degenerate of the White race struggle to stay on top of the maggot pile in such unnatural settings.

In the face of these twin monstrosities, lie the bastardized metropolis of "Blade Runner" fame and the artificial rainbow nation. Separatist movements, world wide, are truly a renaissance of natural logic.

The drastic differences between a real racist, which is a White Separatist, and a White Nationalist of today, are very important. To a White Separatist, the overriding importance is race, not what we have known as nation, in this century. The White Separatist, by his or her very nature, must applaud racial and cultural Separatism worldwide.

Your masters do not fear you as an Economic Separatist, however they do fear you as a true Racial Separatist. If the Soviet Republics have the ethnic and cultural right of self-determination, why do not the states of the United States? When the economic determinists applaud the various Separatist moves in other areas of the world, why not in North America?

Some would say that this is a return to states rights, while in fact it is an advance to state sovereignty. There should follow a competition of the states. The states or regions that are convinced that their future is best protected by the advancement of the black race, should openly advertise that fact. Those states or regions that desire a homogeneous Euro-American or White population, should advertise as such. Those states or regions that believe that the Mexican and Central American population would provide the future with the most healthy environment, should advertise as such. In other words, total freedom of choice. We hear a lot about freedom of choice lately, don't we? When was the last time you heard of freedom of choice, on the subject of race or racial separation?

The press has, in the last twelve years, for the most part frozen out any portion of an interview, that outlined or even mentioned the idea of Separatism. No matter what you label yourself as, the press always uses the terms, "White Supremacist" or "Neo-Nazi". These terms are then predigested, as to what Pavlov's sheep are in turn supposed to say and do, in reaction to those few brave enough to even mention the possibility of Separatism.

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