Government is the term for the modern state. Government denotes the perennial lie, "of the people" which is used to mislead those who should know better.

All governments are oligarchies, which means rule by the few. Some oligarchies have facades, such as the Congress and the Senate.

Dictatorships are, in reality, oligarchies (rule by the few). The modern oligarchy, which refers to itself as a democracy, is the most deceptive. That is because democracy is a fraud today, just as it has been throughout history; remember, the Trojan Horse or the Great Oz.

Many have said, that the government or the state, is theft. This is true. Even the best of states are a protection racket. These rackets are far more dishonest than unlicensed organized crime (the mafia, etc.). For example, the state takes $1.00 in tax, and you are lucky to receive 20% of that in services. These services are then usually redirected, to people not of your race. The hold-up man, on the street, takes all that you have at the time. The burglar carries off, all that he can, from your house. However, rarely do these men make regular demands upon you, such as the state does, by robbing you and always claiming to be doing it "for your own good" or "for your general welfare". You may rob and kill, without worry of punishment, if you are licensed by the state. The state police kill quite regularly, as do the military, the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. These people are allowed to. Most of us travel through life unlicensed, unless it is perhaps a license to drive or to run a business. Should we attempt to operate anything without the proper license, we are sent to jail.

Much of this con game comes from the historical fraud, known as God-directed government, or the divine right of kings. In the modern time it is referred to as the divine right of the state. Millions believe in this totally baseless concept, and chain their offspring from birth, with this emasculating idea.

The religious zealot promotes the nonsense that a mythical Abraham came down from a mountain, with a code of laws from the great spook in the sky. The politician says that the great emissary of God or the state, such as a Congressman or a Senator, comes down from "the hill" in Washington D.C., with laws for the people.

In general, Christians, Jews or Humanists (Christians without a Christ) etc., superstitiously believe in this myth. National states are gangs, no less, no more. Gangs, by their nature, strive to become larger by gobbling up smaller gangs (smaller states), on their way to becoming syndicates (or as we know them to be now, transnational corporations). Remember, the goal of International Socialism and International Capitalism, was to destroy smaller states, or to absorb them into the "Super Gang". Soviet Russia was a good example, and the term "the West" as opposed to "the East", was another. The result, in that case, was the "Cold War". The "Cold War" gobbled up nations into the specter of the "one big fight". Using this as an excuse, the natural resources of the world were squandered, along with the death of millions. All in the name of peace, brotherhood and national defense.

Street gangs are the lowest common denominator, and in reality, the most sensible of all gang activity! Most street gangs today are satisfied with control of a few blocks of turf, and a financial cut. These gangs are somewhat beneficial since they, in some ways, erode the confidence in the "Big Gang." However, the "Big Gang" tries to use this as a method of gaining tighter control of the White non-gang populations. Enters: drunk driving, road blocks, helmet laws and seat belt enforcement, as an example of seemingly "good" plans. These so-called "good" plans guide the sheep (that's you), to a more total control, by the "Big Gang" in Washington D.C.

In summation, international gangs lead us into far more dangerous wars, more dangerous population increases, more dangerous destruction of the environment. All of this is of the greatest threat to the White race.

Not even the wars between the smaller White states (gangs) has had the effect that transnational gangs, with open borders, have had on White nations. In this case, smaller is better. Besides being better, the smaller White state is raised by natural leaders, and those that can be dealt with, should they get out of control.

The international style state is inefficient, to the maximum. Perhaps we are moving towards a time of city states. All-White city states would be desirable and efficient, plus they would be culturally strong. As an example, the greatest time of culture and art, on the Italian Boot, were in the time of the city states. Italy has not since demonstrated anything that comes close. Greece, at its Aryan peak, was comprised of city states.

Perhaps the White idea of the Northwest or Southeast solution is more than can be expected. As smaller becomes more beautiful, why not city states with satellite village states? By effective immigration, this is a reachable goal.

However, a war against the Super State must be fought to the finish. Your ammunition is readily available. Cut economic support for the Beast. In short, starve the bureaucrats out. All of their international gang plans are based on sheep that will finance them. Without your cooperation, they are dead.

Think about it, and then join the hunt, and the underground economy.

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