There are now, by statistics, 18 million Mexicans and Latin Americans in the United States. That is a terrible guess, since the Iron Heel government, in Washington D.C., has no real idea of how many there are. Consider this: the United States border patrol says that they may stop 10% each day. That, in itself, represents thousands each day. Now simply multiply that amount by ten.

Even beyond immigration, legal or illegal, the very numbers of non-Whites already here, and their high birth rate, are enough to plunge North America into a banana republic status within two decades or less.

On the other hand, imagine a Separatist state or region in the Southwest, that could see the impact each day of thousands of immigrants, climbing on board each day, with no hope of a federal solution. Of course they would do what tribes have done since the dawn of time. They would rally their forces and stop it with a force of arms.

For example, if an area like Florida wanted to accept the dregs of the Caribbean, let them, with the understanding that the second this mud flood oozed into the sovereign state of Georgia, it would be "lock and load" time. Now, isn't that simple? It's freedom of choice for all concerned. To the Floridians, they are free to swamp their state and exhaust their natural resources and infrastructure. The Caribbeans are free to try the border of the sovereign state of Georgia. However, the sovereign citizens of Georgia are free to stop them, using any method necessary, and stop the invasion of their sovereign state.

Those that await a Big Brother Washington D.C. or Los Angeles Cesspool Grande solution, wait in vain, since their solutions are either not forthcoming, or are much worse than those that we propose.

Separatism is a state of mind, whose time has come. The super state is the enemy of racial and cultural self-determination. It is also the extreme enemy of man's environment. That is enough reason for us.

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