Otherwise known as legislators, these men and women are held in high esteem by many. The reason is a myth, which is perpetuated by the media. The myth is that your lawmakers are your friends, due to the number of bills that they successfully push through into laws. Those who are unable to create bills, and push them through the hoops into laws, are looked on as ineffective and even called lazy. When it comes election time, woe be it to a lawmaker, that has been unable to enact new laws.

In California, for an example, over 1,000 new laws go into effect each year. White voters ignorantly think that massive creation of new laws may afford them new and better protection. What does it really bring to you? It brings you more government control, less liberty and higher taxes.

What an amazing and deceptive machine. The slaves, in the name of law and order, are actually manipulated into believing that more laws means more liberty and more security. The slaves (or zombies, as I like to call them) cannot be excused. History will plainly show that legislators are not the friends of liberty or of the peasants (as we are commonly referred to as, by the legislators, in their private circles).

So, you ask, what then is the answer?

It is simple. There are more laws on the books, in the United States, than ever before in history. At the same time, the standard of living has dropped like a rock. Non-White crime has gone through the roof. In all areas where White working people are impacted, most new laws have not helped at all. In fact, most laws are very expensive and just open up new problems, requiring by system logic, more laws.

The answer is obvious. We need thousands of lawmakers, that will become law eliminators. In other words, a war on laws. Repeal should be the word for each new election. Legislators should be judged to be a greater friend of the people, by battling entirely for the elimination of costly and ineffective laws.

The greatest help for the White race today, would be state and national legislators, that run on a platform of no new taxes, coupled with no new laws. To enact new laws, guarantees more taxes. Do you see how simple it would be?

Your enemies control the law making machinery. They also control the unequal application of laws, which help their friends and destroy their enemies. So, get smart young White Americans! Run for office, but on the basis of spending your entire effort in repealing laws. Couple your arguments with the obvious. Most laws cause higher taxes and usually don't solve a problem. In fact, they actually appear to call for even more laws, to correct the evils of the law that was just enacted.

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