There has been no military war in modern history, that promoted the general welfare of the White race. As the great general, Smedly Butler, lamented, "war is a racket". Only in limited cases, where war has temporarily slowed the birth rate in non-White areas of the world, would war be considered even slightly positive. However, when the destruction of resources and pollution are taken into account, even that method of birth control is like "cutting your nose off to spite your face". Remember, after every such economic adventure, the Universalist Cult quickly move in to patch up the non-White populations; to begin anew the cycle of birth, poverty and death.

So, why are so many so-called White racists, military or war oriented? Why do healthy White people salivate, while waving the system's flag, and run off to participate in these conflicts, where tens of thousands of America's finest White people die?

Robert Audrey wrote the great trilogy: African Genesis, Territorial Imperative, and The Evolution of Social Contract. He put it this way: "Men are motivated by three things: 1) Stimulation, 2) Identity and 3) Security..." It seems that modern warfare appeals to all three.

What then causes a trained killer to go from an unstoppable predator in war (who is prepared to carry out any order), to become a cowardly wimp in the civilian life? Is it the great psychological control by the media, churches, or education which are controlled by the Universalist Cult?

White men and women cannot be totally snivelized. They are capable of rising to primordial brutality. War is economic harvesting for a few, and also a way for many White men to release their natural aggression. Is this the reason that our jails, prisons and mental hospitals are full, due to the White man's straight-jacketed and unnatural society? I think that it is.

Mystics will not admit, nor be proud of, man's animal nature. Almost all religious beliefs promote the idea that natural aggression is evil and that straight-jacketed emotions are good. One thing that we know for sure is that the military promotes more race mixing, than any other area of society.

All modern warfare has been at the expense of our White gene pool. All modern institutions are designed to stifle White racial aggression to the betterment and expansion, of lesser races. War breeds phoney patriotism to a multi-racial nation. The diverse races and religions of North America will ultimately sink into Third World poverty and disease, until White men and women turn the tide.

In short, military warfare benefits a very few, at the expense of the many. Warfare destroys needed natural resources, and diminishes the best breeding stock of our race. It promotes race-mixing, and racial pollution. Other dangers are that all sophisticated spy satellites and star wars style weapons may be used, ultimately against those that were bankrupted paying for them.

Make no mistake. The so-called end of the communist struggle, marks the beginning of "Operation Mop-Up", by transnational financial cartels, and the Universalist Cult behind them.

Among our enemies, White racism or Separatism is the new target. If need be, the same polyglot forces and weapons tested rather recently on Iraq and Serbia, will be used against us, if it becomes necessary.

Logic: War is a racket. Support at least a 75% cut in the war budget, not only in this country, but in every country in the world. White Separatists must oppose system controlled warfare; our war is right here at home!

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