As one strives to protect ones family, so it must be with the cultural and racial extended family. The White European race is a minority in most places on this Earth; fifteen percent and falling. WAR is not speaking of a minor problem, but the eventual extinction of Nature's finest handiwork. Whenever you hear the word minority it's not really the Black or Brown races, but the White race which has always been the minority race globally.

Genetic evidence links Jews to their ancient tribe 
by Judy Siegel

Tuesday November 20, 2001 


JERUSALEM (November 20) - Genetic evidence continues to provide additional  proof to the claims that the Jewish people are descended from a common ancient Israelite father: Despite being separated for over 1,000 years, Sephardi Jews of North African origin are genetically indistinguishable from their brethren  from Iraq, according to The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

They also proved that Sephardi Jews are very close genetically to the Jews of Kurdistan, and only slight differences exist between these two groups and Ashkenazi Jews from Europe. 

These conclusions are reached in an article published recently in the American Journal of Human Genetics and written by Prof. Ariella Oppenheim of the Hebrew  University (HU) and Hadassah-University Hospital in Ein Kerem. 

Others involved are German doctoral student Almut Nebel, Dr. Marina Faerman of  HU, Dr. Dvora Filon of Hadassah-University Hospital, and other colleagues from Germany and India. 

The researchers conducted blood tests of Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Kurdish Jews and examined their Y chromosomes, which are carried only by males. They then  compared them with those of various Arab groups - Palestinians, Beduins, Jordanians, Syrians and Lebanese - as well as to non-Arab populations from Transcaucasia - Turks, Armenians and Moslem Kurds. 

The study is based on 526 Y chromosomes typed by the Israeli team and additional data on 1,321 individuals from 12 populations. The typing of the Jewish groups was performed at the National Genome Center at HU's Silberman Institute of Life Sciences. 

The Fertile Crescent of the Middle East was one of the few centers in which the transition from hunting-gathering to permanent settlement and agriculture took place. Genetic studies suggest that migrating Neolithic farmers dispersed their  technological innovations and domesticated animals from the Middle East towards Europe, North Africa and Southwest Asia. 

Studies of Y chromosomes have become powerful tools for the investigation of  the genetic history of males, since these chromosomes are transmitted from fathers to sons. 

Surprisingly, the study shows a closer genetic affinity by Jews to the non- Jewish, non-Arab populations in the northern part of the Middle East than to Arabs. These findings are consistent with known cultural links that existed among populations in the Fertile Crescent in early history, and indicate that  the Jews are direct descendants of the early Middle Eastern core populations, which later divided into distinct ethnic groups speaking different languages. 

Previous investigations by the HU researchers suggested a common origin for Jewish and non-Jewish populations living in the Middle East. The current study refines and delineates that connection. 

It is believed that the majority of today's Jews - not including converts and  non-Jews with whom Jews intermarried - descended from the ancient Israelis that lived in the historic Land of Israel until the destruction of the Second Temple and their dispersal into the Diaspora. 

The researchers say that a genetic analysis of the chromosomes of Jews from various countries show that there was practically no genetic intermixing  between them and the host populations among which they were scattered during  their dispersion - whether in Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal or North Africa. 

A particularly intriguing case illustrating this is that of the Kurdish Jews,  said to be the descendants of the Ten Tribes of Israel who were exiled in 723  BCE. to the area known today as Kurdistan, located in Northern Iraq, Iran and  Eastern Turkey. They continued to live there as a separate entity until their  immigration to Israel in the 1950s. The Kurdish Jews of today show a much  greater affinity to their fellow Jews elsewhere than to the Kurdish Moslems.

                                                                            By Jack London

It was in the year 1976 that the trouble between the world and China reached its culmination. It was because of this that the celebration of the Second Centennial of American Liberty was deferred. Many other plans of the nations of the earth were twisted and tangled and postponed for the same reason. The world awoke rather abruptly to its danger; but for over seventy years, unperceived, affairs had been shaping toward this very end.  

The year 1904 logically marks the beginning of the development that, seventy years later, was to bring consternation to the whole world. The Japanese-Russian War took place in 1904, and the historians of the time gravely noted it down that that event marked the entrance of Japan into the comity of nations. What it really did mark was the awakening of China. This awakening, long expected, had finally been given up. The Western nations had tried to arouse China, and they had failed. Out of their native optimism and race-egotism they had therefore concluded that the task was impossible, that China would never awaken.  What they had failed to take into account was this: THAT BETWEEN THEM AND CHINA WAS NO COMMON PSYCHOLOGICAL SPEECH. 

Their thought- processes were radically dissimilar. There was no intimate vocabulary. The Western mind penetrated the Chinese mind but a short distance when it found itself in a fathomless maze. The Chinese mind penetrated the Western mind an equally short distance when it fetched up against a blank, incomprehensible wall. It was all a matter of language. There was no way to communicate Western ideas to the Chinese mind. China remained asleep. The material achievement and progress of the West was a closed book to her; nor could the West open the book. Back and deep down on the tie-ribs of consciousness, in the mind, say, of the English-speaking race, was a capacity to thrill to short, Saxon words; back and deep down on the tie-ribs of consciousness of the Chinese mind was a capacity to thrill to its own hieroglyphics; but the Chinese mind could not thrill to short, Saxon words; nor could the English-speaking mind thrill to hieroglyphics. The fabrics of their minds were woven from totally different stuffs. They were mental aliens. And so it was that Western material achievement and progress made no dent on the rounded sleep of China.  Came Japan and her victory over Russia in 1904. Now the Japanese race was the freak and paradox among Eastern peoples. In some strange way Japan was receptive to all the West had to offer. Japan swiftly assimilated the Western ideas, and digested them, and so capably applied them that she suddenly burst forth, full-panoplied, a world-power. There is no explaining this peculiar openness of Japan to the alien culture of the West. As well might be explained any biological sport in the animal kingdom.  Having decisively thrashed the great Russian Empire, Japan promptly set about dreaming a colossal dream of empire for herself. Korea she had made into a granary and a colony; treaty privileges and vulpine diplomacy gave her the monopoly of Manchuria. But Japan was not satisfied. She turned her eyes upon China. There lay a vast territory, and in that territory were the hugest deposits in the world of iron and coal - the backbone of industrial civilization. Given natural resources, the other great factor  in industry is labour. In that territory was a population of 400,000,000 souls - one quarter of the then total population of the earth. Furthermore, the Chinese were excellent workers, while their fatalistic philosophy (or religion) and their stolid nervous organization constituted them splendid soldiers - if they were properly managed.

 Needless to say, Japan was prepared to furnish that management.  But best of all, from the standpoint of Japan, the Chinese was a kindred race. The baffling enigma of the Chinese character to the West was no baffling enigma to the Japanese. The Japanese understood as we could never school ourselves or hope to understand. Their mental processes were the same. The Japanese thought with the same thought-symbols as did the Chinese, and they thought in the same peculiar grooves. Into the Chinese mind the Japanese went on where we were balked by the obstacle of incomprehension. They took the turning which we could not perceive, twisted around the obstacle, and were out of sight in the ramifications of the Chinese mind where we could not follow. They were brothers. Long ago one had borrowed the other's written language, and, untold generations before that, they had diverged from the common Mongol stock. There had been changes, differentiations brought about by diverse conditions and infusions of other blood; but down at the bottom of their beings, twisted into the fibres of them, was a heritage in common, a sameness in kind that time had not obliterated. 

And so Japan took upon herself the management of China. In the years immediately following the war with Russia, her agents swarmed over the Chinese Empire. A thousand miles beyond the last mission station toiled her engineers and spies, clad as coolies, under the guise of itinerant merchants or proselytizing Buddhist priests, noting down the horse-power of every waterfall, the likely sites for factories, the heights of mountains and passes, the strategic advantages and weaknesses, the wealth of the farming valleys, the number of bullocks in a district or the number of labourers that could be collected by forced levies. Never was there such a census, and it could have been taken by no other people than the dogged, patient, patriotic Japanese.  But in a short time secrecy was thrown to the winds. Japan's officers reorganized the  Chinese army; her drill sergeants made the mediaeval warriors over into twentieth century soldiers, accustomed to all the modern machinery of war and with a higher average of marksmanship than the soldiers of any Western nation.

The engineers of Japan deepened and widened the intricate system of canals, built factories and foundries, netted the empire with telegraphs and telephones, and inaugurated the era of railroad- building. It was these same protagonists of machine-civilization that discovered the great oil deposits of Chunsan, the iron mountains of Whang-Sing, the copper ranges of Chinchi, and they sank the gas wells of Wow-Wee, that most marvellous reservoir of natural gas in all the world. 

In China's councils of empire were the Japanese emissaries. In the ears of the statesmen whispered the Japanese statesmen. The political reconstruction of the Empire was due to them. They evicted the scholar class, which was violently reactionary, and put into office progressive officials. And in every town and city of the Empire newspapers were started. Of course, Japanese editors ran the policy of these papers, which policy they got direct from Tokio. It was these papers that educated and made progressive the great mass of the population. 

China was at last awake. Where the West had failed, Japan succeeded. She had transmuted Western culture and achievement into terms that were intelligible to the Chinese understanding. Japan herself, when she so suddenly awakened, had astounded the world. But at the time she was only forty millions strong. China's awakening, with her four hundred millions and the scientific advance of the world, was frightfully astounding. She was the colossus of the nations, and swiftly her voice was heard in no uncertain tones in the affairs and councils of the nations. Japan egged her on, and the proud Western peoples listened with respectful ears. 

China's swift and remarkable rise was due, perhaps more than to anything else, to the superlative quality of her labour. The Chinese was the perfect type of industry. He had always been that. For sheer ability to work no worker in the world could compare with him. Work was the breath of his nostrils. It was to him what wandering and fighting in far lands and spiritual adventure had been to other peoples. Liberty, to him, epitomized itself in access to the means of toil. To till the soil and labour interminably was all he asked of life and the powers that be. And the awakening of China had given its vast population not merely free and unlimited access to the means of toil, but access to the highest and most scientific machine-means of 

China rejuvenescent! It was but a step to China rampant. She discovered a new pride in herself and a will of her own. She began to chafe under the guidance of Japan, but she did not chafe long. On Japan's advice, in the beginning, she had expelled from the Empire all Western missionaries, engineers, drill sergeants, merchants, and teachers. She now began to expel the similar representatives of Japan. The latter's advisory statesmen were showered with honours and decorations, and sent home. The West had awakened Japan, and, as Japan had then requited the West, Japan was not requited by China. Japan was thanked for her kindly aid and flung out bag and baggage by her gigantic protege. The Western nations chuckled. Japan's rainbow dream had gone glimmering. She grew angry. China laughed at her. The blood and the swords of the Samurai would out, and Japan rashly went to  war. This occurred in 1922, and i  seven bloody months Manchuria, Korea, and Formosa were taken away from her  and she was hurled back, bankrupt, to stifle in her tiny, crowded islands. Exit Japan from the world drama. Thereafter she devoted herself to art, and her  task became to please the world greatly with her creations of wonder and beauty. 

Contrary to expectation, China did not prove warlike. She had no Napoleonic dream, and was content to devote herself to the arts of peace. After a time of disquiet, the idea was accepted that China was to be feared, not in war, but in commerce. It will be seen that the real danger was not apprehended. China went on consummating her machine-civilization. Instead of a large standing army, she developed an immensely larger and splendidly efficient militia. Her navy was so small that it was the laughing stock of the world; nor did she attempt to strengthen her navy. The treaty ports of the world were never entered by her visiting battleships. 

The real danger lay in the fecundity of her loins, and it was in 1970 that the first cry of alarm was raised. For some time all territories adjacent to China had been grumbling at Chinese immigration; but now it suddenly came home to the world that China's population was 500,000,000. She had increased by a hundred millions since her awakening. Burchaldter called attention to the fact that there were more Chinese in existence than white-skinned people. He performed a simple sum in arithmetic. He added together the populations of the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, European Russia, and all Scandinavia. The result was 495,000,000. And the population of China overtopped this tremendous total  by 5,000,000. Burchaldter's figures went round the world, and the world shivered. 

For many centuries China's population had been constant. Her territory had been saturated with population; that is to say, her territory, with the primitive method of production, had supported the maximum limit of population. But when she awoke and inaugurated the machine-civilization, her productive power had been enormously increased. Thus, on the same territory, she was able to support a far larger population. At once the birth rate began to rise and the death rate to fall. Before, when population pressed against the means of subsistence, the excess population had been swept away by famine. But now, thanks to the machine-civilization, China's means of subsistence had been enormously extended, and there were no famines; her population followed on the heels of the increase in the means of subsistence.  During this time of transition and development of power, China had entertained no dreams of conquest. The Chinese was not an imperial race. It was industrious, thrifty, and peace-loving. War was looked upon as an unpleasant but necessary task that at times must be performed. And so, while the Western races had squabbled and fought, and world-adventured against one another, China had calmly gone on working at her machines and growing. Now she was spilling over the boundaries of her Empire - that was all, just spilling over into the adjacent territories with all the certainty and terrifying slow momentum of a glacier.  Following upon the alarm raised by Burchaldter's figures, in 1970 France made a long-threatened stand. French Indo-China had been overrun, filled up, by Chinese immigrants. France called a halt. The Chinese wave flowed on. France assembled a force of a hundred thousand on the boundary between her unfortunate colony and China, and China sent down an army of militia-soldiers a million strong. Behind came the wives and sons and daughters and relatives, with their personal household luggage, in a second army. The French force was brushed aside like a fly. The Chinese militia-soldiers, along with their families, over five millions all told, coolly took possession of French Indo-China and settled down to stay for a few thousand years. 

Outraged France was in arms. She hurled fleet after fleet against the coast of China, and nearly bankrupted herself by the effort. China had no navy. She withdrew like a turtle into her shell. For a year the French fleets blockaded the coast and bombarded exposed towns and villages. China did not mind. She did not depend upon the rest of the world for anything. She calmly kept out of range of the French guns and went on working. France wept and wailed, wrung her impotent hands and appealed to the dumfounded nations. Then she landed a punitive expedition to march to Peking. It was two hundred and fifty thousand strong, and it was the flower of France. It landed without opposition and marched into the interior. And that was the last ever seen of it. The line of communication was snapped on the second day. Not a survivor came back to tell what had happened. It had been swallowed up in China's cavernous maw, that was all. 

In the five years that followed, China's expansion, in all land directions, went on apace. Siam was made part of the Empire, and, in spite of all that England could do, Burma and the Malay Peninsula were overrun; while all along the long south boundary of Siberia, Russia was pressed severely by China's advancing hordes. The process was simple. First came the Chinese immigration (or, rather, it was already there, having come there slowly and insidiously during the previous years). Next came the clash of arms and the brushing away of all opposition by a monster army of militia-soldiers, followed by their families and household baggage.  And finally came their settling down as colonists in the conquered territory. Never was there so strange and effective a method of world conquest. 

Napal and Bhutan were overrun, and the whole northern boundary of India pressed against by this fearful tide of life. To the west, Bokhara, and, even to the south and west, Afghanistan, were swallowed up. Persia, Turkestan, and all Central Asia felt the pressure of the flood. It was at this time that Burchaldter revised his figures. He had been mistaken. China's population must be seven hundred millions, eight hundred millions, nobody knew how many millions, but at any rate it would soon be a billion. There were two Chinese for every white-skinned human in the world, Burchaldter announced, and the world trembled. China's increase must have begun immediately, in 1904. It was  remembered that since that date there had not been a single famine. At 5,000,000 a year increase, her total increase in the intervening seventy years must be  350,000,000. But who was to know? It might be more. Who was to know anything of this strange new menace of the twentieth century - China, old China, rejuvenescent, fruitful, and militant! 

The Convention of 1975 was called at Philadelphia. All the Western nations, and some few of the Eastern, were represented. Nothing was accomplished. There was talk of all countries putting bounties on children to increase the birth rate, but it was laughed to scorn by the arithmeticians, who pointed out that China was too far in the lead in that direction. No feasible way of coping with China was suggested. China was appealed to and threatened by the United Powers, and that was all the Convention of Philadelphia came to; and the Convention and the Powers were laughed at by China. Li Tang Fwung, the power behind the Dragon Throne, deigned to reply. 

"What does China care for the comity of nations?" said Li Tang Fwung. "We are the most ancient, honourable, and royal of races. We have our own destiny to accomplish. It is unpleasant that our destiny does not tally with the destiny of the rest of the world, but what would you? You have talked windily about the royal races and the heritage of the earth, and we can only reply that that remains to be seen. You cannot invade us. Never mind about your navies. Don't shout. We know our navy is small. You see we use it for police purposes. We do not care for the sea. Our strength is in our population, which will soon be a billion. Thanks to you, we are equipped with all modern war-machinery. Send your navies. We will not notice them. Send your punitive expeditions, but first remember France. To land half a million soldiers on our shores would strain the resources of any of you. And our thousand millions would swallow them down in a mouthful. Send a million; send five millions, and we will swallow them down just as readily. Pouf! A mere  nothing, a meagre morsel. Destroy, as you have threatened, you United States, the ten million coolies we have forced upon your shores - why, the amount scarcely equals half of our excess birth rate for a year." 

So spoke Li Tang Fwung. The world was nonplussed, helpless, terrified. Truly had he spoken. There was no combating China's amazing birth rate. If her population was a billion, and was increasing twenty millions a year, in twenty-five years it would be a billion and a half - equal to the total population of the world in 1904. And nothing could be done. There was no way to dam up the over-spilling monstrous flood of life. War was futile. China laughed at a blockade of her coasts. She welcomed invasion. In her capacious maw was room for all the hosts of earth that could be hurled at her. And in the meantime her flood of yellow life poured out and on over Asia. China laughed and read in their magazines the learned lucubrations of the distracted Western scholars. 

But there was one scholar China failed to reckon on - Jacobus Laningdale. Not that he was a scholar, except in the widest sense. Primarily, Jacobus Laningdale was a scientist, and, up to that time, a very obscure scientist, a professor employed in the laboratories of the Health Office of New York City. Jacobus Laningdale's head was very like any other head, but in that head was evolved an idea. Also, in that head was the wisdom to keep that idea secret. He did not write an article for the magazines. Instead, he asked for a vacation. On September 19, 1975, he arrived in Washington. It was evening, but he proceeded straight to the White House, for he had already arranged an audience with the President. He was closeted with President Moyer for three hours. What passed between them was not learned by the rest of the world until long after; in fact, at that time the world was not interested in Jacobus Laningdale. Next day the President called in his Cabinet. Jacobus Laningdale was present. The proceedings were kept secret. But that very afternoon Rufus Cowdery, Secretary of State, left Washington, and early the following morning sailed for England. The secret that he carried began to spread, but it spread only among the heads of Governments. Possibly half-a-dozen men in a nation were entrusted with the idea that had formed in Jacobus Laningdale's head. Following the spread of the secret, sprang up great activity in all the dockyards, arsenals, and navy-yards. The people of France and Austria became suspicious, but so sincere were their Governments' calls for confidence that they acquiesced in the unknown project that was afoot. 

This was the time of the Great Truce. All countries pledged themselves solemnly not to go to war with any other country. The first definite action was the gradual mobilization of the armies of Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Then began the eastward movement. All railroads into Asia were glutted with troop trains. China was the objective, that was all that was known. A little later began the great sea movement. Expeditions of warships were launched from all countries. Fleet followed fleet, and all proceeded to the coast of China. The nations cleaned out their navy-yards. They sent their revenue cutters and dispatch boots and lighthouse tenders, and they sent their last antiquated cruisers and battleships. Not content with this, they impressed the merchant marine. The statistics show that 58,640 merchant steamers, equipped with searchlights and rapid-fire guns, were despatched by the various nations to China. 

And China smiled and waited. On her land side, along her boundaries, were millions of the warriors of Europe. She mobilized five times as many millions of her militia and awaited the invasion. On her sea coasts she did the same. But China was puzzled. After all this enormous preparation, there was no invasion. She could not understand. Along the great Siberian frontier all was quiet. Along her coasts the towns and villages were not even shelled. Never, in the history of the world, had there been so mighty a gathering of war fleets. The fleets of all the world were there, and day and night millions of tons of battleships ploughed the brine of her coasts, and nothing happened. Nothing was attempted. Did they think to make her emerge from her shell? China smiled. Did they think to tire her out, or starve her out? China smiled again. 

But on May 1, 1976, had the reader been in the imperial city of Peking, with its then population of eleven millions, he would have witnessed a curious sight. He would have seen the streets filled with the chattering yellow populace, every queued head tilted back, every slant eye turned skyward. And high up in the blue he would have beheld a tiny dot of black, which, because of its orderly evolutions, he would have identified as an airship. From this airship, as it curved its flight back and forth over the city, fell missiles - strange, harmless missiles, tubes of fragile glass that shattered into thousands of fragments on the streets and  house- tops. But there was nothing deadly about these tubes of glass. Nothing happened. There were no  explosions. It is true, three Chinese were killed by the tubes dropping on their heads from so enormous a height; but what were three  Chinese against an excess birth rate of twenty millions? One tube struck perpendicularly in a fish-pond in a garden and was not broken. It was dragged ashore by the master of the house. He did not dare to open it, but, accompanied by his friends, and surrounded by an ever-increasing crowd, he carried the mysterious tube to the magistrate of the district. The latter was a brave man. With all eyes upon him, he shattered the tube with a blow from his brass-bowled pipe. Nothing happened. Of those who were very near, one or two thought they saw some mosquitoes fly out. That was all. The crowd set up a great laugh and dispersed. 

As Peking was bombarded by glass tubes, so was all China. The tiny airships, dispatched from the warships, contained but two men each, and over all cities, towns, and villages they wheeled and curved, one man directing the ship, the other man throwing over the glass tubes. 

Had the reader again been in Peking, six weeks later, he would have looked in vain for the eleven million inhabitants. Some few of them he would have found, a few hundred thousand, perhaps, their carcasses festering in the houses and in the deserted streets, and piled high on the abandoned death-waggons. But for the rest he would have had to seek along the highways and byways of the Empire. And not all would he have found fleeing from plague-stricken Peking, for behind them, by hundreds of thousands of unburied corpses by the wayside, he could have marked their flight. And as it was with Peking, so it was with all the cities, towns, and villages of the Empire. The plague smote them all. Nor was it one plague, nor two plagues; it was a score of plagues. Every virulent form of  infectious death stalked through the land. Too late the Chinese government apprehended the meaning of the colossal preparations, the marshalling of the world-hosts, the flights of the tin airships, and the rain of the tubes of glass. The proclamations of the government were vain. They could not stop the eleven million plague-stricken wretches, fleeing from the one city of Peking to spread disease through all the land. The physicians and health officers died at their posts; and death, the all- conqueror, rode over the decrees of the Emperor and Li Tang Fwung. It rode over them as well, for Li Tang Fwung died in the second week, and the Emperor, hidden away in the Summer Palace, died in the fourth week.  Had there been one plague, China might have coped with it. But from a score of plagues no creature was immune. The man who escaped smallpox went down before scarlet fever. The man who was immune to yellow fever was carried away by cholera; and if he were immune to that, too, the Black Death, which was the bubonic plague, swept him away. For it was these bacteria, and germs, and microbes, and bacilli, cultured in the laboratories of the West, that had come down upon China in the rain of glass. 

All organization vanished. The government crumbled away. Decrees and proclamations were useless when the men who made them and signed them one moment were dead the next. Nor could the maddened millions, spurred on to flight by death, pause to heed anything. They fled from the cities to infect the country, and wherever they fled they carried the plagues with them. The hot summer was on - Jacobus Laningdale had selected the time shrewdly - and the plague festered everywhere. Much is conjectured of what occurred, and much has been learned from the stories of the few survivors.  The wretched creatures stormed across the Empire in many-millioned flight. The vast armies China had collected on her frontiers melted away. The  farms were ravaged for food, and no more crops were planted, while the crops already in were left unattended and  never came to harvest. The most remarkable thing, perhaps, was the flights. Many millions engaged in  them, charging to the bounds of the Empire to be met and turned back by the gigantic armies of the West. The slaughter of the mad hosts on the boundaries was stupendous. Time and again the guarding line was drawn back twenty or thirty miles to escape the contagion of the multitudinous dead. 

Once the plague broke through and seized upon the German and Austrian soldiers who were guarding the borders of Turkestan. Preparations had been made for such a happening, and though sixty thousand soldiers of Europe were carried off, the international corps of physicians isolated the contagion and dammed it back. It was during this struggle that it was suggested that a new plague- germ had originated, that in some way or other a sort of hybridization between plague-germs had taken place, producing a new and frightfully virulent germ. First suspected by Vomberg, who became infected with it and died, it was later isolated and studied by Stevens, Hazenfelt, Norman, and Landers.  Such was the unparalleled invasion of China. For that  billion of people there was no hope. Pent in their vast and festering charnel-house, all organization and cohesion lost, they could do naught but die. They could not escape. As they were flung back from their  land frontiers, so were they flung back from the sea. Seventy-five thousand vessels patrolled the coasts. By day their smoking funnels dimmed the sea-rim, and by night their flashing searchlights ploughed the dark and harrowed it for the tiniest escaping junk. The attempts of the immense fleets of junks  were pitiful. Not one ever got by the guarding sea-hounds. Modern war- machinery held back the disorganized mass of China, while the plagues did the work. 

But old War was made a thing of laughter. Naught remained to him but patrol duty. China had laughed at war, and war she was getting, but it was ultra-modern war, twentieth century war, the war of the scientist and the laboratory, the war of Jacobus Laningdale. Hundred-ton guns were toys compared with the micro- organic projectiles hurled from the laboratories, the messengers of death, the destroying angels that stalked through the empire of a billion souls.  During all the summer and fall of 1976 China was an inferno. There was no eluding the microscopic projectiles that sought out the remotest hiding-places. The hundreds of millions of dead  remained unburied and the germs multiplied themselves, and, toward the last, millions  died daily of starvation. Besides, starvation weakened the victims and destroyed their natural defences against the plagues. Cannibalism, murder, and madness reigned. And so perished China. 

Not until the following February, in the coldest weather, were the first expeditions made. These expeditions were small, composed of scientists and bodies of troops; but they entered China from every side. In spite of the most elaborate precautions against infection, numbers of soldiers and a few of the physicians were stricken. But the exploration went bravely on. They found China devastated, a howling wilderness through which wandered bands of wild dogs and desperate bandits who had survived. All survivors were put to  death wherever found. And then began the great task, the sanitation of China. Five years and hundreds of millions of treasure were consumed, and then the world moved in - not in zones, as was the idea of Baron Albrecht, but heterogeneously, according to the democratic American programme. It was a vast and happy intermingling of nationalities that settled down in China in 1982 and the years that followed - a tremendous and successful experiment in cross-fertilization. We know to-day the splendid mechanical, intellectual, and art output that followed. 

It was in 1987, the Great Truce having been dissolved, that the ancient quarrel between France and Germany over Alsace-Lorraine recrudesced. The war-cloud grew dark and threatening in April, and on April 17 the Convention of Copenhagen was called. The representatives of the nations of the world, being present, all nations solemnly pledged themselves never to use against one another the laboratory methods of warfare they had employed in the invasion of China.


                                                  ARE THEY REALLY "BLACK" MEN? 

Find the latest Newsweek magazine and examine its cover, which displays "The New Black Power" and a photograph of three "black," corporate leaders ((see picture in top-right corner in this Newsweek Web site; it had featured three mixed-race "blacks" if picture is not displayed)):


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EXCERPTS from "Paleoconservative Thoughts To Ponder":

28) Since the fifties, minorities and feminists have been struggling to unseat white males and dismantle 
their culture; and they've executed the rout virtually unopposed, displaying the most frenzied and extensive
example of bloodless cultural conquest in history.

88) Compare the views of better-educated and far more moral Americans of, say, the fifties with today's
dumb-as-a-post, television-trained, live-for-a-good-time, deviant-sex-is-my-right, kill-wombed-babies-on-a-whim Americans. Think how forthright and honest fifties whites were to admit
that they wouldn't want a black president, wouldn't live next to a black man, wouldn't want a relative to
marry a black man, and wouldn't hide their well-founded prejudices not having been subjected to
Hollywood's emotion-building, mind-altering, drive-the-nation-leftward, surrender-good-civilization-to-minorities propaganda machine.

91) Regarding a congressional apology to blacks for slavery, that's a good idea if they march some blacks
up there to apologize for black slave owners' transgressions; apologize for African tribal kings who sold their black captives into slavery; apologize for blacks' reign of terror -- their rapes (especially of white women), robberies, murders, and drug-dealings – across America; apologize for blacks' illegitimacies, welfare dependencies and need for undeserved social promotion; then thank whites for their struggle to civilize blacks and the world, thank them for their struggle to end slavery, and thank them for their efforts to provide minorities with opportunities here they'd never receive in their ancestral lands.

92) Regarding President Clinton's near-apology for America's enslavement of black Africans, this news
report enlightens: "MUKONO, UGANDA-- President Clinton all but apologized for U.S. slavery yesterday in
Uganda, following by two days a statement by Uganda's president that such an apology is 'rubbish . . . African chiefs were the ones waging war on each other and capturing their own people and selling them. If anyone should apologize it should be the African chiefs. We still have those traitors here even today'" [Washington Times front-page article, "Clinton nears slavery apology," March 25, 1998].

120) One poisonous effect of high culture on society is its invitation to weakness for convenience and leisure among it’s more affluent members, which numbs them in mind, body and spirit. If the past is any teacher, Western societies are in a terminal condition because of this weakness, which has allowed
blacks and the diversity movement to lead the way to collapse.

126) The purpose of the South’s Jim Crow laws were for keeping black males' natural proclivity for rape, robbery and murder corralled; anti-miscegenation laws were to prevent contamination of the white race by those heritable  proclivities [this opinion is premised on historical facts, regarding Southern whites' direct knowledge of black males' inherent character, and on FBI statistics of black males' criminal activities].

134) If white males in the Fifties and Sixties had known that leftists' S-P-E-C-I-A-L CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT was really about giving black men access to white teen-age girls and white women,  Washington today would be either a war zone or  a brand new capital, rebuilt upon the principles our white Founders had bequeathed to us.

151) Liberals were mistaken to believe that the higher standards of white middle-class schools would somehow inoculate black children from the bad influences of their own culture. The exact opposite has occurred, as white children adopt the bad behavior that black children bring with them from their communities--drugs, promiscuous sex, bad music, violence, and lawlessness.

158) The following hypothesis explains why racial stereotyping is universally practiced: A genetically homogeneous people exhibit certain behaviors and artifacts -- actions, emotions, attitudes, laws, traditions, rituals, sciences, technologies, arts, philosophies, and religions -- because their manifest proclivities are genetically unique to them. Generally, the Japanese would not  build an African culture, nor would black Africans evolve a Japanese culture (even given identical environmental conditions) because of their genetic differences. 

203) Those who have studied the Founders' writings know that they would have gone to war to halt forced busing. But there is so much about this tyrannical federal government, past and present, that our Founding Fathers would not have tolerated but warred against. They certainly did not intend for emotion to trump reason and usher in forced integration (leftist liars use the innocuous-sounding terms "desegregation" and "integration" to mask that awful tyranny), which evil effort during the fifties began all the rest of what's wrong  with American civilization. How? After whites were made to submit to black culture -- the vulgar and/or violent  music and drugs and sexual promiscuity, all coming out of black ghettoes into white schools -- by federal edict, why would whites feel any allegiance to the rest of the moral culture their white predecessors had built? Forced integration has eroded whites' racial connections for keeping their society's moral and cultural underpinnings. So why would whites care about moral virtue and good civil society after being so thoroughly demoralized by this Marxist/socialist/feminist federal government, in having their white race and white communities ripped apart, which social engineering remains one of the most evil -- not to mention most undemocratic and unconstitutional -- acts in history? It has been (is) a genocidal attempt to mongrelize the white race. Many pro-Civil Rights conservatives can't make the connection between the evil mind that engineered forced integration and those human slaughterhouses—and broken families, abandoned children, dumbed-down and dangerous schools, kids killing kids, ubiquitous pornography, deadly STDs, and our unprotected borders and communities. 

237) As women and minorities -- particularly the black and brown races -- take positions of power and influence from white men, Western civilization will sink further and further into another round of Dark Ages. One can't lower the average heritable potential for intelligence in a civilization and expect that civilization to prosper, much less be maintained. America was a high-culture civilization prior to the hysterical Left's feminizing assaults on logic. Leftists oppose logic and champion emotion because the former refutes their views while the latter deceives them into feeling right about their wrongs. All of history refutes feminists' ideology while science refutes their claims to equality.

368) Generally, racial mongrelism is evil--racism good. Mongrelism splits families and divides communities and nations into opposing, fighting camps. Racism protects families, communities and nations from revolutionary hostilities ALWAYS present in multiracial societies, which are short-lived. Racial homogeneity protects good civil societies from disintegration and collapse, and is the very foundation for beginning civilization itself. Black columnist and economics professor Walter Williams astutely put it this way in one of his columns: "Multiethnic societies are inherently unstable."

 375) Apply the "general truths" rule. What is generally true? The civilization – white Western civilization -- is the far greater concern. We're rapidly losing its underpinnings to the lowest common denominator in the black race. The exceptional case, once accommodated, denies the general truth--destroys the rule. Allowing the few, exceptionally good blacks into your civilization invites all the bad baggage -- the genetic/cultural baggage -- that that race brings with it. Abraham Lincoln was perfectly correct about blacks and whites being incompatible races. 

 377) I've put it this way in several of my essays:  Civilizations rise upon fidelity to general truths and die by their abridgment. Each race, and intra-racial ethnic group, deserves respect. For example, in their own element, blacks may display great nobility. But in white Western democracies, they and whites are at odds because of unequal potentials. Aristotle had warned against mixing races. Forced integration of diverse races is not unlike putting two roosters in a pen and hoping there'll be no blood-letting--hoping nature won't take its natural course.

379) The left owns communitarianism, which is communistic not communal; the former employs force while the latter requires agreement. Forced integration of blacks into white civil society is an example of communitarianism, as is this importation of anti-white/anti-Western races from around the world by our State Department and the UN. 

Those Racism-by-Denial Racists

G e n e P i r a c y

- Is she black, white or other? -

On page C5 of the April 10th issue of The Washington Times is found an article about Henriette Delille, "First U.S. black woman considered for sainthood," along with her picture. But the photo of the would-be saint isn't of a black woman but a white-appearing one. 

Another example is the photo and story of Charles R. Drew, so-called "black inventor" of blood plasma and blood-banking innovations--Washington Times, March 3, 1996, page B5. Mr. Drew appears white not black, having Caucasian features. 

Then there is the August 22nd, 1999, review of "Homelands And Waterways: The American Journey Of The Bond Family," which book is about a black Englishman who became an American--a "black" man who just happened to have a white mother. 

Or one might read the August 29th review of "Love Across Color Lines: Ottilie Assing and Frederick Douglass," which fails to mention that the always-hunting-white-women Douglas was biracial, and which fact makes examination of "crossing the color line" an exercise in deception. 

Or consider the 4x5 picture of a white-appearing man, Michael Gray, who is referred to as a "Blackfoot and Chippewaree Indian," in a September 1st article, "Census Bureau makes effort to count American Indians." 

Or one might count the number of light-skinned and Caucasian-featured "blacks" passing as Negroid in many TV ads. Why aren't true blacks protesting the ruse and demanding more Negroid faces in ads?—maybe because any re-definition of "black" shifts the definition of "Negroid" (read my essay, "The 'One-Drop Rule' as Two-Edged Sword").

Excluding The Non-Negroid Parent Is Racist

The Negroid race is gradually shifting the historical/anthropological meaning of "Negroid" through gene piracy--calling people born from mixed-race parentage "black" when they have no logical or legitimate claim to that identity (examine the many photos of "black" inventors, military officers, scientists, authors, physicians, etc., to discover the degree of gene piracy perpetrated by racism-by-denial racists).

By purposely excluding the race of the non-Negroid parent -- partly by embracing the "one-drop rule" used in the past by whites to identify those having any African heritage -- blacks rob whites of their contributing heritage and, ergo, commit gene piracy through racism-by-denial. 

[Note: Some argue that all humanity has its origins through a black African ancestor, which argument is falsely used to claim that we're all Africans, and which illogical argument could be used to call ourselves  "primordial slime." Whites are not Africans nor primordial slime but a distinct race]

Do Blacks Come In All Colors?

Racism-by-denial is widespread in America, where, as Oprah Winfrey proclaimed on one of her emotion- drenched shows, "Blacks come in all colors!"   Examples of the absurd degree to which racism-by-denial can be practiced are found within the Native American cultures, where white-appearing "Indians" travel about the country giving lectures on Indian culture and tout their Indian pride and heritage, exhibiting no discernible Indian heritage except their braided -- sometimes black-dyed -- hair and their Indian jewelry.

Do Whites Come In All Colors, Too?

Why don't whites come in all colors? Because whites aren't scrambling to practice gene piracy, lacking any need to uplift the historical/ anthropological record of their race through racism-by-denial. 

Coveting Heritable Talents 

Racism-by-denial in America is for uplifting the meaning of "black African"--by attributing to that race the talents and abilities heretofore not generally exhibited by them, so that any unusual talents (particularly intellectual ones) displayed by anyone having any black (or any other minority) heritage are called anything but "white" (a majority of mixed-race couples is of black men and white women. Why? Black males' racism against black women? Why wouldn't black men prefer white women?).

Doesn't the white parent of a mixed-race child have as much claim to demonstrable talents in the child as the black or Latino or Asian or Indian parent? Or does the one-drop rule still protect the white race from dysgenic mongrelization--from loss of the white race? 

Breeding Different Racial Types 

So where do racism-by-denial racists get off excluding a child's white heritage? 

Such a child can't be called "black" or "Latino" or "white" or "Asian" or "Indian" because he/she is none of those. Such a mongrel child represents the beginning of a different racial type, the beginning of a unique breed capable of passing along unique heritable qualities in physicality, intelligence, temperament and character.

Racism-by-denial has protected the Big Lie about prominent "blacks" from the time of the talented  anti-slave lecturer Frederick W. Douglass to present day "first black U.S. governor" Douglas Wilder (both biracial and silent about their white heritage, to showcase their "African" talents).

Racists' Naming Game

Now why would a mixed-race person not demand that he/she be called, say, "human"? 

In America today, having any minority status affords one great emotional and monetary capital--from liberals' deep sympathy for historical wrongs to resulting welfare benefits and affirmative-action quotas (used to displace whites in their own civilization) to the I'd-be-successful-if-not-for-racism excuses, which keep whites chained to nation-and culture-destroying social policies (especially immigration from the Third World, which purpose is for diluting and supplanting white civil society by giving minority men access to white women, whom they lust after).

Talented golfer Tiger Woods is keenly aware of the racism-by-denial naming game by not excluding his black or Asian heritage when asked about his ancestry, preferring just to be himself—which position infuriates all of those racist-by-denial "black" Africans.

Racial Mongrelization Kills Good Civilization

All civilizations are built upon racial homogeneity, shared religion and common language. After rumors spread in the known world about any rise of high-culture civilization, other tribes try scrambling to get there. 

That leads to racial mongrelization and a resulting loss of those race-specific talents that produced the high culture civilization in the first place. 

So white Western democracies are in a terminal condition, as the cycle of the rise and fall of civilizations through d y s g e n i c breeding proceeds apace within them. 
News from the New (Black) South Africa.


Frontpage article by Jan-Jan Joubert, Johannesburg newspaper, BEELD, Wednesday, 23rd January, 2002 

Translated from Afrikaans (a language that developed here mostly from the Dutch settlers). (The offenders
are not identified in the report, but as a South African citizen aged 50, a graduate in theology, I state that the offenders in this article are 99% black. Never has a white teacher done this kind of thing).

* Priest rapes seven year old
*Pre-schoolers raped in cemetery
*Principal rapes 16 year old
*Teacher gets 20 scholars pregnant
*Teacher forces scholars to undress in front of other scholars
*Scholars held as sex-slaves

Cape Town - Shocking occurrences of sexual violations against school children were exposed yesterday in a report after public hearings at schools by the national board of provinces.

Two examples of violations were that of a teacher who had impregnated twenty schoolgirls and a headmaster who raped a scholar in his car.

It was reported that these offenders were not always brought to justice.

Recommendations as to steps to be taken were included in the report. Reports were included of hearings held in Northwest, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Free State and Mpumalanga (old Eastern Transvaal). Hearings were also held in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng (new name for Johannesburg-area), but the Northern Province refused to hold hearings. New policies have already been instituted in the Western Cape.

The worst incidents were: 

* In the Temba-district in the North-western Province, a seven year old girl was raped by the priest she
traveled to school with. In the same district a 16 year old youth was discharged after raping a 7 year old girl because he was considered a minor. 

* A driver who was to take them to school, raped pre-schoolers in a cemetery in the Rustenburg area. In the same district, two girls of 8 and 9 were raped, but no charge was brought as the parents later accepted money from the rapist. 

* In the district of Klerksdorp a 16 year old scholar was raped by her principal in his car.

* In Upington(Northern Cape) a 9 and 10 year old scholar was raped repeatedly throughout an entire night. Teachers in the area feel unsafe as a result of sexual violence by scholars. 

* At the Ntabeni Secondary School in the Transkei, one teacher got twenty of his scholars pregnant. 

* In an Eastern Cape primary school, a teacher forced scholars to strip nude in front of other pupils. 

* Also in the Eastern Cape two pupils were infected with HIV by a teacher.

* In Mpumalanga (E-Transvaal) pupils were held as sex slaves and some scholars became prostitutes to escape hunger. Many parents work away from home which leave children open to abuse by criminals. 

The Western Cape seems to be the only province with a successful policy against sexual violence against school children and other provinces adopted resolutions to stamp out the evil.

Recommendations from most provinces are in harmony with existing legislation - but these are not enforced - for example that teachers are forbidden to have any kind of relationship with scholars.

Another recommendation is that the police be deployed around schools after school hours, that teachers also be protected against sexual violence by the youth and that the identities of informers be kept confidential for fear of reprisals by colleagues. 

In many provinces it seems to be policy to transfer teachers to other schools when they are guilty of sexual offenses. Suspension, which is prescribed by law, but is not applied, is recommended.

Co-operation between schools and social workers is required.
Greetings Tom,
I've been working at a Power Plant in xxxx. They have a boiler outage going on for the next couple of weeks. I hate to kick a dead horse, but the first thing I was told was that I couldn't wear my hard hat because of a Confederate Flag sticker. Well, fine and dandy. It seems that xxxxx Power has a racist symbol policy. But what's interesting are the flyers posted all across the jobsite. xxxx Power is offering a $5,000 reward for information about anyone posting racial graffiti. It seems a hangman's noose is the main one they are interested in. In fact some Mexicans were offended so much that they burned a porta-toilet. LOL Several have been fired for wearing Confederate Flag bandanas. I simply took a White paint marker and wrote WP/14 on one side of their shiny new hard hat and 14 Words on the other. No one has said a word, not even the whites I work with. I think white ignorance is sickening. I wonder if these dumb fucks would pay someone $5,000 to tell them the meaning of what I wrote. But on a good note, I've written the hotline # on just about everything there. I know of a few cell phones that dial you up nightly from a jobsite in occupied xxxx I heard a few talking about it and heard a few exchanging the number. Even had it offered to myself, LOL. Keep it going Tom and thanks. 
Tommy says,
There is no doubt at all that at this time white workers are living under a police state mentality. Even worse, corporations in hopes of making points with non whites carry it to absurd lengths. In the long run this creates far more hatred than any flag could.

On another historical note: The Confederate flag was not technically a racist symbol. It was the symbol of the succession that came about due to economics not race. It just happened that the planters considered the slaves property of which they had a large investment. It seems the media have done more to make it racist that the Confederacy did.

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