Fact: Virtually all taxes today are directly, or indirectly, used to control and destroy the future of our race.

Logic: Any program or method that circumvents taxes is a White revolutionary act. This even applies to tax avoidance by those that you perceive as your enemies, who are doing it purely for personal financial greed. In the past, tax avoidance movements were preoccupied with some obvious or special gripe. In the Right Wing, it was many times controlled by arguments such as abortion protest or certain anti-war activity.

Methods are not important, when you understand that all tax enforcement today is directly, or indirectly, supporting your destruction as a White Separatist. All tax avoidance, in any way, helps to bleed and weaken the Beast. Your sweat and hard earned wages are the source of power that is used against you. In short, the old adage applies. "The power to tax is the power to destroy."

There are thousands of ways to play this game. For our more well-off friends, you are probably well aware of many ways to fight this game of financial warfare. To our lower, middle-class and poor Whites, there are also hundreds of easy methods. Try not to buy new, when better quality used merchandise is available, with no taxes involved. Flea markets or shopping through the miscellaneous for-sale columns, or in newspapers and throwaways are great ways to avoid tax. Buy your fruits and vegetables from open air, non-tax style markets, or direct from the farmer whenever possible. The prospects are endless.

The underground economy is a fabulous mechanism, and well-suited to White survival. There are also many books on the subject.

Remember that the underground economy is seditious to our enemies, but a great weapon for White racial advancement. Again, bleed the Beast. Spread these ideas among even your non-racial contacts, since all tax avoidance and underground economic activity, directly helps our cause. It is easy and it is fun! Use your imagination, and start your war today.

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