There has always been a problem, in all of the races throughout time, that have overdone the male dominance habit. For very early man, much activity was largely accomplished by brute strength. However, the logic and reasoning of women must have played a part in man's evolution. I cannot picture any advancing tribe or race in which women not only gave birth to the future, but also kept the fires burning and the food coming. Living in a hunter-gatherer society it would be impossible for women not to be included, from time to time, in combative positions.
White settler women in early America had to shoot, drive off Indians or wild animals. Thus, it must have been with early man. It is illogical to think that as ancient tribes came under attack by others, that women did not join in the fight for survival.
The role of women seems to have alternated between goddess and warrior and, at times, outcasts in their own homes.
No intelligent White man or woman would deny the physical, biological and chemical differences between the two sexes. No intelligent White man or woman would believe that women in general, are capable in matching men as power lifters, or in areas of brute strength. There are however, always exceptions to almost every rule. Generally, on the other hand, men are not able to replace the special bond of a mother and her child.

In relative modern times, within a few hundred years, what has been man's approach to the women of our race?
The invasion of Rome by occult Judaism, and the later evolution of occult Christianity, perpetuated some of the worst stereotypes of women.The Judeo basis for Christianity, through the writings of the Old and the New Testaments, are very negative towards women. Jews in particular,operating in western society, brought in the very worst oppression of women. Christianity simply promoted the same negative regard for women.

Even worse are the Jew's Talmudic teachings, perpetrated right up to the present day. These ideas, even in the late 20th century, through Hasidic and Orthodox Judaism, are the most ridiculous attitudes ever put to paper about women. To observe the extremes of such activity, simply travel to New York City, or any large American city, and visit a Hasidic Jew or hard-line Orthodox Jew neighborhood; check it out for yourself. To save time and money, simply read the book entitled Hole in the Sheet,written by a Jewish woman, about the sick and perverted treatment of Hasidic and Orthodox women, by Jewish males.
These attitudes have had a strong influence on White European and American civilization. For example, in many northern areas, blacks received the right to vote before White women. Even today our White women are put at the same level as the non-Whites, in civil "wrongs" legislation, such as Affirmative Action programs. These events in the end of the 20th century, are counterproductive to our race's survival and advancement.

Understand that a majority of the nation's views, on the relationship between men and women, have their origins in Judeo-Christianity. The same religion that wrongly promotes the myth that all men are created equal, also promotes a negative attitude towards our White women.

The Right Wing or conservative movement and the racial elements thereof,have perpetuated some very negative attitudes also. These positions have caused, in part, the political flight of many capable women, into the arms of lesbianism and race mixing.
W.A.R. believes that an equal percentage of women are as concerned over our status racially, as the men are. Many women put the men to shame, in their work and in their sacrifice, for the benefit of the White race. When you look around at the weak and "snivelized" status of a large percentage of White men, it is obvious that millions of hard working, hard fighting and hard mothering women are needed in this great struggle.

Throughout our travels as a race, their have been exceptions to the Judeo-Christian idea of women. Historically, women have been proven to be great leaders, warriors, thinkers, scientists, etc. Our views must be futuristic and not tied to myths of Asiatic cult religions. Imagine determining today's actions, by adhering to the crazy ramblings of ancient religious dervishes, who sit in the desert, babbling at the moon. It is simply not productive.

I must add that there is wisdom in the studies of the ancients, which holds many truths, along side of idiocy. One must carefully screen out the nonsense. You will recognize nonsense, since it is both illogical and irrational. White women of our race must be rated by several criteria. One criteria is ability, in whatever area that they wish to work in. If they are capable and are able to show that ability, then forget all of the artificial barriers. At the same time, just because a man is White and male, this should carry no special ticket to our struggle. Our most dangerous spies, informants and Iron Heel supporters, at this time, are men. As White motherhood becomes more and more threatened, the number of females entering our ranks may outnumber the males.
Let's not help our enemies by putting up Middle Eastern and Asiatic based roadblocks to male/female unity.

Declaration Of White Womanhood

This is intended to separate the men from the boys. It has come to the attention of several White racist females that there are some "conservative, Christian, right-wingers" amongst us who want NOT the survival of the White race, but for a return to the days when women were submissive and silent and tolerant of the intolerable. While I agree the feminist movement has done severe damage to our race, it disgusts me that you (they?) would use our movement as a means of muddying White women by urging them to act like mindless breeders with the brains of a sub-Saharan nigger.

We, the bearers of the future of the White race and civilizers of men hereby declare: We are proud White women, not puny, weak, submissive, Asian geisha girls and will not tolerate being treated as such. We pride ourselves on being set apart from the muds because of our strength and good genes. Those who expect White women to act like muds have insulted our honor and are no different than Sheeple men who find Yellows to marry and bind into eternal servitude. Even the thought of being treated like a mud insults us! We are not tortillas. Perish the thought that we'll be White on the outside, but non-white on the inside for the benefit of the egos of weak, wild-eyed, unworthy, right-wing wackos. Our fighting spirit prevents us from acting in such a despicable manner.

Understand that no White woman worth her bloodlines will give her heart and body to any man so weak he would expect of her the behavior of a female wetback, who crossed the border yesterday in the back of a manure truck. Stop whining about strong White women and look to them as partners in the Struggle, rather than just ovaries with tits who provide meals, sex, housecleaning, and child care for you. That expectation sounds more like what a non-White would desire.

Instead of crying about feminism, and the non-Whites and race-mixers barbecued in Waco, we are now beyond the point of expecting right-wing Reaganite politics to save our race. The right-wing does not serve our race, and all loyalty to any entity that doesn't serve our race should perish, especially Christianity. The only "ideology" that should be supported is whatever is good for the White race. Choose your priorities carefully. In closing, I warn you all that White racist women have a little network independent of men and we have begun taking notes. Those who treat us like common mud whores will soon learn that bad treatment equals fewer dates.

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