No Quarter Expected! No Quarter Given! THE VOICE OF PROGRESSIVE RACISM
11 NOVEMBER 2009


THE INSURGENT is an association of highly motivated White Racists. Each is an individual leader in his or her own right. THE INSURGENT promotes the Lone Wolf tactical concept. We are made up of individuals and small cells, where strictly limited or non-existent networking avoids the security risks of the membership organization. Each INSURGENT Associate serves the Idea that whatever is good for our White Race is the highest Virtue, and that whatever is bad for our White Race is the ultimate ERROR. Each Associate works at whatever his or her talents encourage. Associates will financially support to the best of their ability.

Invincible Fedor

Fedor Emelianenko

TT says: One White man who hasn't been
psychologically castrated by Jew propaganda!

Fedor Emelianenko Defeats Brett Rogers

Mr. Metzger,

The White Russian's KO of gigantic nigger Brett Rogers was very symbolic for our White Racial Struggle against world wide extermination.

Fedor was fighting in Niggertown Chicago. CBS Broadcasting pumped the black fighter Brett Rogers the entire time. He was "just a hard working African American, working at a tire shop."

The white blond haired reporter gawked over Mr. Chimp during the interview and asked if "this was the American dream" before the fight.

During the fight the entire crowd [???] of whites and blacks was rooting for Mr. Chimp, chanting "USA! USA!"

Here he was, surrounded by white race traitors and niggers, rooting for his opponent. The CBS fight announcers were against him the whole time.

I haven't watched broadcast TV in over 5 years, so I was very depressed watching what was really NiggerMania TV. The commercials were 90% non-white. It was like watching a digital nightmare. I was very depressed to see what this country had become. It was instantly clear to me that Blacks are the new cash cow for the Jews.

The White Russian's victory was very symbolic and very uplifting. What does it mean? Against all Odds, against our Jewish Masters who have slated us for biological extermination, against 90% of our race who are traitors, against a black majority in a black town, WE were Victorious!


TS Wolf

TT says: Forget the crowd. As more and more White men and women take off the gloves and bare fist fight the corrupt system, the sheepish crowd will come along. Revolution is a spectator sport.

Fedor could have cared less about the nigger lovers. His mind was on the objective. But when the Negro started whining at the end didn't you hear the loud boos?

Tom Metzger

Marvin John Heemeyer

Fair game! x Expedient

October 28, 1951 - June 4, 2004

The Bulldozer Tank

TT, They pissed off the wrong guy. I'd like to hear this story from a citizen who was knowledgible about the dozer driver -- not the media coverage.

Could you put this on News and Views with a request that readers send in any info they have on this guy? Is there a book about him? -- LW


Please edit (cut & paste) relevent news items and include source URLs (links).
Direct all email to only. Thanks! -- Tom Metzger


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Blood Ritual
KikeJew Book in Short Supply:
License to Kill Gentiles!

Copies of a new book that provides justification for the killing of non-Jews could no longer be found in Jerusalem.

Part of the reason for the interest was a front-page headline in Ma'ariv on Monday outlining the most shocking items from the book, such as halachic license to kill if there is concern that young children will grow to become mortal enemies of Jews.

Lior, a young man from Yitzhar, a settlement in Samaria, was surprised at how quickly the books had been sold.

"Really? They're all gone?" he said, adding that there was no other place in the Jerusalem area or anyplace else besides Yitzhar where the book could be found.

According to the book innocent children and babies can be killed.

The book cites sources from the Bible, Talmud and later rabbinical literature to argue that the lives of non-Jews are worth less than those of Jews. Therefore, gentiles' lives can be forfeited if this reduces danger to Jewish lives. The 230-page book goes on to detail cases in which, according to the authors, Halacha permits killing non-Jews.

Copies were being distributed on Tuesday at the 'Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea' in Jerusalem, which follows the philosophy of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane.

Not on MY watch!
CIA Kidnap Case Convictions

But Rendition to continue under Obongo!

MILAN - An Italian judge found 23 Americans and two Italians guilty in the kidnapping of an Egyptian terror suspect, delivering the first legal convictions anywhere in the world against people involved in the CIA's extraordinary renditions program.

Human rights groups hailed the decision and pressed President Barack Obama to repudiate the Bush administration's practice of abducting terror suspects and transferring them to third countries where torture was permitted.

CIA Director Leon Panetta said at his confirmation hearing in February that the administration would continue the practice of rendition for prisoners captured in the war on terrorism, but promised to get assurances first that prisoners would not be tortured or have their human rights violated once transferred.

Arizona Capitalists Support Illegals

Typical Traitor Capitalist In 2007, lawmakers passed the Legal Arizona Workers Act in an attempt to stem the tide of illegal immigration by going after employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers. It was considered the toughest employer-sanctions law in the country. Other states have cited it to pass similar laws. The law requires employers to use the federal E-Verify system, an electronic program used to certify that employees are legally authorized to work, and allows county attorneys to file civil lawsuits against employers who knowingly or intentionally hire illegal workers. Penalties are severe: Employers can have their business licenses suspended or revoked.

Critics say the law has created an anti-business climate in Arizona.

"When a state is facing a $2 billion deficit, should we be spending money on an issue that's the federal government's responsibility? Absolutely not," said Glenn Hamer (right), the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry's chief executive. "There are a lot better places the money could be spent in Arizona."

The U.S. Supreme Court has indicated it is interested in hearing an appeal from business groups that have been trying to have the law thrown out. On Monday, the high court asked the Obama administration to weigh in on the issue before the justices decide whether to take the case.

TT says: Treason's the reason!


Hi TT,

The BUG BOMB has Exploded in BROWNTOWN. For some Reason, this Year the BEANERS ARE Hatching Every Kind of Bug and Carrying them Around to Share them With All the Un-Lucky WHITES Who Live on the Same Block with them.

Species at Infestation Level are: ROACHES, BEDBUGS, FLEAS, and MICE. No Home is Safe. This Week EVERY Mattress on the Block is Out for Trash, {And Trash Day is Still 4 Days Away!}. We WHITES are Suffering here and are Taking Counter measures by Painting and Sealing all the Cracks in Our Homes.

Oh and Guess what Else CANNED GOODS can do? They are Rodent Safe, Unlike Food stored in Cardboard Containers like Cereal and Pasta.

Local MESTIZO BEANERS are Now Moving in MORE "People" into One Home as Most are Now Out of Work but Holding On. They are Sending their Women to Work, and the MESTIZO Male is Left with the Unlikely Role of Babysitter. MESTIZO Males are KNOWN for CHILD RAPE.

All Quiet in BROWNTOWN as the Temps have Dropped Below 50 Degrees for the Most Part. BEANER Activity is Down to a Minimum. The Government has Built About 200 NEW Row homes in the Center of the Ghetto. Plywood Boards remain on the Windows because if they were Glass the Glass would be Broken Out. We've Seen Millions in Stimulus Money Spent here; they Also Cleared Around the Railroad right of way that was a Haven for the Homeless. Homeless often Made Tent Cities Between Route 1 and the Railroad Property.

We Grow Quiet Awaiting the SOLSTICE, When the All Father SUN Makes his Northern Migration Once Again. Be Strong for Battle. Prepare for Battle. Spread Propaganda to provoke and hasten the Collapse.

With Admiration......... Lone Wolf BROWNTOWN

Some more feedback:

Strictly Legal Fort Hood Massacre, Unemployment, 700 Million Potential Immigrants -- A Busy Week For Diversity:

"But discussion of the role of immigration in boosting unemployment was simply nonexistent in the Main Stream Media."

Mr. Connelly,

My simple advice is to stop mincing words and to go on the attack like you mean it. As a kid I learned early the very best tactic in football and fist fights is when you 'engage' give it all you've got!

Steve is not giving it all he's got; he's timid and scared; he's afraid. You never win when you hold back; the other side is not and so they will continue to prevail until a stronger force shows up that means business.

Tom Metzger and Alex Linder mean business but you cannot attract even a small number of people when you believe illegal force is the only solution. Mr. Metzger told me recently that he's on and off with Hitler and that he's off with him right now; I feel the same way about Buchanan and I am now off with him again. My conversations with Metzger and Linder pushed me away from Pat again but unlike them I still believe a strictly legal political solution is possible if only to mobilize a certain demographic.

Please choose from one of the following:

1. Dishonest Politician mincing words and mealy mouthed.
2. Dishonest Writer mincing words and mealy mouthed.
3. Illegal Force.
4. Strictly Legal and Honest Politician and Political Campaign.

I hope to get White Leaders like Metzger and Linder to embrace again Strictly Legal Pro-White Anti-Zionist Political Campaigns. Honor and Courage. You cannot truly have the one without the other. 1-3 above all lack Honor. 1-2 lack Honor and Courage.

My Mission and Objective: Communicate through RFM and political campaigns a pro-White Anti-Jewish Nationalism (Much better than anti-Zionist) message to the following demographic:

Active Duty Military Company & Field Grade Officers and NCOs.

Jimmy D. Giles
Radio Free Mississippi

TT says: I seem to be misunderstood sometimes. I do not want to use force or be hunted as a criminal. There is nothing in my history that says I want people to go out and commit nonsensical violent acts.

However, I challenge all to hear that when all legal avenues are closed to redress, what other option is left. The answers I get back have been attempted for decades and failed. It's all in the Declaration of Independence. The time is really long past but now it will become a raw fight for survival, forgetting politics altogether.

Pretty soon the right wing will capitulate and surrender by saying "WELL WE TRIED BUT WE'VE LOST AND NOW WE IMPLORE ALL OF YOU TO LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS AND OBEY THE LAW TO AVOID VIOLENCE!"

Ron Paul is a Fraud! Ron Paul's Revolution And Libertarianism's Fatal Flaw
By Richard Hoste

Mr. Hoste,

I wonder what has happened to people's ability for visceral judgment; your piece on Paul tediously documents his silence on the only thing that truly matters, race. And what's your conclusion? "There won't be a successful Right, to say nothing of a 'Revolution', until conservatives learn this lesson -- and come to terms with their whiteness."

Where is your rage?

I had Paul figured out from the start; all I had to do was listen to him and look at him; my 'nose' told me he was no good; in many ways he reminds me of David Duke; Duke is a fraud and so is Paul. Why not call him a fraud? Because that's what he is; Ron Paul is a fraud. So is Stewart Rhodes who once worked for Paul; Rhodes is running a Sting Operation at Oath Keepers. Here's a better title for your article: Ron Paul is a Fraud.

Your conclusion misses the mark too; my 'nose' now tells me there is no hope in rigged and staged elections; the 'right,' 'Revolution' and 'conservatives' offer no hope to anyone and they never will. The only hope, Full Force by those empowered legally and Constitutionally to exercise it, Active Duty U.S. Military Company & Field Grade Officers and NCOs. That's probably too large a leap for you?

BTW, Rushton will not return my phone calls for an interview. In many ways, you academics are a waste of time.

Have you ever considered becoming a True White Revolutionary Writer and White Nationalist? If not, why not?

Yours Truly,
Jimmy D. Giles
Radio Free Mississippi


From: <>
Subject: If you are soooo proud.
Date: Saturday, November 7, 2009, 7:02 PM

Dear Mr.Metzger,
I was watching this program about you and your work and heard one of the songs, some of the lyrics went "Iam an arian and Iam proud of that man, Iam an arian and Iam proud of my land" Is this your point of view?
If so I would like to point out to you that the U.S is not your land.
If you are so proud of YOUR land why dont you take your hate mongering back to YOUR land,which just so you know is EUROPE!!!!!!!!!
You and all the rest of those small minded racests should keep that in mind,EUROPE is were your sorry ass ancestors are from.
May the LORD forgive you for polluting HIS beautiful word with all your nonsence. FR.


TT says: Native American my ass. You people came from Mongolia. You are Asians who migrated across the straits. Vikings were here a thousand years ago. Indians have a dot on their heads. Columbus misnamed you. Most people who claim to be Indian would be kicked out of the tribe if they had a nose bleed. Don't try to bullshit me.

In the late sixties my kids went to a Catholic school nearby a reservation of backward drunken Indians. What a pathetic lazy race. A pure bred western and southwestern Indian would look like a present day Mongol. Just look at Sitting Bull's picture. We should have driven the entire tribe into Mexico and then out of North America when we had the chance. Thank your lucky stars you have the Christian sob sisters to protect your asses. Always the parasites on the White race.

Now you are scalping the White race all over again in your Jew managed gambling casinos. You Indians are too stupid to manage your own casinos. Since you benefit from all the inventions of the White race you should pay a double tax to exist in White society. If not, go back to your TEEPEES and dogs pulling your shit around. You're just Mongolian NIGGERS as far as I am concerned.

Tom Metzger

New Slang?

Hello, Terrible Tommy!
Greetings from the People's Republic of Massachusetts.

A friend of mine who is otherwise a classy lady told me she had to go to the bathroom to "have an obamal movement". I don't know if that's original or if she heard that somewhere else, but I'd like to see that become commonly used as a substitute for "take a shit".

Stay warm & dry,

TT says: uuuugh! Toilet humor is Jewish. TT

Lucky Charm! Hail Brother!

Mr Metzger,
I have heard a lot about you over the years. I must say that your energy is unbounded. I have a predicament though... recently I was in India and the people there in certain sects have something we have always held sacred... the swastika!!! how??? I have been fascinated with this because the symbol has been in use since ancient times.

Lone Wolf

TT says: This is not shocking since many races and cultures have used it. It's simply a symbol of the SUN or if not the symbol we all see sometimes in the sky at night. It certainly was not the first time it's been used. In many cases its legs are rounded like what is seen in the sky now and then. The Celtic cross is just another version many use it as a good luck symbol. The Christian cross is another version representing the cross of the Zodiac. Since the cross has a long base it is simply because in most cases it was stuck in the ground. A cross on a church with a circle on it is symbolic of the SUN dying on the cross of the Zodiac each year at the deepest time of winter. Christian leaders have attempted to hide this real meaning, but once you know it's simple to figure out. It's just the old Astro religion being camouflaged with a new myth.


I would like to get involved in the movement. I am 18 and live in Florida but can't find other like minded people. Are there any suggestions you have to find others for rallies or anything? Any info would be appreciated.

[Survival Manual sent]

Washout! More on David Duke

TT, Other books written by Duke include African Atto, a guide aimed at radical African-Americans where Duke used the pen name Mohammad X, and Finders-Keepers, a sex manual for women offering Duke's expert technique for vaginal exercises, fellatio, and anal sex, written under the pseudonym Dorothy Vanderbilt. -- LW

TT says: Yes, I have mentioned those books several times on my radio show. The fact that these books alone didn't sink Dukes racial leadership role is a statement to the general morality of much of the right wing racial cause... How can you attack an enemy when your leaders advocate many of the same things your enemy does. There are other right wing racial leaders who have been guilty of similar acts of betrayal. It's like when the political parties accuse each other of immorality. Much of the right wing racial makeup has been mired into hypocrisy for decades. That's why they hated Bob Mathews when he came along. He was honest and a straight leader and he acted. That was an embarrassment to most of the right wing leadership.

Actually it was only Robert Miles, Richard Butler, and myself that supported the legacy of the ORDER -- the rest couldn't wait for Mathews to be forgotten. Fortunately, lower level activists wouldn't let that happen.

That's just one glaring fact among many. I have been attacked for years for exposing the truth about wayward so called leaders. They know that I know where all the skeletons are buried.


Burn, Baby BURN!

TT says: After all that BULLSHIT about race separation, the bottom line
is that it's a Trojan horse and Farrakhan had no intention of seriously
pursuing it. So after a lot of wasted time we are back to square one.
It's either us or them in North America. There is no future in
believing anything these JIVE ASS NIGGERS say.

Before the Mistakes

Pre Knives

Wake Up White Man !! Breakout !!!

Lone Wolf

E N D . Jew T H I N K !!!