The Nazi Virus by Philip J. Welch. Learn more about the real reasons behind World War II as told from the German point of view. You will realize that the 'history of America' is lies told by Jews for at least sixty years. Read this book and know more than college professors! Buy Now: $20 post paid.
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THE INSURGENT is an association of highly motivated White Racists. Each is an individual leader in his or her own right. THE INSURGENT promotes the Lone Wolf tactical concept. We are made up of individuals and small cells, where strictly limited or non-existent networking avoids the security risks of the membership organization. Each INSURGENT Associate serves the Idea that whatever is good for our White Race is the highest Virtue, and that whatever is bad for our White Race is the ultimate ERROR. Each Associate works at whatever his or her talents encourage. Associates will financially support to the best of their ability.

The Haavara [Transfer] Agreement was a pact between the Nazis and Zionists regarding Jewish emigration from Germany during the 1930's. It is the only contract between an official Third Reich authority and a Zionist organization. This agreement is considered to have benefited the interests of both parties. Haavara was intended to promote both the emigration of German Jews and the export of German products to Palestine.

As a result of the Agreement, German exports arrived in Palestine at bargain prices with the help of Jewish capital and Jewish commercial assistance. The Agreement also made it possible to settle a large number of German Jews in Palestine. Goods worth a total of 139.5 million Reichsmark were transferred by 1939. Only the outbreak of war in September 1939 ended the transfer practice. ~ R. Widmann

Silver Souls

ZioNazi Medal (Silver)

Kurt Tuchler, a member of the German Zionist Federation Executive, "persuaded Baron Leopold Itz Edler von Mildenstein of the SS to write a pro-Zionist piece for the Nazi press. The Baron agreed on the condition that he visited Palestine first, and two months after Hitler came to power the two men and their wives went to Palestine; von Mildenstein stayed there for six months before he returned... Von Mildenstein... wrote favorably about what he saw in the Zionist colonies in Palestine; he also persuaded Goebbels to run the report as a massive twelve-part series in his own Der Angriff (The Assault), the leading Nazi propaganda organ (9/26-10/9/34).... To commemorate the Baron's expedition, Goebbels had medals struck: on one side the swastika, on the other the Zionist star."

Heads? Tails?

ZioNazi Medal (Bronze)

The Israeli historian, Saul Friedlaender discussed the Mildensteins's visit to Palestine in the course of discussing the Haavarh or Transfer Agreement that was negotiated between the Nazi regime and Zionist officials in Germany and Palestine. Fridelaender mentions in passing that contacts and cooperation between Zionists and Nazis continued even into the Second World War. I would point out, well into the war, as examplified by the collaboration of Zionist leaders like Dr. Rudolf Kastner in Hungary who cooperated with Adolf Eichmann in assuring that Hungarian Jews could be transported peacefully (at a time when the SS in Hungary was woefully undermanned) to the concentration camps, in exchange for permitted to save a few thousand Hungarian Jews, mostly well to do notable and Zionist activists.

TT says: The smoking gun. German Jews were quitting Judaism at too high a rate. That's called assimilation. Hitler even allowed Jews who became Catholics a pass!

'The Internationale'


THIS, while John Demjanjuk and others are tortured!
How long?

The Bible, The Devil's Book

"The most important book I have read in my entire life!"

Very logically and methodically, the author sets out to prove how the philosophy of the so-called "Holy Bible" is the underlying cause of most of the strife in the world, and is truly the book of the devil himself!

In this "holy Book". is to be found direct orders from the tribal God, "Yahweh", to exterminate entire nations, people who had done nothing wrong, and give their country and their possessions to their murderers.

Beelzebub "And thou shalt consume all the people which the LORD thy God shall deliver thee; thine eye shall have no pity upon them..." Deuteronomy 7:16

You read how Yahweh's followers execute this command to perform large-scale murder and robbery. They commit slaughter after slaughter. They exterminate town after town, region after region. Men, old people, woman and children: they kill everybody!

"...and they took the city. And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword." Joshua 6:20-21

"And they smote all the souls that were therein with the edge of the sword, uterly destroying them: there was not any left to breathe..." Joshua 11:11

"...but every man they smote with the edge of the sword, until they had destroyed them, neither left they any to breathe." Joshua 11:14

You read how this Yahweh demands unconditional obedience and threatens his followers, in case they should be disloyal to him, to opress them in such a way that they will be compelled to eat their own children!!! See Deuteronomy 28:52-57

You read that this Yahweh actually tests some of his followers in order to see if they are willing to slaughter their only child in honor of him when he commands them to do so. See Genesis 22

You read how this Yahweh takes pride in setting people against each other and in stirring up war among them:

"And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and everone against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom." Isaiah 19:2

You read how this Yahweh at the end of times will provoke an enormous war, which he intends to result in a colossal butchery. This tribal god actually gloats to himself at the very thought of masses of carrion eaters enjoying the numerous dead bodies scattered about! See Exekiel 39:17-20

You read how the Bible fortells that one day in the future this Yahweh will destroy this planet and all it's inhabitants. You read about the horrors that will happen then. And you get the impression that Yahweh is exulting over the atrocities that will be committed. See Isaiah 13:4-18

This is just a start to the shocking revelations, no pun intended. With Christianity and Islam, branches of the original tree, the author goes even further.

Beyond that, the author shows how even Communism and National Socialism (Nazism), are members of the "Bible-Club", in which one exteminates one's percieved enemies without remorse for the "greater good".

One is left with the firm conviction that there is something very seriously wrong with the psyche of humans who would follow the teachings of a "deity" who openly announces that he intends to sow discord among them.

One is further left with the conclusion that most of the people on this earth are dangerous lunatics, who in one way or another are worshipping a being which in any normal and logical circumstance would be known as "the Devil."

The basic thesis this book proves, is that the greater part of the suffering of mankind, not all, can be traced directly to the specific origin of the doctrine of the "Holy Bible".

To put it another way, one can compare mankind with an ill person who resorts to the pills and injections of a doctor called Yahweh. The more pills he takes and the more injections he gets, so he hopes, the faster he will recover from his illness. But actually he doesn't recover at all. On the contrary, his health deteriorates more and more. For the true cause of his illness are those very pills and injections of doctor Yahweh. Those pills and injections are not medicines. They contain the very poison that makes him ill, and Yahweh is not a doctor at all -- in fact he is an evil-minded brute who enjoys tormenting and torturing his patients!

Larry Petersen

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Lone Wolf Oregon Report

Ducks Unlimited

Central Oregon Area Information

Deschutes County, 125,000 people

Bend, the de facto capital city of Central Oregon with a population of perhaps 80,000 people, is a social Marxist hole because Race traitors retreated from California and took this place over from the local farmers; they don't like living with their equals they brought in. This place used to have a population of 20,000 people until the Californians and others came. The silver lining is that the place is relatively White, 80% White perhaps, at least until they bring in mestizos or other scum and then flee somewhere else.

Redmond, a city comprising perhaps 30,000 people and 80% white (there are many more mestizos here than the government says, I should know, I live here), is much less social Marxist and perhaps more White than Bend.

Other significant towns are La Pine, Sisters, Terrebonne, Deschutes River Woods, Sunriver, Three Rivers and Tumalo.

Jefferson County, 20,000 people

This county is slowly becoming 100% mestizo. Whites are leaving now because of the economy. The total population may have decreased by about a fifth. Where parts might have once been one third mestizo they may now be one half. There is an Indian reservation here, the Warms Springs reservation. Funny enough the mestizos are replacing the Indians here as well and there is tension between the mongoloids and the mongrels.

The main town here is Madras with about 5000 people.

Significant towns are Warm Springs, Metolius, Culver, Camp Sherman, and Crooked River Ranch. I have seen swastikas on park benches before...

This is not a safe place though, there are Mexican gangs here, especially at the park. Learn to defend yourself, especially if you are a girl; in fact, if you're a female don't go to the parks or you might get raped by Mexican gangs...

The mestizos' only allies here are dumb, race traitor whites (and there are many everywhere), Churches and Christians, and farmers. Everyone else hates them pretty much, especially the Indians, but that is not talked about much...

There are Lone Wolves and many racists here... And less aware people are privately sick of the Mexicans but they have a conservative slant...

I've randomly encountered swastikas on picnic benches and KKK on a wall here, good signs... Much racism boiling beneath the surface I've heard...

Crook County, 20,000 people

I am not so very familiar with this county. The US government says it is 90% White but this may not be true. The main town is Prineville, said to have 10,000.

Lone Wolf Oregon

Continued Detention of Hal Turner

Canary Hal Turner, the shock jock from North Bergen, New Jersey, was again denied bail despite the fact that the government provided no evidence of Mr. Turner being a danger to the community.

Despite the fact that the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force, created, educated and funded the #1 "Hate Radio Host" in America the arrest and prosecution of Turner still constitute a fraud upon the court, as they are aware that they cannot convict Mr. Turner nor do they possess any evidence which shows that Mr. Turner intended to harm the judges involved in the alleged threats.

The American public should be outraged at how badly a man's constitutional and civil rights are being violated.

Nishay K. Sanan
Attorney at law

TT says: As I have told you hundreds of times, never, never trust or deal with any agent of State Security, especially Federally controlled local police. Hal was a fool to dance with the Devil and he is a greater fool for appealing to the Patriot community to save his ass.

This is a warning to all separatists and those who contemplate informing for State Security. They will betray you in a heartbeat.

When they get what they are after you will be thrown back to the Wolves. It's bad enough to be in jail or prison as an Identified Racist, but Hal will probably have to live in segregation with all the perverts and outcasts.

Remember what happened to Irv Rubin, leader of the JDL? He had enemies on all sides inside prison. He soon took an assisted flight off a second tier. It was called suicide.

Cash induced suicide!

Mr. CatGrin Mr. Softy
MSNBC Succumbs:
Buchanan Censored!

KikeJew David Harris approves.

MSNBC took down the Pat Buchanan column defending Hitler's actions hours after a Jewish group urged its removal. The National Jewish Democratic Council had released a statement Thursday imploring MSNBC to remove the article from its Web site.

Buchanan, the right wing conservative pundit, had alleged that Hitler did not want war and that the Allies' actions were unnecessary.

"MSNBC did the smart thing in removing the column," NJDC President David Harris (above, left) said in a statement. "No savvy news organization should employ and promote a commentator who engages in such openness," he said. "This sort of honesty is deplorable."

David Irving:
"Hitler was a simple man..."

Clear Case "The Holocaust™ is just a slogan, a product like Kleenex or Xerox printers. They've turned it into a commercial phenomenon, and succeeded in making money out of it - producing films about it which have made millions.

"Until the 1970s it was just a speck of dust on the horizon. The proof is that it doesn't appear in any of the biographies of the great leaders of the Second World War. But from then on it became fashionable.

"The Jews turned it into a brand. They invented a slogan... and repeated it ad nauseam.

"I'm not all that interested in the Holocaust™."

He denied that Hitler was to blame for what occurred during the Second World War... that he wanted to exterminate the Jews.

"Hitler was a simple man constantly deceived by his subordinates." Instead, Irving blames Churchill for the war because he "...was in the hands of the Jews."

Avner Shalev, the director of Israel's Holocaust™ Museum, complained about this.


TT, Racial salutations from sunny Mexifornia. I envy you for living in Indiana where the weather's crisp & cool and the populace is far Whiter than the Third World toilet I'm forced to live in.

You said something on the Radio Show today (Saturday) that impressed me. You said you were in a club or some such & two niggers strutted in. You went on to say that you & your woman as well several other Whites got up & walked out. What a bold statement you did by doing that simple act! Kudos, TT! No words were exchanged but you sent a message to other Whites & the business that you wouldn't patronize an establishment that allowed jungle bunnies to enter. A nigger club or eatery wouldn't want 'crackers' there, either!

Black Madonna Beast Man Anyway, the reason I'm writing you is I've been thinking lately that the White race (our movement even more so) is in dire need of heroes. We can talk until we're blue in the face but without action our enemies will not take us seriously. The real heroes of our race are already dead. I don't want their deaths to have been in vain. James von Brunn is a hero in my book. He did something. Too bad the only damage he inflicted was icing some minimum-wage nigger security guard at a Kike museum. But he stood up for our race & let the world know that we mean business.

Tina Turner's song, 'We Don't Need Another Hero' from the 1985 movie, 'Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome' is the opposite of what our race needs.

We do 'need another hero' & we 'need to find the way home'. Some of us must become martyrs much like the brave, young suicide bombers in Hamas. They bring it to the Jews who stole their land & dispossessed them. We White revolutionaries are getting to that point, too. The most dangerous man is the one who has nothing to lose. The social marxists in the government who are currently calling the shots want to take away everything we have. More than that, they want to destroy us. Before they deliver the coup de grace they will torture & humiliate us. No sir, this will not do.

I can't speak for everyone involved in the struggle nor do I advocate violence. We all play a part much like actors in a play. Some are in the military wing, some are the political arm, some are mere foot soldiers. We are Lone Wolves. Our elite are Ghost Wolves. Not everyone can be a Ghost Wolf, just like not all soldiers can be a Green Beret, Ranger or belong to Delta Force. Right now I'm a Lone Wolf but aspire to be a Ghost Wolf. We decide how we can best serve the insurrection. Speaking for myself, I hope that someday I can lay down my life for my race. We're being ethnically cleansed & this is nothing short of genocide. I hope my sacrifice someday will call attention to the appalling way the White working class is treated today. I don't give a damn for the White upper class, I consider them the enemy as well. I love my race & am willing to die to save it. I hope & pray that more Whites share that sentiment.

Lone Wolf Golden State

I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country. ~ Nathan Hale

TT says: We have had dozens of heros in the last 30 years alone. I have published them many times plus being on our website. I guess we need to compile a new list. Wolves can send their suggestions. Only the dead on this list.

ANC negress:
"whites attack blacks"

The civil rights initiative, AfriForum, is consulting with Canadian and international human rights experts re the possibility to act as amicus curiae (friend of the court) in the Canadian government's proposed challenge of the decision of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board to grant asylum to Capetonian, Brandon Huntley.

According to Willie Spies, AfriForum decided to become involved in the case after it had become known that the ANC's Deputy Secretary General, Ms Thandi Modise, during an interview with the international media, had tried to brush off the Huntley case by saying that in her experience, racial attacks occur the other way around in South Africa (white on black).

"By intervening in the case, AfriForum would like to ensure that Modise and the ANC's warped version of the crime crisis in South Africa is opposed," Spies said. Spies alleged that, whether Huntley had been opportunistic, or not, it remains in national interest that the context with which [White] South Africans are faced on a daily basis should be made known.

FORWARD OBSERVER Report: More Whites Moving to Inner City

Hi TT,

You Could Imagine the Look of Surprise on the Mud people's Faces when they Encounter WHITE PEOPLE in the Inner City. They Ask themselves Out loud: "Why Haven't these WHITE PEOPLE Fled to the Suburbs like the other CRACKERS?" Then the Comments Start: " YOU Don't Belong HERE", and: "You have 30 Days to Leave". Think of the Angst in these MUD PEOPLES Minds as they Ponder the Thought of WHITEY as a Neighbor. They Tell me it's Easier to Just Move Out to the Suburbs, then Move AGAIN if Need Be when the MUD PEOPLE Move Further Out in a few Years.

I Don't think I'm Like that. Sure it Would be EASY to Float Down Stream, go the Path of Least Resistance. I and My Family are NEVER Like that. We Travel the Hard Road.

It Would be Easy to show a Young Child the Wonders of the WHITE WORLD and what Our Creators have Given us in the Way of Invention, Music and Literature. Children who are Shown these facts at an Early Age Tend to Exhibit More Racial Loyalty. You can be Sure that ANY Young person with Pro WHITE Racial Feelings Keeps those Thoughts HIDDEN From Others to Avoid Perceived Ridicule. In this Sense, Young People are the Primary Lone Wolves.

Having Knowledge of Aryan Mothers having Babies and NOT Reporting the Births to the Government. They are Afraid of the Mandatory Vaccinations that Officials require all Children to have.

Ghost Action Check this Out:

Lone Wolf Hippies Topple Two Towers .

EVERETT, Wash. - Two radio station towers were toppled early Friday, and the station's manager said an ecoterrorist group's initials were left at the scene.

A sign bearing the letters ELF was found near the towers, said Andy Skotdal, general manager of KRKO Radio in Everett, about 25 miles north of Seattle. The Earth Liberation Front is a loose collection of radical environmentalists that has claimed responsibility for dozens of attacks since the 1990s.

With Admiration......... Lone Wolf BROWNTOWN

P.S. Program Note: Hey TT, We like it when you Rant Every day on the Radio Show. Favorite Guests Include: Computer man, West Coast LW, Southern Cal LW, LW Wall Street needs to Give More Details about his Trading and when he makes a Big Money Gain, Dissect the Science behind the Trade.

If you want to Do a Radio Show Every Second day, or Third Day that Would be Great Also. Don't Burn Yourself Out Every Day if you Don't want to. We Listen to You Every day Very Often. We Love Hearing your Shows TT, and the NEWS AND VEIWS is a Work of Art, Near EVERY Issue. Our Job is PROPAGANDA, and Knowledge Distribution. Teacher is another Word for it, and for those DEEP Cover Wolves... Rabbi... Maybe

Some more feedback:

DR. WESLEY SWIFT, born September 6, 1913

Northern Ireland at risk of a 'race war'

Canadian Hate-speech law violates Charter rights

Town hall disruptions part of GOP's assault on Obama?

Prosecution of David Duke at a standstill

Library of Congress, Congressional Research Service Employment
White males need not apply!

Metzger: You're entire website is a smear campaign against the South. Mike Cast

Michael Moore: Capitalism, A Love Story

Symbols of Capitalism, Bourses are a soft targets!

Terrorists Bomb Wall Street!

New movie: 'GAMER' with Gerard Butler.
Convicts in video war game are freed if they survive.

Gabon's Ali Ben Bongo locks down city amid riots

Earth Guzzlers: Hybrid cars gobble rare metals!

"It was tragically poor judgment!"

Ghost Wolf: Become a Cop!

Window Washer Nirvana

Black Hurricanes?

Aryan Ideal Orange County Forward Observer

Happy Labor Day! I get a break from the sweatshop I work at, replete with spics & gooks. I spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm yesterday & saw a shitload of mixed-race couples, especially niggers with White women. It made me physically ill.

Tom, you said recently on the Radio Show that you wanted Lone Wolves out in the field to provide headquarters with 'updates' of what's going on in their respective areas. This is more useful than the typical pissing & moaning about the 'niggers & Jews' which goes without saying.

Well, I have an interesting update for you. It was in the local, liberal rag (The Orange County Register) yesterday. There is a self-proclaimed pro-white group pushing to become a qualified political party in California. They are based in Garden Grove, here in Orange County. Have you heard of the Golden State Party, TT?

White Fight The filthy Kikes in the ADL & SPLC have wasted no time launching a smear campaign. They're going on & on about the chairman of the Golden State Party, Tyler Cole, 26, of Mission Veijo, being a 'two-time felon' and that he spent two months in Orange County Jail. Big deal, so did I. The man paid his debt to society, leave him the fuck alone. Joanna Mendelson (ADL bitch) had this to say about them, "They're trying to (attract) European Americans with anti-immigration as one of the core issues, which is all mainstream. But when you scratch the surface, you discover this is a group that is white-supremacist oriented".

Well, here in Southern California, illegal aliens are THE problem. Any White person with half a brain knows this. We (Caucasians) in California have no political representation at the local or state level. We need a political party that will address the issues that affect us. Our voices need to be heard. We're a minority now in this state but we haven't been all driven out yet. Some of us have chosen to stay and hold our ground.

I'm not getting my hopes up, though. To appear on the ballot, the Golden State Party needs at least 89,000 California residents to complete an affidavit of registration at least 154 days before the June 8 primary. The party could also qualify by getting nearly 890,000 signatures by petition. The Golden State Party doesn't have deep connections nor deep pockets, two elements necessary for success. Plus they have the Kike media, ADL/SPLC to contend with. We must concede the Kikes have enormous power especially with the media outlets.

I will support them and will change my party affiliation to the Golden State Party. If only to make a statement. They're standing up for the rights of European Americans. We need to close ranks, ladies & gentlemen ... we need to close ranks.

Racial Regards,
Lone Wolf Golden State

The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of flowing passion, but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others. ~ Adolph Hitler

TT says: I hadn't heard of this. Thanks!

Big Red One Neighbor:
Rocket launcher "a little over the top..."

Antioch, IL -- Burl and John Thomas were taken into custody Wednesday night after investigators found over two dozen firearms, including two anti-tank rocket launchers, two Tech-9 submachine guns, an assault rifle, and manuals to show how to make them into automatic weapons. They also found baseball bats with spikes, knives, machetes, land mines and manuals about how to make bombs, and several sticks of dynamite.

Also discovered were white supremacist materials, including a drawing of Adolf Hitler and a vest with several patches, including a swastika. Police also recovered an Outlaws motorcycle gang jacket. The vest once had motorcycle gang colors sewed on it. The elder Thomas told authorities he had ridden with the gang at one time.

Burl Thomas has been charged with a host of drug and weapons felonies, including unlawful use of a weapon, armed violence, possession of marijuana and cocaine with intent to deliver and having drug apparatus.

Subscribe to Radio Club

Dear T.T., I've been listening to your archives for the last year, and totally agree with you. You first got me out of right-wing think, but I really became racially minded a few years ago. I found out about you when I started reading Ben Klassen's books, and googled Matt Hale's name, and your site came up.

I'm going to mail you $20 for the monthly radio shows. I will send you updates; but as far as race-mixing goes, I notice that here in NYC, there are more WHITE MEN with ASIAN WOMEN, than white woman with black men. Some of my white female friends have also mentioned this to me (and they are unaware about my racial views). We need to deal with this as well.

Best, Lone Wolf Brooklyn

TT says: Agreed!

Oh, Monty! Sunday Radio Show

Hi Tommy!

Klansmen in the USA will find this show alarming. An insane Jewess is getting about the country portraying herself as the head of a KKK organization in Australia (as a franchise from the US parent).

Derrick MacThomas

[She escaped from Monty Python, right?]

Blacks have made me hate blacks!

Hey Tom,

Your N & V's just keep getting better. Hey, there was a white guy that sent you a rant you printed in that issue, about blacks making him hate blacks. Do you still happen to have his email address? I'd like to talk to him and give him a little guidance. He's right that the stage where he could sure use a little. I'm impressed with the quality of your articles lately too, Tom. Truth is a powerful tool, and you get it out there. It's a real pleasure to work with you.


TT says: Thanks Joom. But I always get rid of emails like that for security reasons. TT

Rollins as der Führer.
Springtime New Role for Henry Rollins

"I've met a lot of Nazis in my time. That was the one thing I had going for me," Henry Rollins said. "Tom Metzger, of the White Aryan Resistance, used to send idiots to Black Flag shows to reach young kids."

"So when Kike Sutter said 'Nazis,' I said 'lets go, lets talk about it.' We did. For an hour, back-and-forth, and he finally said 'wow you kind of get this.'"

Rollins contributes money annually to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

tom metzger Sep 4th, 2009
Go man! Your part will recruit more LONE WOLVES than your SPLC gift will offset. lol ... Tom Metzger, The Insurgent

Vlad Land Report From Romania

The Wild East

What you have here is a bit of Dodge City where anything goes. Not much law. Pay up is only law. Very wild westish, the whole place. The roads and footpaths are falling apart.

Packs of wild dogs are everywhere. Slavs seem incapable of dealing with their canine homologues. Both left to wander on the fringes. Like the gypos the dogs are easily faked out.

I am here in a town's only internet cafe. The computers are ten years old and can barely function.

I meet lots of intelligent people. Guys who want to force drinks on you while there is deep hatred of all foreigners, barely disguised. Everyone begs or shortchanges, but they also want to get out, so they are nice to you while trying to play you.

I was unlucky with my hosts. I thought out of three girls one would be good. What little help I got was valuable and I make new friends easily.

This is a land of opportunity where you can live like a king before ZOG closes up on the place. The food is excellent, cheap and pure as are most of the women.

Women here are in three kinds. Old slavic peasant types. Eternal and in a world of their own. Women who give sex for money. Women who recount having had sex with Americans and how those Americans are going to take them out of here next week or month or year. There are lots of women with these stories and you will meet them.

When I suggest bringing people here I don't mean for the whoring as that is too business like and logical for me. That would be too easy and sane. Big supply of wives here. Fine stock many of them. Every woman wants out.

I quit drinking here forever. People pressure you to drink with them but this is not the place to do so, as I found out.

I have no contact with Russian or Romanian skins etc. You would want to speak their lingo and I will speak both languages soon enough if I stay here.

There are subracial dynamics here: pit-bull headed muscular type guys who look dangerous in close combat and graceful skinny tall guys. There is an equilibrium between these two types.

I have blisters all over my feet. My boots really took the strain. Gortex German paraboots that I had fixed up by a traditional cobbler in Cork. I have walked and walked around many cities this trip.

I first passed a cafe yesterday. Two blondes at the door. I go in. There are a few blacks. The boss is an arab. I don't know what goes on in this cafe as I get directions from the girls and head on.

Then I buy beer for a Romanian historian who refuses to speak in Russian. He disappears instead of bringing me to play pool. The girls in this bar beg me for money. I am going back there later today. I leave and wander more.

I wander into a bar with a pit-bull head with gold teeth. Rough. Some Romainians try hard to get me to drink with them. They seem ok but I have to decline. We share stories. One of them speaks ok English. He says this is a good place to raise children. I say I don't want to work in a multiracial state and pay taxes to something evil but would live here.

Then I go back to the bar where I had a bottle of wine the other night, egged on by a Russian dancer. I sit down and get pineapple juice served by a tall skinny Russian guy the pit-bulls could snap like a twig. There are some western tourists here it seems.

I end up back at a 24 hour Karaoke place with Russian looking whore eating some food and singing Russian songs. Not one Romanian song sung all night as slowly I learn some words. The bouncers and staff say nothing as this was the place where I have my last memories from the other night, so I must have left the place ok.

I will find the university agriculture guy who was there sooner or later and find out who abandoned me in the street. I have a bruise on my face - something happened. I could do with a few more kilos of muscle for sure. Many taxi drivers offer to fight me when I am being driven around with local girls.

The thing to do here is to get a few people together and buy a house. 4000 is not that much. Maybe my English lawyer friend will be up for it. Otherwise my contacts will find me a flat for maybe 100 a month rent.

Best to avoid the whores and focus on the girls who make fools of themselves for any foreigner. Good wife material here.

One of the girls will take me to fire her father's AK-47. He was wounded in a war they had. This place is an ethnic tinderbox.

You can have a cool time here but I am swimming with the sharks being alone. A few people together is much better.

Nice to be able to tip, and enjoy status I sacrificed in the West.

Report Continued

Marvelous place. Train was running late. Myself alone with a marvelous girl all the way. Was also hit on by older woman in employ of railways who promise me free travel in broken French also at the train station.

Some strange mixture in room next door on the train did not like my diatribes about telling certain folks to fuck off in freedom over here. English speaking tourists kept away from me thankfully.

Girl was politically pure.

Now in Belgrade, alone and friendless as usual and looking to make friends fast. The game is never pay for a hotel if possible at all. Wild dogs and Gypsy's etc. make this a harder game to play than in Luxembourg, where I camped out in the snow once.

Back in Ireland at end of week and packing to move to Balkans as this place is paradise, for all its faults. Will need to find a few guys interested as I still need a few thousand to buy a house and car in Moldova.

I did not hear from the man in Sibiu recently and had to skip the trip there to save on money after being shaken down.

I notice my jaw is sore so some combat must have occurred other day.

They are selling Nationalist stuff outside the station. I have no clue of the language at all.

Using a broken laptop at railway Internet cafe.

Dog For Sale!


Free to good home. Excellent guard dog.
Owner cannot afford to feed him anymore,
as there are no more thieves, murderers,
or molesters left for dessert.

They knew him briefly as
"Holy Shit!"

Semper Fi
Ongoing American Militarization:
$3 Billion Camp Pendleton Construction

Between fiscal years 2008 and 2010, Camp Pendleton will have awarded approximately $2.9 billion in congressionally approved Military Construction (MILCON) funding, according to base officials. Approximately 30 new MILCON projects will be awarded.

The funding is broken down as follows:

$920 million in barracks construction

$563 million for a new hospital

$175 million in maintenance and training facilities

$332 million in operations and administrative facilities

$515 million in utilities

$234 million in community Facilities (i.e., gyms and child development centers)

$156 million in family housing MILCON funds (equates to over $1 billion in construction when private partner funds are added)

In addition, more than $2 billion is pending congressional approval for fiscal years 2011 through 2013.

San Diego's Coronado Bridge

The Twist

Orthotropic Deck Bridge Design

The orthotropic design used in the 2.12-mile long bridge originated in Germany during World War II in the construction of battleships. The structure uses the world's longest continuous box girder to conceal the braces, joints, and stiffeners normally visible in other bridges providing a vertical clearance of 200 feet over the shipping channels, and giving the exterior a sleek, smooth appearance. The 90-degree turn mid-span serves to make the bridge long enough to achieve a 4.67 percent grade, allowing the bridge enough height to clear an empty aircraft carrier.

German Engineer Dr. Cornelis of MAN Corporation was issued German patent No. 847014 in 1948. MAN's design manual was published in 1957 in German. In 1963 AISC published their manual based on North American design practices.

Wake Up White Man !! Breakout !!!

Lone Wolf

E N D . Jew T H I N K !!!