1 AUGUST 2010


THE INSURGENT is an association of highly motivated White Racists, each an Individual Leader in his or her own right. THE INSURGENT promotes the Lone Wolf tactical concept, where Individual and Small Cell networking is strictly limited or non-existent. Each INSURGENT Associate serves the Idea that whatever is Good for our White Race is the highest Virtue, and that whatever is Bad for our White Race is the ultimate ERROR.

Associates devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the Insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I Honor the Memory of Robert J. Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan Heroes throughout history who dedicated their lives to the Freedom and Advancement of our White Race, in all of its variations; and I Pledge, as a White Racist, Loyalty Only To Our Own!

Red China is building a huge offensive military, including a marine corps. And there is just one reason for marines -- to invade another country. They are buying Russian-made aircraft carriers. They are getting US technology, which the Israelis are betraying to them.

Racially, the Chinese people are 90% of the Han ethnic group, and their military is almost 100% Han. Asians such as the Han score as high -- or even slightly higher -- than whites in IQ tests. How on earth can America prevail? ... China seems to be rising mighty fast with absolutely NO diversity ... or BECAUSE it has no ball-and-chain racial minorities in its leadership.

John de Nugent

Idiot Admiral's Nigger Navy!

Is this the Navy we want?

The latest national security leak is a shocking e-mail from a Navy admiral on "Diversity Accountability." The message, sent to a list of other flag officers, notes that "a change in focus of this year's diversity brief is the desire to identify our key performers (by name) and provide insight on each of them."

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead, "is interested in who are the diverse officers with high potential and what is the plan for their career progression. This list must be held very closely but will provide ready reference to ensure we are carefully monitoring and supporting the careers of the best and the brightest the Navy has to offer." That is, the best and the brightest provided a sailor is one of the euphemistically "diverse."

August 1st is now

Joseph Paul Franklin Day

Sure Shot!


General Contact Information


James Clayton Vaughn, Jr. was born on April 13, 1950 in Mobile, Alabama. In high school he learned of the American Nazi Party and Ku Klux Klan. James married in 1968 and had one daughter. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia and joined the National States Rights Party and KKK. In 1977 he changed his name to Joseph Paul Franklin in honor of Paul Joseph Goebbels and Benjamin Franklin. Although partially blind, Franklin was a proficient marksman, particularly at short range. He was also very organized and would plan escape routes so well that he eluded state security for years.

August 7, 1977 -- Madison, WI. Kills Alphonse Manning (N) and Toni Schwenn (C).

October 8, 1977 -- Richmond Heights, MO. Kills Gerald Gordon (N) and wounds two (N).

March 6 1978 -- Wounds Larry Flynt (C), creating a paraplegic pornster.

July 29 1978 -- Chattanooga. Kills Bryant Tatum (N) and wounds Nancy Hilton (C).

July 12, 1979 -- Doraville, GA. Kills Harold McIver (N).

August 18, 1979 -- Falls Church, VA. One kill (N).

October 21, 1979 -- Oklahoma City, OK. Kills Jesse Taylor (N) and Marian Bresette (C).

December 5, 1979 -- Dekalb County, GA. Kills Mercedes Lynn Masters (M).

January 1980 -- Indianapolis, IN. Two kills (N).

May 2, 1980 -- Monroe County, WI. Kills Rebecca Bergstrom (M?).

May 29, 1980 -- Ft. Wayne, IN. Wounds Vernon Jordan, Jr. (N). Hurricane fence deflection.

June 8, 1980 -- Bond Hill, CT. Kills Donte Brown (N) and Darrel Lane (N).

June 15, 1980 -- Johnstown, PA. Kills Arthur Smothers (N) and Kathleen Mikula (C).

June 25, 1980 -- Pocahontas County, WV. Kills Nancy Santomero (M) and Vicki Durian (M).

August 20, 1980 -- Salt Lake City, UT. Kills Ted Fields (N) and David Martin (N).

September 1980 -- Captured. Nurse recognizes tattoo. Escapes but recaptured in Florida.

1997 -- Sentenced to death for killing Gerald Gordon in Missouri. Currently on death row.
(N)egro, (C)aucasian; known (M)udshark.


Proof negative (PDF) for biz cards

H.R. 2932 : Stop VULTURE Funds Act


The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the Federal Communications Commission that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was honest, equitable and balanced.

Reagan's FCC Chairman announced in 1985 that the doctrine violated free speech rights, and by August 1987, the FCC abolished the Fairness Doctrine!

Break the stranglehold of rich media corporations against true Free Speech!

Interview with White Sepratist Tom Metzger
1. Institute or Raise Tariffs on Foreign Imports, other than for limited Barter Trade. Rescind NAFTA, WTO, GATT, and related agreements. Close the IRS.

2. Enable Sovereign Credit to rebuild Infrastructure, beginning with Railroads, Bridges, Highways, and the Power Grid. Seize the Federal Reserve for these and other National Funding purposes.

3. Close most offshore military installations, eliminate the occupation of foreign lands, and cut the Defense (WAR) Budget at least 50%. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

4. Eliminate Foreign Aid. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

5. Eliminate ALL immigration into this country, legal or illegal. Eliminate 'Dual Citizenship'.

6. Severely punish Companies and Corporations that hire Illegal Aliens, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

7. Employ Sherman Antitrust and similar laws upon monopolistic Corporations. Eliminate the Corporate 'Person'.

8. Seize assets of Companies and Corporations that destroy the physical environment, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

Immediately seize the assets of British Petroleum and imprison all Executives involved in the events leading to and exacerbating the Gulf Oil Disaster.

9. Empower the 50 States to regain their individual sovereignty. Empower offshore holdings to gain their Independence.

10. Revitalize the Articles of Confederation to enable these things.


Tom Metzger for Congress
P.O. Box 401
Warsaw, IN 46581

574-267-5036 • 888-570-4114


The MAIN way Jews conquer the world:
They create a greedy and corrupt Right Wing
which drives the Working Class to the Left
where Marxists scoop them all up!
~ Hervé Ryssen ~

Defend POWs

You've read about him on the internet, and in statewide and national newspaper articles. You've seen him on local and national t.v. news and documentaries. Now, you can meet White Nationalist write in candidate for Arkansas Governor Billy Roper in person:

Look him in the eye, shake his hand, and ask him the hard-hitting questions the other candidates avoid, before you step into the voting booth.

Meet the Candidates

WHEN: Saturday October 2, 2010
TIME: 12:00 p.m.- 2:00 p.m.
WHERE: Arkansas Tech University
East Banquet Dining Hall
204 West "O" Street
Russellville, Arkansas

U.S. Senate
Blanche Lincoln
Trevor Drown
John Boozman

Arkansas Governor
Jim Keet
Mike Beebe
Billy Roper

Secretary of State
Mark Martin
Pat O'Brien

State Representative Dist. 18
Jason Rapert
John Hoyt

Tickets are $35.00 in advance and $45.00 at the door. Seating is limited, RSVP by September 25, 2010. Make checks payable to NPA P.O. Box 11281 Russellville, Arkansas 72812. Additional information about this event may be obtained by calling Ms. Evans @479-890-1561 or Ms. Wood @479-567-9945.

Also: on October 20th, Billy Roper will be participating along with the other candidates in a Constitutional Officers Candidates Forum of the Arkansas Disability Policy Consortium in Little Rock.

Billy Roper
P.O. Box 2024
Russellville, AR 72811

Phone: 479-284-0356
Cell: 479-747-1368

Chairman, White Revolution

NPA Presidential Candidate, 2012
Vote Nationalist Party of America!

Please edit (cut & paste) relevent news items and include source URLs (links).
Direct all email to only. Thanks! -- Tom Metzger


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Burning Jew; JewThink; Lone Wolf; Proud Racist; The Border.
One Man's Solution

A Lesser Evil?

Company Man!

Beware this guy!

Michael Scheuer often appears on sCumSPAN and JewTube, and nearly all comments about him are positive. However, note at 47:41 in this Conversation with History that he sees the need for another massive attack on the US, similar to PNAC. It's said that once you join the Company you can never really leave. He may have been Osama Bin Laden's controller, and when Osama died years ago, Scheuer became a public gatekeeper. At 53:30 he admits to being an outside spokesman for a faction within the Agency.

On Antiwar Radio with Scott Horton

In Part 3 (2:35) it is revealed that Michael Scheuer developed the Rendition Program requested by Richard Clarke, Anthony Lake, Sandy Berger, and Clinton. In Part 4 (5:22) he notes his initial report that Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were in league together. This jerk didn't even know the enmity between Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims! (By the way, Scott Horton accepts the government's 9/11 conspiracy theory).

Destroying CIA Tapes was the Right Move ?

Paper on Israel Lobby Sparks Heated Debate

Michael Scheuer says that Mearsheimer and Walt are basically right. A former senior official at the Central Intelligence Agency, Scheuer is now a terrorism analyst for CBS News. On an antiwar Web site, Scheuer wrote that every government tries to influence public opinion. Mearsheimer and Walt, Scheuer says, have described one of the most successful campaigns in the United States.

"They should be credited for the courage they have had to actually present a paper on the subject," Scheuer says. "I hope they move on and do the Saudi lobby, which is probably more dangerous to the United States than the Israeli lobby."

"American military will not fire on Americans."

White Fight!
Race & Reason

I just finished listening to the 7/28/10 Insurgent Radio Show in which you played the audio of your latest Race & Reason TV shows and think the new message delivery is great! It sure is a change from the shows we produced in southern California years ago.

Like you said TT, "it is time to stop being Mr. Nice Guy". The "Mr. Nice Guy" messenger gig just did not work and over the years our situation has just gotten worse! Well, since the white public did not "listen" to our reasoned warnings of the past, then they will have to "feel" the wrath of the white revolutionary in the future as we rub their noses into the very problems they have helped create through their lack of concern or action. Maybe this new tactic will slap some sense into a few of these cowardly bastards.

Lone Wolf SoCal

Just dropping you a line to let you know how much I enjoy and approve and agree with the "new and improved" Tom Metzger. It's way past the time of being mister nice. Tell it like it is and stay mad as hell -- I am!
Lone Wolf

Absolutely great speech. I'm getting prepared as well as I can every month. I'll be getting the Hell out of here after the 1st of the year. Everything is being cut everywhere and I don't want to see what these creatures here are going to perpetrate. Charleston, SC is already S. Africa and I'm not from here anyway.

Keep talking, believe me, many of the right people are listening.


Great show yesterday, will distribute

I cut and pasted the two race and reason shows together to fit on one CD. It should work in any standard cd player that does not play mp3's. I am going to put "Tribulation Times" on the label and send them around churches. Any suggestions on how to circulate them, I am afraid of some busy body collecting them up to 'save the sheep' from hearing them. Your words were very damning and fiery and after all, the word 'tribulation' does mean distress or suffering resulting from oppression or persecution; also, a trying experience. ~ LW

TT says: Great work. The best people to give them to are our opponents. How about "Michael Jackson Tribute Concert CD for the kiddies"?

Political Prisoner
Wife and Friends:
Case against Steele a sham!

Cyndi Steele joined her husband's supporters Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Coeur d'Alene as Edgar J. Steele, 65, appeared. She spoke to his public defender, Roger Peven, and to friends before leaving.

Several of Edgar Steele's supporters said the case against him is a fraud and called him a "political prisoner" targeted because of his legal work against the federal government.

On Sunday night, July 25, Stephen Pitcairn was walking down the street in Baltimore, where he did research at Johns Hopkins to find a cure for cancer. As he was talking to his mother in Florida on his cell phone, a nigger and negress accosted him and demanded his wallet. He handed over the wallet without a fight, yet they fatally stabbed him anyway.

The savages then went home and bragged that they "robbed and hurt a White boy." Pitcairn's bloodied property was recovered from their house. This has yet to be reported by mainstream national media.


North Las Vegas

The big CRIME area is NORTH Las Vegas - ie; "nigger town". One of our Sheriff Officers was on a training session down there. They were on the night shift doing a murder-shooting investigation at a residence. The trainee said; "Look at all those bullet holes in the Stucco!" The Experienced Las Vegas Cop said; "Oh, don't pay any attention to those. Those are from another shooting last night."...!!!!!

I don't go to the Casinos myself, but I asked an experienced "crap dealer" I knew personally just what the situation is for gamblers. He said it's very simple; "The longer you stay there, the more you lose."

After all, WHEREVER you SEE a large Fancy Commercial Building; Casinos, Banks, Insurance, Law Firms, Auto Dealers, Hospitals, etc. - You are looking at an Enterprise that is efficiently ripping off the masses of people in general. If you study their "Modus Operandi" you'll notice a sort of "Trick" involved; ie; The Auto Dealership might not make ANY profit on the actual auto sale. There "real" Profit comes from a "dealer self-Financing Racket"; simply; in house Auto Loan Usury.

Lawyers Here will take certain cases like "job injuries" but NOT "discrimination" cases. This due to their experience in the Court Room with what constitutes certain success and big money extortions.

"Big Evil Jews" wrecking America need to be viciously Extorted from NOW - this was one of my plans - I need help though!

Incidently, Prostitution is only Legal in certain Nevada Counties. Las Vegas county is NOT one of them! Now up "HERE" [Wells, Winnamucca, Elko, etc.], they advertise in the Yellow Pages! ~ Philosopher

Failed Safe
Wikileaks Hacker Detained

Jacob Appelbaum, a Seattle-based programmer for the online privacy protection project called Tor, was detained at the Newark NJ airport after arrival from Holland Thursday, and then released.

ICE and Army operatives frisked him and his bag was searched. They asked questioned him about Wikileaks, asked for his opinion about wars and asked where Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is, but he declined to comment without a lawyer present. After three hours, Appelbaum was given his laptop back but his three mobile phones were seized.

After his presentation at the Las Vegas DefCon conference two FBI agents aapproached him. "We'd like to chat for a few minutes."

"I don't have anything to say," Appelbaum told them.

Sure Shot
Mosque Shot

Alleged Combat 18 members, 24-year-old Jacob Marshall Holt and 25-year-old Bradley Neil Trappitt, fired three shots into the roof of the Canning Mosque in Perth.

Holt was sentenced to seven months jail, suspended for 12 months. Trappit will be sentenced in August

TT says: Why do people attack Synagogs and Mosques? Either false leadership or the jew movies instill it into their brain. These attacks just bring sympathy and rarely appear more than silly painted symbols. These buildings are well insured anyway.

The day I see attacks on federal reserve banks. Serious attacks --- not kid stuff -- then I will believe THE ROAD BACK HAS STARTED. And If GOLDMAN SACHS CAME CRASHING DOWN I WOULD CELEBRATE FOR WEEKS!

JOOM Journal: Recent Additions

Wolf Europe: Recent Addition

FORWARD OBSERVER Report:  Party at CLUB 88

Hi TT,

GREAT New Race and Reason Shows! We just Listened to the Latest. I just thought of another Reason why it's good to continue to Produce these Shows. The Internet will be SHUT DOWN in a Matter of MONTHS not Years. Public Access however is Still Open to Our STRUGGLE. And it is a Struggle, Everyday to Scratch out a living. WHATEVER it Takes. ARYAN Man does ANY JOB. This Aryan Man does, and if you Work with me your Hands will turn to STEEL, and your Hearts will be in Love with the Eternal Call of Our Fore Fathers who Built this Land. Expect Greatness from Yourself. This in Itself will Inspire others to Acts of Courage.

Make no Mistake, we are All Responsible for this mess. We CAN make a Difference. SPREAD the LONE WOLF TACTICAL CONCEPT. Talk it up with not only the Social Marxists, but talk to NIGGERS and SPICS too. Fake Friendship with them to Gain their Knowledge. Always pit one side against the other. The WAR between the SPICS and NIGGERS is hot here in BROWNTOWN, with almost Daily shootings and Stabbings, NOT between Blacks and Blacks, it's more BLACK on BROWN Crime now. Other City Dwellers can help give this effect a good Shove. Get the Ball rollings DOWNHILL and no one will be able to stop it.

All the Training in the World doesn't Prepare you for what will come. I can give these Words of Encouragement: YOU are not Alone, OUR STRUGGLE has MANY Friends that haven't Played their Hand yet. All is Not Lost, not so Long as ONE ARYAN Man Exists. Land that we cannot defend will be left in the most horrific condition Imaginable. Use you Imaginations. Leave NOTHING for the Enemy.


Nigger shot dead at Ewing's Club 88

Brown Down EWING -- Police are investigating an apparent gang-related shooting at a township nightclub early yesterday that left one Trenton man dead, another wounded and area law enforcement officials wary of the ramifications.

"This could be bad," said one police source, speaking on condition of anonymity about the potential for retaliatory bloodshed.Police responded to gunfire reported outside Club 88 on Ewingville Road just before 2 a.m. yesterday, and by 9 a.m. a relative of reputed Trenton gang leader Bernard "Petey Black" Green was dead.

Police said the dead man is Brian "Break Bread" Green, a 23-year-old ex-convict, who recently served time on theft and drug charges. Police said he suffered multiple gunshots to his upper body.

The deceased Green was either the younger cousin or nephew of Bernard Green, according to multiple sources, and police officials believe he may have been under the tutelage of his older relative. Sources said it appeared he was being groomed for a leadership position within the Gangster Killer, or G-Shine, set of the Bloods street gang."

Any time these NIGGER GANGS get Press time in the Media their Ranks SWELL with new Members. Same things can happen the other Way at any time. There MUST be NAZIS hanging out at CLUB 88. The NIGGER NAZIS. Hahah

a. With Admiration......... Lone Wolf BROWNTOWN

Euro Wolf Report:  Forums

One of the troubles with American forums is that they are still a bit American rather than universally White, in that they suffer from ignorance of Europe and the scene here.

We have trouble in Europe. Nationalism is a meme which has swung back and forth. It has often served the Jews such as in the French revolution. In helping the Jews cause two world wars etc. Yockey talks about this and how strange it was that Hitler managed to make it into something White again.

The Jews have their memes firmly implanted in some nationalisms which can only be Red, for example Irish nationalism.

Listen to the Wolfe Tones sing. They sing "A nation once again" -- yeah, Tomas Davis wrote a nice poem that sounds Fascist, but what do the Wolfe Tones do, being from the White nigger population of Ulster? They add in a bit "And all peoples and religions too can find a place in our fair land", the Wolfe Tones are just dirty commies after all and wiggers. But most people don't notice the last bit.

Wolfe Tone himself was of Anglo extraction and a Freemason but such complexity goes right over the head of Sein Fein types and right-wing Republicans who even seek to use immigration as an issue to rekindle the war between the "Whites" of Ulster, and both sides are genetically White if culturally being very much inferior to continental Europeans of any sort.

Fightin' Irish! Would our brave ancestors have sacrificed their lives for their nation if they could see what Ireland has become? ~ Paddy O'Reilly

Watch out for people trying to split the White race on forums.

With British Nationalism Tyndall had a weakness for Loyalism and this impurity, this crack allowed the Jews to send in their agent Griffin and for other ZOG agents like Kemp to follow. Now the BNP is Zionist and fag and openly anti-WN and anti-Revisionist. The very idea of "British Nationalism" is debatable. Take France, Corsica is not French and Britanny neither, not to mention Alsace.

So Yanks must be on their guard not to let their forums be used by cancerous pseudo-nationalists in Europe who seek to prevent the growth of a WN scene but who will pose on forums if just to fling dirt at real dissidents. The idea of forums has many intrinsic flaws anyway as people are anon and half could be Reds and Jew and now neo-con types out to stir shit.

In France the FN is basically ok although they talk their fair share of shit they are still on the White team unlike the BNP leadership.

Nationalism by itself is far from enough. Unless an ideology is made watertight or Jewtight, the Jews and the fags and the inferior Whites will crawl in.

So Nationalism is something we have to police ideologically and watch out for the Reds and kikes as they want to own this while we want to own Nationalism and keep it subordinate and useful to White nationalism [Pan-Aryanism].

Many lesser Whites won't get White identity and interface with the secondary identity of nation even if it is the twisted civic nationalism served up by the kike and his minions such as the BNP.

Yanks don't really have such a strong rivalry to worry about as Amren is not stealing all your fans but in Europe fakes are a big problem.

Euro Wolf

Austin Lone Wolf Report:  Local News

Here in the bend over backward liberal city of Austin, the libs are having a time. The city council recently rejected a proposal to "settle", (translation: buy off the niggers) in a case where an Austin cop (a mexican by the way) shot and killed a 17 year old coon he thought was going for a gun. To hear all the coons tell it, "he was such a good boy too", he was the salt of the earth. In my opinion just another lowlife ghetto nigger who got what he deserved. Anyway the NAACP head nigger is calling the mayor and assistant mayor a snake and a rat in his outrage over this pillar of the community being shot down in the street like a stray dog. He has come out saying the "community needs to oust these politicians" in the next election. The whites will probably agree with him.

On another note, the Texas rating board that tells which schools are sub par just nailed a high school again for under performing. The liberals have tried to hide the mess by renaming the school and upgrading it with new computers. What they are not telling is that most of the students are niggers and wetbacks who can not learn. They just can not come out and say a nigger and wetback can not learn at the same rate a white can.

I am starting to think the white race is not worth it (not really- a few of us are). I went to the local China-mart today, and the bulk of what I saw were muds and coons. We truly are a minority.

14/5 Austin Lone Wolf

Mormon dominated FBI seeks Cointelpro tools!
Email lists, browser history: accesses without approval.

Off the Grid commentary:
When someone accuses you of fear mongering!

Oliver Stone Apologizes for Truthful Comments

TT says: Another Hollywood coward. I get sick of them.

Jewish media control prevents debate

Brotherhood: The Story of Gay Neo-Nazis in Love
What will the Sheenies come up with next!?

House gives more than ever.
Big boost to Israeli missile funding!

House rejects aid to sick 9/11 responders!

Top Republican Bankrollers Accused of Fraud

Wikileaks is USUKz (CIA-MI5-Mossad)

Taliban hunting down informants?

I'd rather die than be your slave!
With clips from "The Patriot"

Supporting Black racism is everybody's duty?

Dead Nogs and Commemorative T-Shirts

McDonalds Glorifies Blacxk Folk
No mo Big Macs fo me!

Race is More than Skin Color!

Every Man a King, but No One Wears a Crown.
~ Huey Long ~

guano End Citizenship for Illegal Children

Though other lawmakers have called for a change in U.S. or state law, Lindsey Graham said he might introduce a constitutional amendment. [The amendment process is drawn out, and success is rare -- it takes two-thirds of both chambers of Congress and ratification by 38 states.]

"We should change our Constitution and say if you come here illegally and you have a child, that child's automatically not a citizen," he said Wednesday. "They come here to drop a child -- it's called 'drop and leave.' ... That attracts people here for all the wrong reasons."


Rocks Rose City Antifa:
NSM Leader was Porn Model/Actor

Better known under the title Italian Stallion, it is a 1970 softcore film, which has the distinction of being Sylvester Stallone's first film and also his first starring role, for which he worked two days and was paid 200 US$. Stallone has said in interviews that he did the film out of desperation after being bounced of his apartment and finding himself homeless for several days, sleeping in a bus station. In Stallone's words : "It was either do that movie or rob someone because I was at the end - at the very end - of my rope. Instead of doing something desperate, I worked two days for $200 and got myself out of the bus station".

TT says: So was Sylvester Stallone and it didn't seem to upset his career. As long as it was was with White men who cares.

Neo-Nazi Official Patrolling Arizona Border Lauds Violence

tom metzger said,
Your comment is awaiting moderation. [Blocked!]
ON AUGUST 1ST, 2010 AT 12:23 PM

Morris, it looks like you have found another source of income:


It's the non Hollywood types that should keep you awake.

The border could easily be turned into the killing fields over night, but for now I just watch.

No Hair Now! Year In Review:

For 2010, to date, Out of 119 Votes: 64.71% Annoyed

In 2009, Out of 145 Votes: 59.31% Annoying
In 2008, Out of 168 Votes: 67.86% Annoying
In 2007, Out of 282 Votes: 77.66% Annoying
In 2006, Out of 313 Votes: 75.40% Annoying
In 2005, Out of 834 Votes: 70.02% Annoying
In 2004, Out of 900 Votes: 70.67% Annoying
In 2003, Out of 1336 Votes: 67.51% Annoying
In 2002, Out of 3057 Votes: 79.65% Annoying

TT says: shows I am losing my annoying standing. Thats better than Obama!!!

SAfrica: Students Fined for Racist Video

A South African court ordered four white former students on Friday to pay a fine of $2,720 each for a video they made humiliating black university employees. The case has prompted bitter protests that racism remains entrenched in South Africa more than a decade after the end of apartheid-era rule. The court also imposed a six-month jail term suspended on the condition of good behavior for five years. The men had pleaded guilty to charges of illegally and deliberately injuring another person's dignity.

TT says: Colored people truly outdo cockroaches as parasites. At least the Cockroaches work hard.Colored people only work hard at avoiding work.

Fudge Factory Nordics Intensify Collaboration

Nordics in Finland, Sweden and Norway are becoming unified. They focus on ejecting immigrants, defending the Nordic race, and eliminating the European Union.

And ... they are willing to use violence! Note their attack on the Helsinki Gay Pride festival last July.

5 young Austrians sought

Austrian feds seek five Aryan teens who defaced a memorial in the southern town of Villach. Erich Londer says they are members of a White Nationalist group. The memorial lists those who died for their crimes against the National Socialist Workers Party. State security found flyers with pro white content, swastikas and SS symbols in a local building.

TT says: I commend the young men. Too bad they didn't tie it onto a tractor and dump it into a river or lake.

Cross Country Almost Good

Convicted DC snipers Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammad were supposed to have had help carrying out their deadly attacks, and they may have been involved in more shootings than authorities suspected.

In a phone call from prison, Malvo told William Shatner that two others planned to help with the shootings but they backed out and at least one was killed. He also confessed to at least 42 shootings during the killing spree which culminated in the 2002 DC terror.


Chelsea Clinton's wedding hit $3 million, experts say.

Ok ! The wedding cost millions. But look on the bright the side. The divorce will be much cheaper. $150,000 for BOOZE alone!

TT says: He finally got more Jews into the family without divorcing the brains and marrying the jew blow job Queen. That may have been a first for the Oval office but Obama will usher in a new practice, according to Larry Sinclair.

Slash & Trash Kill or Get Killed

I'm just a guy but I'm american and like your concept. If you want info that may interst you let me know, if not, your choice; I wouldn't trust a stranger either. This is easily found and I have a lot more on a much larger array of subjects not so easily found.

Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth!

Keepa you mouth shut !!!

On July 22, special agents of the ATF and FBI arrested Walter Bond, of the Animal Liberation Front, in Denver and charged him with the April 30 arson that destroyed a Glendale, Colo., business, the Sheepskin Factory, which sold a variety of sheepskin products.

Bond used the nom de guerre, "ALF Lone Wolf" and boasted to a confidential informant that he not only torched the Sheepskin Factory but also was responsible for a June 5 fire at a leather factory in Salt Lake City and a July 3 fire at a restaurant in Sandy, Utah.

QEII-Wrecks Who owns 'America'?

Australia, New Zealand and Canada are owned and run by the House of Windsor Crown Temple syndicate within the City of London Corporation. (The head signatory of the Crown Temple syndicate is Elizabeth Windsor -- Queen Elizabeth II). The most powerful financial syndicate in the Western World is that of the European Rothschilds. The Rothschilds, because of their power base inside the City of London Corporation, control the London Crown Temple syndicate; they also control Vatican and Mafia finances.

The 4th largest landowner on Earth is often said to be the Federal Government of the United States, which owns about one third of the land area of the USA, 760 million acres. However, this Washington DC private corporation Federal Estate is actually owned and controlled by the London Crown Temple syndicate through a $47 trillion World Court Writ of Execution and Lien on the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board.

Tea Party members endorse Israeli attack on Iran

This is an overt action indicating that the Tea Party movement is going to have to divide along the lines of those supporting fighting endless wars for Israel - and those who oppose the Bush/Obama wars for Israel in Afghanistan and Irag - and, maybe, soon to be - war in Iran. The bombing of Iran could possibly start World War III and end civilization as we know it.

Jim Condit, Jr.

When my Grandparents were growing up in Scotland, the idea of sending your children off to school was a luxury their parents could not afford. The truth is that my Grandfather who worked from the age of 6, did so not because his parents chose to, but because if he didn't his family would not survive. You drive wages down to the point that even mom & dad's wages don't pay the rent and put food on the table, you have little choice but to send the kids off into the factories.

And you will see today that child labor continues among those who do not make a living wage. Do you think that poor people send their children off to work because they care less about them then rich families do? ~ Red Celtic

I just had to share this with you. Someone wrote the following in the LETTERS TO THE EDITOR section of the Orange County Register:

If illegals do the job Americans won't do, perhaps we should hire them to help seal the border.

Good one, huh?
Stay the course, Tom. Our day will come! ~ IRISH MERCENARY

TT says: I suggested a similar plan a long time ago. Hire Mexican soldiers or cops and pay them high wages to use their guns.


i have been prison for 9 1/2 years, since i was 15 to 24. i was sitting next to a child molester in court and they gave him probation and said it was cause he was too small to go to prison. yet i wasn't too young to go? crazy how the system favors the scum of the world. just because i was a known skinhead then. i have got a lot of your material from someone that was in fallbrook, i believe he said. he helped me find a lot of your material. i just want you to know that in a place like prison your materials help me stay focused on the good of getting out and helping my people. thanks and sieg heil! 14/5/88

TT says: Glad you made it ok. Welcome to the big prison!!

Yazzuh !!

VA Lawmaker Introduces AZ Anti-Alien Bill

McReady Using Arizona's controversial immigration law as a model, Prince William County (Va.) Board Chairman Corey Stewart has crafted a proposal to crack down on those who are in the state illegally. Stewart's bill would allow state and local police to check the immigration status during any lawful stop, detention, or arrest of any person suspected to be an illegal alien. The bill would also place restrictions on hiring illegals, and would ban all policies and ordinances that grant sanctuary status to illegals.

In 2007, Stewart campaigned for and passed a county-wide resolution that allowed local law enforcement officials to check the immigration status of anyone they arrested. Last year, it was reported that violent crime in the county had dropped almost 37%, a statistic Stewart credited to the enactment this policy.

Pearce: AZ 1070 Ruling a Huge Victory!

White Guilt and the R Word

One down ... 429,999 to go

Set 'em up, Hans!

.... Sam Kunz kills 430,000

German persecutors have charged 88-year-old former German guard Samuel Kunz with killing 430,000 of the chosen. Kunz is No. 3 on the Semen Weaselthaw Hate List. He was indicted this month by Christoph Goeke, in Dortmund, who is part of a younger generation of Jewthinkers. Kunz had been living quietly at his home near the western city of Bonn.

TT says: Thus setting the stage for future roundups of Jews and Jew lackies. What goes around comes around.

Only in America could something like this happen. Even China wouldn't allow something like this to happen. Nevermind the fact that we're both the world's largest polluters:

Saving Mother Vine

The Source

Weedkiller nearly kills nation's oldest grapevine!

The Mother Vine, believed to be the nation's oldest cultivated grapevine, was planted about 400 years ago, most likely by Croatan Indians or Sir Walter Raleigh's settlers. It has survived hurricanes, nor'easters and suburbanization. Dominion Power, while removing brush from power poles in late May, sprayed it with herbicide.

[Note Round-Up weedkiller ads throughout this article!]

Wake Up White Man !! Breakout !!!

Lone Wolf

E N D   Jew T H I N K !!!