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No Quarter Left No Quarter Right INSURGENT


The INSURGENT is an association of motivated White Racists, each a Leader in his or her own right. Insurgent Associates promote the Lone Wolf tactic, where even small cell networking is limited or non-existent. Associates serve the Idea that whatever is Good for the White Race is highest Virtue, and that whatever is Bad for It is ultimate ERROR. They devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the Insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I honor the memory of Robert J. Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan Heroes who have dedicated their lives to the Freedom and Advancement of our White Race, in all of its Variations; and I Pledge, as a White Racist, absolute Loyalty only to Our Own!


Demilitarizing Cybersecurity


The Drumbeats of Cyberwar are Pounding!

Q: So, Tell me what's wrong with going to DEFCON 1 in cyberspace now?

McGraw: I wrote an article with Ivan Arce, the founder and chief technology officer of Core Security Technologies. He's from Argentina. Every time I talk to him he asks 'what is up with you Americans and cyberwar anyway? Why are you so obsessed with cyberwar?' Because nobody else is talking about it in the rest of the world. I travel a lot internationally and he is right. So we started talking about why that was. One of our main points is that there is a confusing blend of cyberwar stuff, cyber-espionage stuff and cybercrime stuff, and the stories are used to justify whatever political or economic end people may have, instead of trying to disambiguate these three things and talk about what they actually are.

Q: What's the danger with that?

McGraw: The danger is that if we lump everything under 'cyberwar,' then our natural propensity in the United States is to allow the Defense Department to deal with it. The DoD set up a Cyber Command in May. Cyber Command has an overemphasis on offense, on creating cyber-sharpshooters and exploiting systems more quickly than the enemy can exploit them. I don't think that's smart at all. I liken it to the world living in glass houses and Cyber Command is about figuring out ways to throw rocks more accurately and quickly inside of the glass house. We would all be better suited trying to think about our dependence on these systems that are riddled with defects and trying to eliminate the defects, instead.

Q: Is the rhetoric all driven by attracting money? That's a very cynical way of thinking.

McGraw: A lot of people think it is. The military industrial complex in the U.S. is certainly tied very closely to the commercial security industry.

White Aryan Martyrs Day
Robert J. Mathews

Peace   War

16 January 1953  –  8 December 1984

What's Left

David Lane   •   Bruce Pierce

Rabbi Nachum Shifren, an ex-lifeguard known as the surfing rabbi, previously trained Israeli paratroopers and worked as a driver for Kach head Rabbi Meir Kahane. He has spoken at Tea Party events saying he is a member of the group.

"I am coming to the UK to express my solidarity with the patriots in England who are on the front line in the war on jihad and stealth jihad," Shifren told the Jewish Chronicle last week. "Multiculturalists[!!] have brought us to the brink, insisting on degrading our own cultures while pandering to forces of darkness that threaten to completely transform our societal foundations."

The English Defense League has said it wants to foster ties with the American Tea Party, a right-wing group that has taken anti-Muslim and anti-immigration stances, and the rally, at which Shifren spoke, was meant as a first step to show support for Israel.

Why these 'groups' don't dare to protest against Jews?
The Owel – Lebanon

Most of the Far right groups in Europe (especially in Britain) are Jewish pawns, if not, they are either marginalized, their leaders are dead (Jorg Hyder) or in Prison. It seems that if you're anti-Islam (toeing the Judo-fascist line) you're OK, otherwise you're anti-Semitic. It's pathetic. The Jews are now penetrating these groups and distracting them by an imaginary Ghoul (Islam.) These people never learn from history; their "parties" are nothing but relic from a bygone era, not to mention they brought nothing but disasters on their countries. Hitler would have rolled in his grave to see these "parties" partying with Jews, laughable at least.

TT says:  Not far off the mark!

1. Institute or Raise Tariffs on Foreign Imports, other than for limited Barter Trade. Rescind NAFTA, WTO, GATT, and related agreements. Close the IRS.

2. Enable Sovereign Credit to rebuild Infrastructure, beginning with Railroads, Bridges, Highways, and the Power Grid. Seize the Federal Reserve for these and other National Funding purposes.

3. Close most offshore military installations, eliminate the occupation of foreign lands, and cut the Defense (WAR) Budget at least 50%. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

4. Eliminate Foreign Aid. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

5. Eliminate ALL immigration into this country, legal or illegal. Eliminate 'Dual Citizenship'.

6. Severely punish Companies and Corporations that hire Illegal Aliens, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

7. Employ Sherman Antitrust and similar laws upon monopolistic Corporations. Eliminate the Corporate 'Person'.

8. Seize assets of Companies and Corporations that destroy the physical environment, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

Immediately seize the assets of British Petroleum and imprison all Executives involved in the events leading to and exacerbating the Gulf Oil Disaster.

9. Empower the 50 States to regain their individual sovereignty. Empower offshore holdings to gain their Independence.

10. Revitalize the Articles of Confederation to enable these things.


Right wingers can sometimes act just like social Marxists. Recently, a group of Hollywood Nazis claimed I was an egomaniac, a has been, a waste of time, etc. etc. But they never bothered to ask ME what happened! Even the worst Jew journalist will do this.

The facts are simple. I never intended to run for anything! However, an opportunity to reach a lot of people came out of the blue. It all began when the Indiana 3rd District incumbent Republican, a shoe-in for re-election, was caught making mad monkey love to his aide in the back seat of a car. Well, here in Hoosierland they say: "Don't get caught!" ... and this Bible Belt unbuckled!

It looked like The Perfect Storm! The negative publicity of my campaign would offset the Jew-Media stranglehold against us. I would be able to speak throughout the District, as I did in California. So I filed for Indiana 3rd District U.S. Congress as an Independent candidate.

Thousands of petition signatures were required to have my name appear on the ballot. After some confusion, it arose that only 2 weeks remained to meet the deadline. This would have been tough even for paid professionals. At this point I had to make a tactical battle decision. Charge ahead or quietly leave the field. I decided to Charge – counting on massive bad press and public meetings to help me give a respectable showing. I was wrong, and I admit that.

The regional media froze me out. Nary a mention on TV, the radio, or in newspapers. There were a few candidate forums – but only one of them invited me to speak, and that for just 2 minutes. Most of them were held at Zionist Christian Churches where only Republicans were invited.

The Republican candidate was spending over $1 Million and the Democrat over $740,000 – both receiving their largesse compliments of the corporate 'person'. I saw the nasty hand writing on the wall and slowed the campaign down to first gear, while trying to make a decent showing. I spent $200 on a few local radio ads and $150 on printing, well below the F.E.C. reporting requirement of $4000. In a way I'm OK with this – not wasting much associate money on a lost cause.

THEN, fewer than half of all registered voters, including the working class, even bothered to vote! THIS, as new voting machines made it easy to vote for major party candidates and very difficult anyone else, especially write-ins.

Even so, many more people voted for me than I was given credit for; but write-ins must be perfectly written whenever party hacks make it a point to challenge each and every one. That's what Miller's crew did in Alaska – but Lisa Murkowski had the big guns to beat them. NOW, many people who voted for me see the fatal flaws of 'democracy'.

This is how the game is played here in the midwest, and I will proceed accordingly. There are many paths to the palace, and this one took me first through the dungeon.

And to the Hollywood Nazis:  Kiss My Ass!

Tom Metzger

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Wild Bill Longley

William Preston Longley went by several names during his 27 years as one of the most vicious murderers of the American West. He killed his first man at the age of sixteen. Growing up with strongly held racist views, he was adamantly opposed to the Federal Reconstruction policy. Born at Mill Creek, Texas to Campbell and Sarah Longley on October 6, 1851, Longley learned how to use a gun before he was a teenager and would soon prove to be one of the fastest draws in Texas.

After the Civil War had ended, Texas Governor E.J. Davis, created a state police force that was made up of mostly freed slaves. This incensed many of the Confederate Southerners who were still bitter over the war. In December 1866, while Bill and his father Campbell were in Evergreen, a drunk black policeman came riding down the street waving his gun and cursing local folks. When he insulted his father, Bill stepped forward and told the man to lower his gun. Not knowing Bill's accuracy, the black pointed his gun at young Bill, who shot him dead. Soon Longley killed two more blacks in Lexington, Texas.

And so it began!

FBI Agent Provocateur:
3 Guilty Not Good Enough

Drunk/druggie Joseph Anastasio was the undercover informant in the Federal prosecution of the White Wolves in Connecticut. "I would do it again," he said.

Partly he wanted to bust up the racists, he said. "My granddaughter is half-Hispanic, half-white," he said. "My brother-in-law's Jewish. His son married an African-American. Anastasio said he had one other motivation: He wanted to help his arrested son. He wanted the state to spare his son a jail sentence.

"I'm not done yet. Trust me. I'll get 'em. They're not that smart."

Kenneth Zrallack Jr., former head of the Connecticut White Wolves (now Battalion 14, North East White Pride), and a 46-year-old Nigger from Milford, were acquitted of FBI firearms charges Wednesday. An informant brokered the sting which involved others who were convicted, including a direct relative of the late Gen. William Westmoreland.

Joseph Anastasio, a former deputy sheriff and convicted felon, infiltrated Zrallack's organization after securing membership in the Imperial Klans of America and then contacting the Feds.

Most Evil Man in the World?

THEN NOW Although a highly successful evil KikeJew in his own right, George Soros is a mere operative for the most evil people in the world, and a pauper in comparison to their hundreds of trillions. An example of their thinking:

1847: At a wedding in London, Britain's Jewish PM Benjamin Disraeli, inventor of the term Zionism, told James and Lionel Rothschild that the U.S. would be divided into two parts: the north for James and the South for Lionel. That next year came the Worldwide Jewish Revolution of 1848, when revolutions occurred in every country in the world and the organization later known as B'nai Brith hooked its financial tentacles into literally every corner of the world. That was the year Marx wrote the Communist manifesto.


The Senate is set to vote on a controversial immigration bill. If it fails, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez is prepared to ditch Obama and the Democrats – and take the movement to the streets.

It's zero hour for the DREAM Act, a bit of immigration legislation that has taken on a hulking importance among Hispanic leaders. For two years, Barack Obama failed – or, if you prefer, refused – to nudge along a major immigration bill. The last-ditch hope is that departing Democrats, and a few Republicans, somehow band together in the lame-duck session and pass a law allowing illegal immigrants who came to the United States as minors to gain citizenship. Harry Reid promised to bring up the bill for a Senate cloture vote this week. Republicans vowed to scuttle it, just as they did in September.

To hear Gutiérrez tell it, Hispanic leaders are about to stage a full-tilt campaign of direct action, like the African-American civil-rights movement of the 1960s. There will be protests, marches, sit-ins – what César Chávez might have called going rogue. The movement will operate autonomously, no longer beholden to wavering Democrats, filibustering Republicans, and – perhaps most tantalizingly – no longer beholden to Barack Obama.

"If we couldn't do it when Democrats were nearly 260 in the House and 59 in the Senate, how do we propose to tell people we can do it now? The opportunity to have gotten it done is gone."


Pro-white sites hacked. Personal info leaked.

TT, Race conscious whites in this day and age need to do whatever is necessary to try and keep their real names and contact info off of membership lists! Nothing is 100% foolproof. The fact is most of us white separatists must try and keep as low a profile as possible for personal and, more importantly, job security. ~ LW

TT says:  If people operate like I have advised for years they are as safe as possible, but in the U.S. today there is no total security! Our friends can hack the sites of these morons all day long. For what use and what a waste of valuable time. None are of much value in the big game. Remember BIG WHEELS GO AROUND IN SMALL CIRCLES. Isn't it interesting how the so called social marxists who say how rotten the system is love to do the systems dirty work? Raises interesting questions doesn't it?

JOOM Journal: Recent Additions

I'm not quite sure who created this, but it's very good, it lists all of the political candidates in the nation, searchable by state, along with their beliefs and/or platform. Impressive. ~ Billy Roper

If there must be trouble, let it be in my time so my children will know peace. ~ Brutus

The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance. ~ Cicero?

The 'massive attack on Iran' red herring still has legs, after all of these years, as a somewhat effective deflection away from the Iraq/Afghan fiasco, among other ops. The problem with it is – necessity! Iran is outside the required Eretz Yisroel borders. In addition, as Abba Eban explained over 30 years ago, most 'Jews' LOVE IRAN. Their histo-mythology includes 'Iran' granting their freedom 2500 years ago. ~ WWS

HOT Wildfires Above Haifa

Hatred for Israel; KikeJews Fry!

TT,  Check out the comments on this story! It's hotter than hell and sharply divided, tons of peole are criticizing isreal and others defending isreal and calling the critics nazis, muslims, or just down right scum.


"Oh American tax-payer: Get your hands in your pockets, come and pay the Bill!"

"A dead Jew is a good Jew. Especially in America. Oh darn, I just violated a new bill up before the house and senate to punish people who speak negatively aginst the Semites. I can now go to prison for being an anit-semite."

TT says:  I have always said any real terrorist would take advantage of whatever works. Fire works.

F O G Flicks

Dear TT:  We all have to deal with stuff on TV, in films, papers, so most times we do not even agree but we become annoyed or even angry and want to "kick the tube" to say it in Joom's words. The more I am glad to read something where I can totally agree. The other day I read "From Ivory Tower to Privy Wall" by G.L. Rockwell, a work of seven pages on propaganda. What fascinated me most was that there were thoughts that were my own before and in times like these I do not expect them from too many. For instance he described that the enemy IS influencing all classes of society by means specially forged for each of them (working class, upper middle class, academics and even the kindergarten is under his control). I myself have said somewhere: "Enemy propaganda attacks on all frontiers at the same time". I guess the same thought in different words. Another thing is the easy and direct construction of this work. An Aryan says something of value in a relatively short time, the kikejew writes a book and you are more deceived than before. Great!

There is a TV serial "The walk of the living dead", the idea is not so bad – a mixed group of people fighting against "Zombie biters" – why not. And of course we have again the good black boy and the evil White racist in a scene. I mean they were one of the last survivors of a combat unit, so they all were comrades against Zombies and our war is delayed for another day. I must not love this black but I cannot, without the slightest reason, call him nigger, knock him down, spit into his face and wipe up the floor with him, who would act like this? Typical Jewish hatred against everything White, even in films they cannot bridle themselves. Although: It was a funny idea of this white guy I guess, lol.

A good film worth watching is The Town. ~ LW

TT says:  Yes, "The Town" was good. Understand that I use the term Nigger as a term of biological disrespect for an obviously inferior race. I did not use it until I was in my 30s. But I use it also to underline our challange to those of the Black Race that do not give White Separatists proper respect. I do not refer to individual blacks as niggers unless they act out the part. I have far more respect among the Black working class and Black nationalists than any of the right wing leaders.

Rockwelll broke bread with the Black nationalists one time at the NATIONAL BLACK MUSLIM CONVENTION IN CHICAGO. I have met with many Black Nationalists and they understand completely. They also understand the Jew problem better per capita than Whites. I have made it clear several times that if they attack the Jews or the corrupt system, I encourage my supporters to stay out of it. They fight on their front and we fight on ours. If they attack the very rich and Jew thinkers they have my blessing, but no attacks on the White working class will be tolerated.

Pick up the film VALHALLA RISING.

Dear TT:
Thanks for the tip on "Valhalla Rising". A great film with great pictures talking in a symbolic clearer than words. I understand that there were reasons for them to go to the Holy land, piracy in my opinion, promises of wealth, but also spiritual reasons, like seeing their lot again after death. But I never ever will understand how those proud Nordic races could kneel down and beg for all they desired. It was against all of their sound and proud instincts. This will be a riddle to me, maybe forever.
Thank You!

REASONS about sunday's show

Tommy i wanted to inform you of this tomislav sunic he is a total right winger wall street is correct he is involved with thom robb and the knights party i have heard him speak in the past but one thing this tomislav sunic does more than most right wingers is he attacks the corporations more than any other righty except for Louis beam also have you heard anything from Louis beam lately well sir i thought i would let you know about this tomislav sunic one more thing he is from Croatia thank you sir

TT says: Understood. I wasn't as much in disagreement with Sunic as I was with the Southern Nationalist. When he spoke of the Classic Names of southern cities and to create a culture like Greece, Rome, etc. it sounded like he would be quite content reviving slavery. Building his fine Classic society required bringing millions of Negroes into North America and suppressing the wages of the White poor in the south. Even Sunic opined for the anti bellum south. Of course he did because that was the way of British mercantilism. Invade a country for profits along with the priest class to help take away the will to resist. And they really didn't care if the victims were White, black, yellow or brown. What's new? Probably Sunic is an Imperialist.

REASONS About Sunday's Show

Why would anybody object to plans to reduce Black population – ever?

I really liked Adrian Salbuchi until I heard him talking about supposed secret plans to reduce Black population as if that were somehow bad! There could be no more stupid, destructive opinion than to object to that! Reduction of Black population is exactly necessary! More, he says that Argentina is underpopulated. If so, that is good as well. He has got it exactly backwards on two of the most important issues. He would want to bring Argentina and Brazil together? What greater nightmare could there be?

Wolf Europe

LONG MARCH Resistance or Revolution?
The First Phase!

Historical experience suggests that there is very little hope of destroying a revolutionary guerrilla movement after it has survived the first phase and has acquired the sympathetic support of a significant segment of the population. ~ Mao

TT:  In his quote I didn't take Mao Tse-Tung's "first phase" as conditional on his Peasant version of a Guerrilla War of Revolution but that all successful Guerrilla Wars have a "first phase" of some sort or another. As you know, Mao Tse-Tung rejected the Russian "proletariat" dependency for a Communist Revolution. I think that he meant that there are different types of first phases but first phases are there none-the-less for all successful Guerrilla Wars. So the question becomes what type of "first phase" is the White Struggle going to have for it's successful Guerrilla War?

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

BOGART Just a 'Rough Patch'

There is a systematic effort afoot to combine the forces of political correctness with socialism in order to create a soviet style atmosphere in the US. We all know who was behind the original Bolshevik Revolution and what they did in that time. One can readily assume that the same directives and conclusions are intended here as well. Stick a fork in America, she's done.

For inexplicable reasons, the Americans, unlike the Europeans, have held back from taking to the streets. Maybe they think this is just a rough patch. Many of them are too stupid, self involved or distracted to understand the mechanics of what is happening to their society. If they don't know what's happening then how can they object? Well, because they are unwilling to stand against what is happening to them, they are going to be forced into the streets by the ever steady increase of worsening conditions. At some point they will have no other option. This is what the police state controls are being put into place for.

PODNER WSU Scraps Helen Thomas Award

Wayne State University has terminated its Helen Thomas Spirit of Diversity in Media award after the former White House correspondent stated that the United States is controlled by Zionists. Thomas, 90, told a workshop on anti-Arab bias in Dearborn that Jewish influence made it impossible to criticize Israel in the United States.

"Congress, the White House and Hollywood, Wall Street are owned by the Zionists," Thomas said on Thursday. "They put their money where their mouth is."

TT says:  Even though I hate to see people who have done some good work get smashed, I also know that the only way we will get anywhere is to stand aside and let it happen. Also, if you as a Racist were on trial, and Helen was on the jury, the odds are great that she would give you thumbs down. Worse is better!

CRUNCH Survivalist: Growing Celery

(Celery is one of our favorite "junk foods" of the plant kingdom, next to lettuce. And although we love lettuce, it's much harder to grow than celery because of it's tenderness and fragility. Celery isn't that strong either, but it's by fat the easiest of the two to grow with a good amount of success. Buy your seeds now, and put them away for later. You'll be glad you did when food gets scarce. Always germinate them indoors and replant when they're about 6 inches high.) ...Joom


Wolf Wall Street,
You were 100% right in what you said about 9-11 and Building 7 on the TalkShoe show. It is essential that we expose our enemies in every way we can.

By the way, STORMFRONT is now banning people from their forum who argue against the American government's lies about 9-11. Mishko, who hosts the Disorganized America show on the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network, was saying on the Nov. 26, 2010 show that STORMFRONT had recently banned him for saying 9-11 was an inside job, and that Mossad was involved!

Please try and encourage Tom to watch the 9-11 Missing Links video. It can be watched for free on YouTube. Thank you for your excellent work.
LW Northern Ireland

[LWNI – FYI: I never received an email from you. You sent it to the webmaster. It was forwarded to TT and me. ~ WWS]

TT says:  As far as what STORMFRONT does or does not do it's not my business. I have not banned anything.

I have seen and read tons of 9-11 information. Wallstreet and I have been over much of it. I am not going to make it my career like people do the Kennedy assassination and other historical events. I don't know where 14 and 5 has been since I have made available tons of theories on 9-11 over the years. There are dozens of websites one can go to all day long to read a host of materials. So why not visit these sites and come away with any conclusion you choose.

After all is said and done and you believe you have all the evidence to support your case what are you going to do about it that will change anything in our lifetime? If people feel so strong about it I would think Silverstien would have been dead shortly after it happened.

Tom The only aspect of 9/11 I discuss in any depth is WTC-7 – because it is not theory – the various accepted videos of WTC-7 falling are proof positive of an obvious controlled demolition – that insiders had to be involved. Larry Silverstein's self-admitted connection makes it nearly as positive that it was KikeJew controlled. Jewish Lightning is well known to New Yorkers.

Nearly all of the "9/11 Truth" websites are unnecessary, or worse. Many were created specifically to deflect attention away from WTC-7 – to create pointless discussion, argumentation and doubt – so that people DO NOT ACT! They have been successful so far, but the effect is fading fast.

Most people are cowards, or fear for their families, etc. Add confusion and doubt, and like magic – the KikeJews skip again... so far!

There is no doubt about the controlled demolition of WTC-7 – to highlight any other aspect of 9/11 is obfuscation, intended or not. The other facts can be hashed out after Silverstein & Co. are taken down, possibly leading to a full-scale rebellion against the monsters now in control. As the heat rises – and it is – the KikeJews may even toss their boy Larry to the 'wolves' ... as the heat rises!

Wolf Wall Street

Hey Wallstreet and TT,
Don't fight too much; unless it is somehow fun for you. You are both great. You both have good points that resolve the 9-11 issue quickly: Wall Street with regard to keeping any 9-11 focus close to building 7; and TT is right, of course, that we ought not allow 9-11 to serve Jewish purposes of being a red herring any more than a false flag. ~ Wolf Europe 14/5


Hi TT,
I've just listened to your comments about the latest talkshoe show and chatbox. I agree with you, even if I feel sorry, personally, I liked to go there and throw in a comment, a question or joke, but if some people have a nasty sense of humour, go there to provoke or insult then you are right... maybe you can block the chatbox and only take phone calls? Maybe only then some callers start to call in? I would but my english is lousy and my voice sounds horrible... it wouldn't be very interesting for the listeners.

Regarding the 9/11 issue, I think both you and WWS are right, it's just that this is another of those questions where knowing the truth doesn't set us free! We and a lot of other people know it, but we are powerless. [To this day, the vast majority of people do not even know that WTC-7 existed/exists. ~ WWS]

You don't have to be an expert to recognise that it is a controlled demolition instead of a normal bombing, you don't have to be an expert to realize that a passenger jet couldn't fly a few miles so close to the ground and hit the pentagon and then disappear, but this seems to be the paradox of jewish lies, their intellectual insolence: the bigger the lie is, the more likely that people will believe it! As you say, the masses are asses!
Euro Wolf 14/5

TT says:  I will try to find a better way than TalkShoe for phone only, but it's not manditory since WWS and I are very busy all the time.

FLIGHT Women... and Men!

Women running things is not a sign of problems with women, as 90% of you dummies can't figure out, it's a CONSEQUENCE of failing men. ...

Hence, it is the men who need the addressing. Our sex has failed. Not their sex. Ours. Communal defense is men's responsibility. Women play a role merely in following what men direct them to do. At some point, our forebears lost the way. It is up to us to rediscover it, and lead our people back. Thus, our discussion centers on men. ...

What people don't grasp is that both sexes are damaged by the current setup. Women can't find true men, in large part because there aren't many naturally, just males, but also, and this is the worst part, the system is designed to prevent real men from being cultivated. The discrimination and formal legal power women have gained is far more than offset by the extra hours they have to work and the greater difficulty in establishing family and home life. The current System is terrible for both sexes. The solution is racial independence followed by decentralization and the withdrawal of government from nearly all areas of human activity. ...

I honestly think it's... just the non-porno media being absolutely permeated with sex in every possible form. It's just endless and unavoidable. Sex simply isn't interesting enough to command that much attention. It's just every single show, every comedy act is just consumed with it. And the reason is the one we know: the Frankfurt kikes want us distracted from the stuff that matters. Porn you have to seek out; but if you watch any mainstream tv or listen to any mainstream radio, the cheap stoopid puerile sex-based idiocy is completely unavoidable. But we are too Anglo-polite-hypocritical-two-faced-overlooking and Christian-forgiving-loving-praying to simply stomp the goddam kikes out of existence like the polluted-cigarettes they are. ~ Alex Linder

Philosopher's Rant:   Very Ancient Battle

I suspect with all the Lies we have discovered that the Illuminati - top Jew plan was STILL to Destroy Germany despite Hitler.

I briefly had friends decades ago who were "Christian Jews" as Henry Makow claims to be. As a Philosopher, I've discovered that "Christianity" is as FAR AS A JEW CAN GO "away" from his predatory instincts, and maybe only a very tricky half-assed Hypocrisy at that!

Makow: Jews controlled Joe McCarthy

American Jewry's Push For Massive Immigration

While millions of Americans are now without decent jobs and pay and the Debt Structure is collapsing, Pres. Obama is BRINGING IN 80,000 MORE Muslims in 2011 to help WRECK WHITE AMERICA! 80,000 MORE, and this won't include the Illegals constantly pouring in.

Ha! even HERE where you would think Mexicans and Blacks would simply NOT WANT to live; Typical January Winter Temperatures; 20 degrees F. above zero during the day, 10 degrees Below Zero F. at night. VERY COLD, and it can get worse. But I've seen alot of mud-races at the Casino when I had to drop something off there.

So America is now saturated with ALIENS... Better get plenty of Ammunition for that Gun; Jews in power are creating a potential Mega - Racial Crisis in America, except we Whites ARE Armed to the Teeth HERE, so it will be bloody-ugly indeed. Other than White Racial Autonomy, the OTHER TABOO Word today might be OVERPOPULATION – we never hear that one either. But OVERPOPULATION has a grim ending indeed – just by itself.


They are going to try to pass the UN Small Arms Treaty during the recess, and also the infamous "Food Safety" bill.

Well, THEY can pass all the laws they want, but as for US obeying them? Yes, I know, it's depressing; Only a 13% drop-off in Airline Passengers. – Just about matches the number of defaulted homes, so hard to tell how much of that was "protest" of TSA. Americans are sure slow to wake up.

You might as well drop-out of the "System" as much as possible RIGHT NOW; New ILLlEGAL TAX scams; burdensome required 1099 filings for businesses, and the "Gun" "Listings" [& finger-printing!!] &-"taxes" the IRS wants [while Supreme court went the other way!]. To hell with all that. Americans MUST stand totally against ALL of this sort of thing – time to show some guts, you people!.

Evidently these Traitorous Jew-Bastards think they will oppress us all the way into NON-SURVIVAL as per "Rabbi Ovadia Joseph's" Outrageously Racist and DEADLY Quotes.and ADD Senate Bill SR 510, not to mention Israhell's "Nuclear" "Sampson Option" and their Protocols PLAN to "Palestinianize" ALL OF YOU...

BUT!! The truth IS!! I myself have broken an incredible number of Illegal "Jew-Laws"; ie; Not "filing" since 1974, No building permit on the last beautiful house construction! Drove an old '84 T-Bird "work car" for 8 YEARS with NO TAGS – "no 'pink' either!"! Forged Med card, forged-phony IRS forms for Russian Bride Natalia's INS application, NO Fuel -Mileage Taxes or Soc. Sec. paid in 10 years of Trucking! Illegal"Dyed Fuel" in the Tanks! AND serious well paying "Crimes" WORTH ALOT MORE than any of this! etc, etc.

LOOK! These JEWS are commiting blatant ridiculous & serious CRIMES against YOU and the Constitution, and MEGA-THEFTS against the entire NATION, RIGHT NOW!! AND They have been for the last 100++ YEARS! See Henry Ford Sr's quotes, Charles Lindberg, Father Coughlin, Joseph McCarthy, BEN FRANKLIN, GEORGE WASHINGTON, Hitler! Napoleon! "Cicero" in ancient Rome!! Ben Klassen's "White Man's Bible", Eustic Mullins, Martin Luther, FREDERICK NIETZSCHE!! – Wow! Read what HE said!! And lot's more....

Soon, with National Bankruptcy, Mega-Famine, War of some kind, you all maybe shouldering a gun just for grim survival anyway. {Read Solzhenitsyn page 13, footnote # 5, and pages 54-59 concerning you modern Gold Bugs and [farmers;] & look up "Gold Wave" in the index for more.}

As Les Visible said: If you are going to go postal now, be sure to kill these fat-cat destroyers of our Nation.

Back to "Food"

Having 10+ years experience with my own trucks with Dry Vans and Refrigerated, mostly in the 1980's, heavy-hauling America's food supply gave me an inside view that most of you can't imagine.

The problem IS; Food products require TRUCKS to go ANYWHERE ELSE. Food products require some form of processing even before and after the TRUCKS. AND Food Processors and Truckers require stable economic conditions without civil war, rioting, Communism; Socialist-Confiscation, currency-economic breakdown or other disruptions to do their jobs.

Today, Jew-Socialist - Communist oriented Bureaucrats are threatening your food supply in subtle ways. A CHAOTIC BREAKDOWN say, in California would disrupt A MAJOR PART of the food items you take for granted at the store in the West and elsewhere. Add the possibility of sky high diesel fuel prices shutting OFF the Food supplies;

As for relying on the National Guard - Army trucks or the Railroad system? Forget it. Government trucks would be horribly slow and insufficient. Rail terminals STILL would NOT get the food to most cities. As for relying on Gov. Bureaucrats for you food? [Senate Bill s 510 ??? Or ex-KGB Michael Chertof?!!] That will be a horrible disaster in itself. ~ Philosopher

P ~ You are 100% correct. I was a long haul trucker and instructor years ago. We figured out that if Diesel Fuel shipments were to stop today, the United States as we know it would be over in 3 days. Stores shelves would be emptied out completely in a panic. Even if the U.S. could get fuel to all the trucks and start them up and running in a week or two, the U.S. would take years to recover, if it ever could. It is America's Achilles heel. Imagine the chaos. ~ R


Wally George was right. Why don't you go out and kill the people you hate in a calculated way? You have been talking and talking and never done anything except talk a bunch of bullshit. I met your ken death in the 80's. And now we are going to going to fuck you over, if you don't comply with complete computer police nazi power and screw your cable, led tv hd, digital bs, cell phone,gps,car computer dumbass. shut up and die or kill and destroy these niggers in medford,oregon. it is over run and getting worse for gangs for negro crap and mexicans. I will start sticking flyers for warnings of impending retaliation. Fuck you idiot. Get my drift eh? dont write back, i am drinking and dreaming of something funny

TT says:  This is an example of right wing idiocy. The first time I met Ken Death was in the courtroom in Portland. Before that, the only time I had spoke to him was over the phone when RAT David Mazella called me from a party where he handed the phone to Meiske and I simply said "hello, how are you?"

Beyond that, if you were confronted on the street with three drinking Blacks and two jumped your comrade, wouldn't you have gone to his aid like Ken did? If we still had a white nation, it would have been self defense, or manslaughter at most. That's why I defended three young white men falsely accused of murder.

Note that this e-mailer is typical right wing: "Why don't YOU do this or why don't YOU do that!" – Don't let your ALLIGATOR MOUTH overload your HUMMINGBIRD ASS!

Stormfront is now officially dead!

For the past month, I have had time to post alot of threads on Stormfront and have noticed how kosher konservative it has become.

The Old Man and I have traded a few pms and I knew that he was ready to jump ship this evening. Started a thread titled, Does Stormfront Cause Retardation?

Both The Old Man and I got booted by Jack Boot in the same post. I am honored. Stormfront is now officially dead.


Holiday Spirit in Hayden

Kootenai County sheriff's deputies told Mark Eliseuson Wednesday that he could be charged with a crime because his 10-foot-tall SnowKlanMan was holding a noose.

Eliseuson has angered neighbors in the past by flying Aryan Nations flags at his home. At Halloween he passed out bullet casings after he said he ran out of candy.

TT,  Come on, where's the holiday spirit?? It's just one of Santa's helpers, come to help punish the naughty and put Coal-Black Tar in the stockings! Hahahaha.. It's little shit like this that sirs the pot!! The snowman is cute, as well, I want one!!

Seriously, Idaho like Washington has been hijacked like San Fran during the 60's by the Zionist-Jews – Randy and Vicki Weaver and Robert Mathews, among others, brutally murdered by ZOG, found that out the hard way, and after the Jew theft of the Aryan-Nations and R. Butler's compound, Inbred-Idaho all the way now!!

My mother's ex is from Idaho and moved back there to be with his ailing mother. He lets me know what is going on, and it's really bad. Apparently Idaho's law-enforcement is now all Wetback and Nigger, and the illegal's are pouring in for the free handouts as fast as one can sneeze from the cold weather! He got into it with a Spic at Wal-Mart who pulled up in a brand-new Cadillac Escalade thinking he owned the place! Idaho has been consumed by the Cultural-Marxist and Jews, and Washington here within the next 5-10 years will be so as well!

Here in Washington, in the recent elections, the NRA endorsed a Pro-Gun Democrat against the Liberals and Republicans, who teamed up together to fuck him over. Now it's come to light there was a major financial scandal, and illegal activities via political shadow-charity organizations, between the Marxist and the Republicans during the elections.

Tommy, I am fed-up – let's stop talking about the Niggers, Jews, etc. and start attacking our own race-traitors and filth, like those in this story! Without our problems (i.e. race-traitors) bogging us down, the Niggers, Jews, etc. will be a breeze to deal with! They can pack their shit-up and go be with the Spics in Mexico, Injuns on the Reservations, and Niggers in Africa and celebrate Tolerance and DIEversity there, and see how long their White trash asses last when a Mugabe or Chavez hacks their Mongrel asses up and eats them for dinner!

I am fucking sick of it, and ready for war! ~ LW

Barney's Big TSA Adventure


Skull Chertoff's GrOPer Squad!


Wake Up White Man !! Breakout !!!

Lone Wolf

E N D  Jew T H I N K !!!