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Associates devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the Insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I Honor the Memory of Robert J. Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan Heroes throughout history who have dedicated their lives to the Freedom and Advancement of our White Race, in all of its Variations; and I Pledge, as a White Racist, Loyalty Only To Our Own!

White DC !!
CopenGeddon: Armageddon In White

More to come! . Fun??

Snow Breeds Snow:
Another Big Storm on the Way!

Honored Aryans

Truth and Freedom

February 6, 1986

Out of Africa

My Surreal Evening

TT, The other night I stopped at an Irish restaurant and pub I had never been to before for dinner.

There were three white people sitting at the table next to me. Two of the people went outside to smoke and one lady stayed at the table and she struck up a conversation with me. The talk was pleasant but mundane, which is normal when people are just having a casual conversation. As I was eating my dinner, the two other people (guy and girl) came back in and sat down. The three were drinking a few beers, laughing and talking quite loud so it was easy to hear what they were saying. They talked about soccer and Ireland. I thought these people may be pro-white judging from what I heard.

As I settled up my bill and prepared to leave, I stopped by their table on the way out and said that it was nice to eat in a restaurant where there were no blacks and Mexicans eating (it was wall to wall whites). The lady I had talked with several minutes earlier was speechless and the other two basically stated that what I said wasn't cool and acted shocked that a white man would actually say something like that openly. Never mind the fact that millions of whites think the exact same thing I said.

I smiled, wished them a good evening and walked out the door.

I then hopped in my car and drove to a local watering hole for a couple of drinks before heading home. When I arrived there was nothing but whites at this working class bar. In between drinks I went outside to have a smoke. A black male and Asian woman then walked in together. That was a downer to see.

But what happened next was even more of a downer.

As I was smoking, I struck up a conversation with another white fellow who was outside smoking as well. Again, the conversation was polite but mundane. I asked the guy where he was from as he said he'd only been living here for a few years. He said he was from southern Idaho. I told him the only place I'd ever visited was in the northern part of the state, Hayden Lake. Keep in mind I never said anything other than I'd visited Hayden Lake. The guy then went into a spiel about how he was glad the Aryan Nations and the "Nazis" were gone. He whined that because he had a shaved head, many folks over there mistook him for a skinhead (boo-hoo) and he talked about how the Aryans embarrassed the region with their presence. If only he knew the type of white guy he was talking to. One that's C-I no less!

I didn't push the issue any further. I let the guy hang himself with his own words. He was a nice guy... but obviously blind on the race issue. I hope he wakes up... soon!

I find it absolutely hard to believe that whites can't see the cold, hard, brutal reality of race and racial differences that stares them right in the face every time they walk out their front door.

What these two encounters show me is that:

a) Most whites are still in denial or just flat-out completely brain dead on the race issue.

b) Most whites are quite hypocritical on the race issue. They act all offended that someone like myself would make an honest racial statement to them and yet you just know that almost their whole, if not all, of their social circle, is white. They hang out at establishments that are patronized almost exclusively by whites. They live in heavy white majority communities (gee, why not live in a truly racially mixed neighborhood if you love diversity so much). The only racial diversity in their lives is at work... '9-to-5 Diversity Fans' as I call them.

In summation, their walk doesn't match their talk in this area of their lives. They engage in a kind of unspoken, implicit racism. But then are somehow ashamed of it when the matter is brought to the surface.

As you say: If they will not listen... they will have to feel!

Lone Wolf
Pacific Northwest Zone 38

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Chinese National Socialism:


CNN never mentions it: The Nazi Chinese
Government of Wang, the best Chinaman ever!

Sieg Heil

Wang's government was based in Nanking,
supposedly raped by the Japanese.
His 2 million men wore the German Stahlhelm!

TT: This War displayed fatal weaknesses in Japanese army leadership similar to those of the Americans before their Civil War. Modern European command and control (General Staff methodology) was lacking. At the outset, American battles were mere slug-fests -- mobs killing each other. It took both sides, who had been trained as civil engineers, over a year to modernize.

Otherwise inferior Soviets did have modern command and control, and quickly defeated the Japanese before they could modernize (as their Navy had done). Realizing they were no match for the Russians, they would initiate no further offensives.

Why didn't the German General Staff, the developer of modern methods, draw the right conclusion -- that there would be no 'Far Eastern' front? Had their War Machine and Foreign Service become brain dead? What did Uncle Adolf know about this, if anything?

Lone Wolf

Seven Years Behind Bars:
Anniversary of Ernst Zundel's Arrest

To all --
Allegedly, in just a few weeks, on March 1, 2010, Europe's best-known political prisoner and my husband, Ernst Zundel, is scheduled to be released from prison. In an emotional telephone conversation with him yesterday, he told me that he is entering the most dangerous phase of his life yet - that the "restrictions" on him will be "Draconian." I leave it up to you to read into that what you will.

For one, we take it for granted that, at the very least, he will not be allowed a passport, which means he cannot travel anywhere outside the largely Zionist-controlled EU. Since I cannot join him for various reasons, private and political, this means that for the time being, our marriage will have to be "on hold."

This morning I was sent an excellent, a bit outdated summary of what the Zundel Struggle is really all about. Even though I dislike just being sent a link, in this case I will make an exception and send you one because this article is well-written and graphically beautifully organized and lends itself to hard copy and cyber reproduction. Please spread and post it far and wide:

Too long!

There are plans, of course, to wrestle Ernst away from his tormentors, of which you will hear more in weeks and months to come. If you can afford to join our struggle financially, please let me know, and I will put you on our Power Letter list which goes out once a month. However, this letter goes only to active supporters who take this struggle seriously and understand what it takes to succeed.

Please do not reply to this email - instead, write me a short note and send it to

I thank you in advance,
Ingrid Zundel

TT says: Comments on Saturday radio show.

It is human nature that repeats itself, not history. In fact, we often learn more about the past from the present, than the reverse. I have also discovered that a vile man can occasionally tell the truth, and a noble man can tell a lie. And that men don't make history as often as history makes men. ~~ John Toland

Mr. Metzger, Lone wolves scaring the crap out of them. Another MSM confirmation:

Hot Pants!
CIA: al Qaeda attack soon!

As al Qaeda pressed new terror plots, it increasingly relied on new recruits with minimal training and simple devices to carry out attacks, Leon Panetta said as part of the terror assessment.

He also warned of the danger of extremists acting alone: "It's the lone-wolf strategy that I think we have to pay attention to as the main threat to this country."

National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair said that with changes made since the Christmas attack, US intelligence would he able to identify and stop someone like the Detroit bomber before he got on the plane. But a more careful and skilled would-be terrorist might not be detected.

TT, They are using this "christmas plot" when we know they are lying about the whole thing. That terrorist had help, and you can see from the above article that they are sticking to their lies.

This is showing what they plan on doing. They are getting their propaganda machine oiled up. They'll use it against us. I think we all know that is what they will do, but it is interesting to see it in action.

It's good to know that we scare the shit out of them. :) ~~ Take care!

Some more feedback:

10 Rules for Dealing with Police
Cato Institute, Washington DC, February 12, 2010

French, German warning: Don't use Internet Explorer!

Wolf Alert!! Malicious Firefox Add-ons Install Trojans

Google collaborates with NSA

KikeJews want another Gaza war!

Semen Weaseltail upset by Ukraine nationalist award!

Nazi souvenirs on sale in Tel Aviv.
Jews corner Adolf! -- Such a deal!!

Jewish groups praise Limbaugh

China buys Australian Coal

Residential Mortgage Delinquencies Surpasses 10%

Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off U.S. Debt?

Goldman CEO bonus smaller than expected:
A mere $9 million in restricted stock.
[NOT a cash bonus.]

JPMorgan CEO Dimon gets $16 million in stock, options.

Is that all White (ABA) ready yet?
Another Negroin Basketball Gang Fight

In the end... he's just a typical nigger!:
Tiger Woods: Lurid, Crude Sex Addict!

13-Year-Old QB Accepts USC Offer

License to Surf?
License needed to use your own computer?!

O x y m o r o n s


Daryl Bradford Smith interviewed Eustace Mullins

Eustace Clarence Mullins, Jr.
TT, I think I found the cemetery where Eustace Mullins is to be buried. According to what I have found so far his body is to be shipped from Texas (where he died) back to Virginia where he lived. From what I can tell he is to be buried at Thornrose Cemetery 1041 W. Beverley St. Staunton, Va. 24401. I'm gonna write to them and see if I can get them to confirm that and maybe even give me a plot number. Its gotta be a snailmail deal the Cemetery lists no phone number or email address, so it might take some time. Just keeping you informed. ~~ Associate

Hey man, the IRS is looking for a quote on some weapons. You can contact their chief Kike in control of procurement... his name is in the e-mail. Let them know if the Weapons of Mass Destruction equipment yard has any for sale. Maybe the NAV boys would like to see their tax dollars at work. ~~ LW

Hi Tom,
I saw you on TV yesterday evening on a german channel. It was a great report about Skinheads in America. You're doing a great job. How can I be a wolf here in Luxemburg? If you can give me some info (links, contacts, etc.) to do so it will make me happy. Thank you Tom!
Von meinem iPhone gesendet

Hello TT!
I really enjoy the News and views so I sent you a donation last week.
The more people know about those damn Jews the better it is. As the old saying goes "know your enemy". Here is a good site to find out who are jews: Famous Jews.
Many interesting names appear. Thanks. ~~ Wolf Sweden

Tom, My favorite shows are the ones where you speak for nearly the whole show, but they are all good.
I agree with locking up the archives for people who will not send a single dollar to support the shows. If people are not willing to put their hand in their pocket they are no good to us. You are doing valuable work. Please keep on blasting Christianity and membership organizations. Thank you! ~~ LW Northern Ireland

Enemy Judges
It no longer matters that the longest serving Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was Tanney and that he wrote the Dred Scott decision wherein "We the People" is the White Race. All that matters now is that most American Judges are deep into Land Speculation, and that bankers bend over backwards to loan them money. These Judges quickly figure out that White Racists are "bad for business".
Lone Wolf

On the block! Judge Upholds White Charges!

The jury verdict dismissed by Judge James Turk alleged that White had threatened Richard Warman, a human rights attorney from Canada who often brings civil actions against white supremacists.

The decision upholds the remaining three convictions against White -- intimidating a group of apartment complex tenants in Virginia Beach and threatening a university administrator in Delaware and a bank employee in Missouri.

White is scheduled to be sentenced April 14. Although he faces up to 30 years in prison on the remaining charges, sentencing guidelines are likely to recommended a lighter sentence.

Forearmed Free Speech Appeal Lost

Simon Sheppard, 51, was sentenced to four years and 10 months, and Stephen Whittle, 42, to two years and four months at Leeds Crown Court in July.

However, the Court of Appeal has reduced Sheppard's sentence by one year and Whittle's jail term by six months.

Sheppard, from Selby, North Yorks, and Whittle, of Preston, Lancs, controlled US websites featuring racist material.

The pair were charged under the Public Order Act with publishing racially inflammatory material, distributing racially inflammatory material and possessing racially inflammatory material with a view to distribution.

Two of you?! Insane Mormon Ideology

Ben Klassen [author: White Man's Bible] was extremely critical of Mormonism, So I read the Book of Mormon myself - that is, the first 3 and last 3 chapters - all I could stand, without wretching - puking!

The "Book" itself is simply a stern vicious fantasy and brainwashing, bullying "tool" against Individualism and objective logic. This, I suppose, to soften you up for those stiff "Tithes" you'll be hit on for. Also keep you comfy and sloppy in the "herd" mentality. I think Mormonism is a front or extension for Masonic Order. The financial attitude is basically "Jew". And notice they call "outsiders"; "Gentiles" as if by BEING Mormon you are somehow "special" "Jew" also. Mormonism throws around that word "Zion" A LOT! The whole thing is a disguised money scam. Mormons - if they have any brains will be eventually shocked to find their Religion hooked in with "666". It happened to the Methodists back in the 1960's too. ~~ the Philosopher

TT says: Guess who's running the new TURD WAY PARTY? You guessed it, a Morman lawyer who has spent most of his life selling American real estate to Japanese. His kids are on mission to non whites in South America!

The largest number of Mormans today live in Africa and Asia. lol

Bucky Bill Johnson

TT, I just wanted to thank you for defending Southern and Eastern Europeans. That Mormon dickhead Bill Johnson apparently thinks that Northern Europeans are superior to Europeans from other regions. This guy is nuts if he really believes that. Same goes for Mr. Plastic Surgery, David Duke. While I'm half Northern/Northwestern European (1/4 Swedish & 1/4 Irish), I'm half Southern European (Italian). A German is not any more European than a Spaniard or Russian, not in my book anyway. I'll tell my Polish buddy at work about this Bill Johnson asshole and have him check out the latest News & Views. With a dying White Race we can't afford to bicker about nationalities.

On a side note, thanks also for taking these Southern rednecks to task for disrespecting us Northerners. I get sick and tired of hearing these rednecks calling us 'Yankees'. My Irish side of the family has lived in New Jersey for SEVEN generations and I'm sure some fought for the Union army in the Civil War. So I don't like being called a 'Yankee'. I still have the utmost respect for the South, though, and greatly admire the Confederacy and people like Robert E. Lee.

Racial Regards,
Lone Wolf Golden State
Orange County, California

P.S. I have lost the last ounce of respect for 'Dr.' David Duke. I hope Europe deports him to Harlem and the niggers tear him limb from limb.

Pounce Return to the Edge

Mel Gibson stands up to arrogant KikeJew bastard who expected Gobson to grovel at his feet for remarks he made during his DUI arrest a few years ago.

Great stuff!

One thing I've noticed about the so-called 'Chosen Ones' over the years is that they don't like it when you throw their hatefulness, arrogance and aggressiveness right back in their faces. Most Heebs turn into total pussy cowards of the highest order when a Gentile fights fire with fire!

HEY! Great new title for a movie: Gentiles Strike Back! ...starring who else... Mel Gibson... oh!... and 'Terrible' Tom Metzger!

Specs! Garbagemen: I Spy!

About 150 drivers at one of San Diego's largest trash-collection companies were trained last week by a retired FBI agent in the art of spying.

"We encourage them to observe and report and take notes so they can be a good witness."

TT... As you have said in the past, other service people that come into your homes to do any work have also been trained by the so-called authorities to report "suspicious activities" to their superiors and/or law enforcement. As Lone Wolves we MUST be vigilant in all our activities and keep our houses clear of anything that may be deemed "suspicious."

"If you do not listen, you will have to feel!" LISTEN WOLVES!!!

Border Security Cuts!

Much concern spread through the borderland Thursday since the Obama administration proposed to cut back on some areas of border security. If Congress were to approve Obama's proposal, staffing would freeze and border patrol would lose 180 agents through attrition. The virtual fence would be cut about $225 million from last year and hundreds of miles of concrete-and-steel border fence would be maintained but no new barriers would go up.

TT says: Cut the military budget in half!

Scam! LWWS,
Could you explain to me what Junk Bonds are?
Racial Regards,
LW Golden State 14/5

Junk Bonds
(High Yield Debt)

In finance, a high yield bond (non-investment grade bond, speculative grade bond or junk bond) is a bond that is rated below investment grade at the time of purchase. These bonds have a higher risk of default or other adverse credit events, but typically pay higher yields than better quality bonds in order to make them attractive to investors. ~~ Wikipedia

Los Angeles based Michael Milken developed junk bonds in the 1980s. Drexel Burnham Lambert promoted his stuff, and after typical KikeJew insider dealings were uncovered, Milken did a short country club jail stint, and old line stock jobbing house Drexel went out of business.

Although they are subsumed by higher grade corporate debt, they are often used to take over seemingly troubled companies whose stock price is collapsed to near worthlessness. Common stock becomes worthless and the Junk bonds are then converted to new classes of common. Voila! New, often KikeJew, ownership! ~~ LWWS

Secret Summit of Top Bankers

The US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank and at least 22 other central banks began meeting in Australia Sunday. Organised by the Bank for International Settlements, the two-day talks are shrouded in secrecy, with a heavy state security presence.

Asian delegations will be led by the Peoples Bank of China, the Bank of Japan and the Reserve Bank of India. Ben Bernanke may make an appearance. Greece, Portugal, Spain and Dubai may default on debt repayments.

Trust Me! Jews in the BNP

Hi Tom, What do you see happening to White Americans in the future? The midwest seems a far cry from the elite media in New York who do the cable news. I recognize that CNN is done out of Atlanta, for whatever that means. I was looking at Yahoo Answers this morning and saw people talking about Islam taking over Britain, and a Jew asked a question as to why the British should not support the Jews.

Anyone with Google can look up inventions and see that British, Scottish and Germans, and of course White people from America created the industrial revolution. We mapped out all of the world, we took the time to write down every plant and animal in the world, and even cultural anthropologists took the time to record all of the other groups of non-Whites and their language. We have, or were fearless in taking over the whole world. But it seems that giving out our information to the Asians who are great innovators was a mistake. But they will hold onto what we have created for a while, and like you said they will eventually resort to tribalism, and lose what we have created.

I know I mention Britain a lot, but both of my parents last names were English, and I have a lot of pride in English, and Americans of English and Scottish and German ancestry that created the industrial revolution. It's safe to say that the two world wars in the last century devastated Europe. I heard 8% of the world's population is white, but I could be wrong on that. But if that is the case we still have a huge say on things. I don't want to make this a rant, so I'll try to wrap it up.

You have the most intellectual comebacks when asked about your views on the spot. For that reason I really respect you. Also, was Ian Stuart Donaldson a great leader of the White youth? I've listened to his music for years. I read questions on Yahoo Answers about British people supporting the British National Party, but I read from your news that they now accept Jews in their ranks. This seems to make the BNP irrelevant. I agree that we are certainly outnumbered on many of our coasts, but if we are in fact 8% of the world's population, it seems pretty clear that we are fearless, natural leaders and not afraid to go anywhere. I was not afraid to walk around southern Baja last spring. I even had a cab driver with an attitude, but I just laughed it off and asked him if he thought I was a crazy Gringo. That was the only time he laughed.

I know this is a long rant. But I want to say that I really feel you have given a lot towards the cause of reason. People turn to Fox News as a solution, and that's sad. Glenn Beck raised my eye brows when he mentioned the illegal alien problem in America, but his economics are just stupid. And then I saw he said the Israelis are our friends yesterday. They have spied on Americans, and we give them 4-5 billion dollars a year and they are not even a 3rd world nation. Keep doing what you do, educating others. I learn something from you every time I listen.

Loan Wolf

TT says: The major media networks are going broke as more and more advertisers cannot pay big money for ads. My crystal ball says crash in 2010. If that is true the results will bring a lot of changes fast.

Hello mr. metzger

sir I was listening to one of your old radio shows on 11/13/2009 where you were talking about separation of our white race from non whites. this is the reason i listen and support you. you know exactly the way this should be done and how to achieve such a thing. why don't all of these right wing nationalists support you and help with this cause? why are they such cowards and heartless? they are in my opinion worthless traitors to our race who need the day of the rope as described in the turner diaries.

what in the hell is the matter with this damn white race? they call for separation from non whites; however, they are sucking up to the same people who support race mixing and equality. they want the same thing we do, but are unwilling to fight the same powers that be they are loyal to, their religion of christianity or religion of jewry as a whole. in general i now understand why you dislike the right wing as much as you do. they are nothing but double talking hypocrites that are too comfortable in their own filth to know any better, or maybe they do know better but just do not care. sounds like a lot of people i know, anyway. sir, this type of thinking that the right wing has, well, it is nothing but jewthink because they are as corrupt as jews, and to behave the way they do is nothing more than jewish. so therefore i see these people as nonwhite jews who are our, yours and mine, enemy that needs to be dealt with.

one thing i cannot stand are traitors to our white race. more are appearing every day, not just in politics or our racial struggle, but in just about every white home and city and state, with interracial couples and having non white friends and every aspect of life with non white people. so sir, am i the only white person who is troubled by this? i hope not and would certainly think not, but sometimes it seems to be; however, i do understand that this problem is not the main concern for our cause. we have much bigger fish to fry in government etc. etc.

sir i would stress this: how would you, mr. metzger, respond if your daughters or your son brought home a nigger, spic or other non white? what would your reaction be? this is happening everywhere and every day more and more of our precious white girls are becoming traitors, and this is really getting under my skin, to the point of... well sir, i will end this here. i hope i can get a response from you about this. thank you sir.

your brother till the end!

TT says: My position on my children bringing home a non White has been very clear for decades. They would be disowned. They were made aware of this at a very young age.

Ride 'em, J.C. !! What is a Christian?

You will all wait for very long, too long, for an answer from the christians; and if you ever receive, it will be a bunch of lies, falsified and distorted data and dishonorable arguments, like those lies etc. they wrote in their initial message.

I fought with Christians for 30 years. Many times they promise answers and bring me data to prove me wrong, but they never follow up and honor their promises.

I still wait for all of these... until the next life!!!!

Any time I speak with them person to person I always hear:

1) Intentional and unintentional Lies.
2) Falsified and distorted Data.
3) Illogical and irrational Arguments.
4) And finally when nothing else works they pull the argument of fear: You will see how (the loving) god will punish you for eternity in hell!! This is always their trump card.

Keep in mind two Apophthegmata:

1) Where logic ends, christrianity begins.
2) Christianity is religion for the crazy.

For them the only thing that works is the proverb:

If logic does not apply, then the whip does.

the unknown wolf Phantom Wolf

hello mr. metzger,
sir i want to respond to your saying that white racists must do something, that we never do anything. well sir, i do agree with you more or less, however the right wing white nationalists are the main people who do not do anything. i know you bash them and they deserve it, but myself who used to support this bullshit right wing crap no longer support any type of political hypocrisy because they go nowhere, which is the reason i support you and listen to you.

so sir i want to add that i am 100% racist - i hate all non whites. i do not support any parties, left wing, right wing etc. i send what money i have to your cause. i believe in you. you are the realist at what is happening to this nation. i try to do the best i can with what i have at my disposal. i am not rich, i know you are not either, for only capitalists are rich, and they are going to be dealt with.

so mr. metzger, what i am trying to say is sometimes maybe the best racists are the ones who hide in the shadows, that strike best when the right opportunity comes. when you go out and expose yourself doesn't that bring unwanted attention and also some supposed friends who are informants/rats for our enemy. how many times has this happened to our true people, even yourself.

so once again sir, i think i am doing what i think is best to help our race survive this genocide, even though i am not handing out pamphlets and fliers. i am supporting a true white brother and i believe that's what is most important, because most white people do not care about their race and will not even listen to our message.

thank you sir,
your brother till the end!

Weightlifting Wolves:
Protein Supplements Unnecessary, Dangerous

Save your money! You reap little benefit and instead put yourself at risk for kidney, bone and heart disease. The reason is that unused protein cycles through the blood and ultimately breaks down into urea and acidic byproducts. These byproducts strain the kidneys as they filter through and likely trigger bone to release calcium. Very recent studies reveal how protein causes inflammation and increases the risk of clogged arteries.

Such a deal !! Clunker Math

I haven't done the math, but think of it this way:

A clunker that travels 12,000 miles a year at 15 mpg uses 800 gallons of gas a year. A vehicle that travels 12,000 miles a year at 25 mpg uses 480 gallons a year.

So, the average Cash for Clunkers transaction will reduce US gasoline consumption by 320 gallons per year.

They claim 700,000 vehicles so that's 224 million gallons saved per year. That equates to a bit over 5 million barrels of oil.

5 million barrels is about 5 hours worth of US consumption.

More importantly, 5 million barrels of oil at $70 per barrel costs about $350 million dollars.

So, the government paid $3 billion of our tax dollars (700,000 cars x $4,000 govt. dealer rebate) to save $350 million.

We spent $8.57 for every dollar saved.

Unions Good!

Hey TT, I thought unions made it so Americans could get a fair wage. Did I miss something? American Corporations would pay Chinese wages to Americans workers if it were not for unions demanding fair wage. Unions, I thought made the American middle class possible. All those corporations that went to China are feeling KARMA by now and it will get a lot worse for them. Now there is no one to buy their cheap Chinese crap in America because all the jobs were out-sourced. They better hope the Chinese want to buy it because we are broke because of them moving to China, or was the whole thing a set up by the Jews to bring communism to the good ole USA?

TT says: Comments on Saturday radio show.

What's With Jewish Comics & Girl's Genitals?

Henry Makow, embarrassed by fellow Jews continually slamming decency for more humor. {Another example; A Recent Jew Mayor of Portland Oregon was shamed, censored and forced to step down on revealing his relationship with a 13-14 year old girl.}

Concerning the Jew's obsession with Pedophilia; "Children" are psychologically NOT READY for any "Sex". Even in puberty the young adult finds sexual reality pretty disgusting!

So WHY are Jews so anxious to sexually VIOLATE children - even psychologically "violate" and physically? It could be just an extension of their evil - destructive instincts as in Socialism-Communism, and even Christianity.

This condition must be widespread! We had an old Jew piano teacher Here who would play with the little girls during their lessons. A local Judge told him that he was Prohibited from giving lessons to children or go to jail on the next offense. ~~ Philosopher

Swea' Pea discovery channel show

hello mr. metzger, i am a man (32) from holland in europe. my family dates back to 500 years. i am as you can call a full blood aryan person..

however i disagree with your views.

did you know that the richest, most diverse and disease-resistant genes come from the bushmen in namibia in africa? they are the proverbial adam and eve.

old hitler, the dude you like, destroyed my country as well as others close to here.

the oldest city in my country, where i live is 2000 years old. gone after ww2.

it's just a shame.

i personally don't like parasites like junkies or others who feed of the system, but i met so many friendly non-aryans that i just don't understand your disliking them. can you explain why you feel such resistance to such a large group of people, most of which you never even met?

greetings from holland,
my name is lukas

TT says:
I think you have been reading Ashley Montague AKA Israel Ahrenburg. Being disease resistant surely is not the yardstick I would judge a race by. Just liking a person is not guideline enough to operate your race or tribe by.

You shouldn't blame the entire WW2 on Hitler. WW1 set the scene with Jews pressuring Wilson to enter a war we had no business getting into. For that matter, the U.S. was nuts to enter WW2. The blockades after WW1 set the stage for WW2.

The question now is: Will the White race survive?

You might be accepted by those stone age people down south. You could even snuggle up to one of those beautiful black women at night. lol

Seig Heil Former Top Nazi Speaks

Bullwater College has hosted a former top official of the defeated Nazi 3rd Reich. A personal confidant of Adolf Hitler, known affectionately to insiders as Leyden der Lisper, T.J. Leyden told his captive audience how 'family values' had driven him to re-evaluate his views on Jews and darkies.

Having spent years recruiting S.S. Einsatzgruppen unit members, the ex-Kriegsmariner settled down to family life centered around his children, after his former wife was shipped to Auschwitz.

"By laughing at socially awkward situations, by remaining silent when someone is being abused, by ruthlessly perpetuating hate and racism, my message is 'people can change if they're willing to do it'," said Leyden.

Leydon claimed he trained 64 people to restrain their qualms about Eastern Front liquidations.

TT says: Each time he speaks his nose grows longer. There never was this Neo nazi party in California and he was never a leader of such a party. The longer he hangs around with Jews the bigger his lies get.

He had a fight with his wife and she took the kids and continued her association with Aryan Nations. So to get the kids back, his Jehovah's Witness mother dragged him down to the Simon WEASELTHAL outfit. Their lawyers helped him win the fight over the kids. So then he owed the KIKES and went to work for them on their traveling GONG show. When he appears confront him and set the record straight.

Produce or Perish!

The VICIOUS Attitude towards the productive Individual in America has gotten so bad I keep wondering when the shooting will start! A "system" like this will not last long in the face of indiscriminate snipers shooting accurately at cops, bureaucrats, ex-wives and ex-bosses, Judges, Jews, Hippies, Liberals, Communists, etc. etc.

Hopefully National Bankruptcy will collapse the System to such an extent that a lot of this "sickness" will simply melt away. History has OTHER grim stories to tell!

And when the economy breaks down to such an extent, what have we got to lose? Liberals will find out the true meaning of "Equality" and "Justice" from the barrel of my M1-Garand. Ethnic cleansing - Looks like the future for us. I hope they all have "Masonic", "Obama" and "Co-exist" bumper-stickers - makes it quick & easy to pick the targets.

Industrial Collapse
Auto Industry Vendor

Breathing Room?
No Margins for ERROR!

Does anyone today care about the "Productive" part of the Economy? Jew-media condescendingly refers to heavy Industry as the old "Rust Belt". Lenin refered to the Farms as the "Rural Idiocy" - and many Millions STARVED in early 1920's Russia, and the Ukraine 1932 due to Jew-Communism [read Solzhenitsyn].

One unseen disasterous effect that Jew-Socialism, Debt, & ILLEGAL Taxation has is... no "breathing room" on the Productive side of the Economy. What am I saying?

Farmers are so taxed and bureaucratized that they must plan maximum production from the land. The land never get's a rest. The land is never rejuvinated with simply "plow under" crops to build back up the top soil. Numerous examples exist; Cotton farming land in central Calif. is so worn out that even the weeds won't grow! Grazing land in say Idaho exhibits NO "top soil" - just stoney fields for the livestock to stumble around in! Farmers bear the costs of minerals and fertilizer to artificially restore the ground for another crop.

High Taxes have caused Berry Farmers in Oregon to DESTROY their own production as the Taxes are high and the Corp. revenue from the crops is insufficient. Ranchers in Nevada are "squeezed" on their cattle operations by the BLM. Wisconsin Dairies dumping milk on the ground. I can actually remember Fields of Strawberries, Boysen Berries, Grapefruit, Oranges, and Lemon groves in Southern California. Heavy Taxes drove the Farmers out. Include Fruit orchards North of Salt Lake - destroyed by Taxes, Greed, and Urban Sprawl.

Industry? The current Auto Maker crisis has numerous causes, but the crisis would not be so bad had the big 3 some "breathing room". Take away the massive debts, the massive Pension obligations, bureaucratic punative regulations, and heavy Taxes - the Factories could withstand even complete closure for a surprising length of time. America basically has NO "Tool" Industry anymore. Include these companies also gone now; AT&SF, Burlington Northern, Maytag, Winchester, Troybilt, etc. and many, many others long before this.

Railroads? Union Pacific has roughly 28% of it's locomotives in storage - and growing, and many Thousands of unused freight cars stored. The costs keep going on as the Locomotives and many cars are still "in debt" "on lease". While costs stay steady, revenue from operations has declined roughly 30%++.

Trucking; Same as the rail; Without so much "Debt", Taxes, Punative Regulations - penalties, it's possible for Trucking to "back-off" with the Economy and survive. But with today's conditions there is a limit just like with "rail". {Latest shocker; Trucking is way BACK to the 1975 levels NOW!!!!}

America's Economy has been pushed by Predatory Taxes, Socialism, Vicious Bureaucracy, and Debt into Bankruptcy. The "Last Straw" finally hit the Auto Factories and subsidiaries. When it hits YOUR Food distribution system, YOU will feel the PAIN and suffer from it personally.

I just want to point out WHO is actually to BLAME; Jew-Socialism, Communism, Liberalism, Bureaucracy, Punative and Illegal Taxes, Bankster Usury, Inflation - Bureaucratic THEFT, Uncertainty, while arrogant non-productive bureaucrats, politicians, "entitlement" recievers continue to thievishly - arrogantly collect.

This problem, also the cause of youngsters - an entire generation having NO Economic future today - another chapter to this story. ~~ the Philosopher

Missionary Kidnappers

Left Wing . Right Wing

Haitian Lawyer Fired!

TT says: Now they can suffer for Jewsus...

Kike Switch

WORK!  :-o

Warrant Issued for Ex-Nazi Sign Thief

60,480 / week - Finally! 6 Million!!

I Think I Can! ... I Think I Can!!

Wake Up White Man !! Breakout !!!

Lone Wolf

E N D . Jew T H I N K !!!