19 JANUARY 2010


THE INSURGENT is an association of highly motivated White Racists, each an Individual Leader in his or her own right. THE INSURGENT promotes the Lone Wolf tactical concept, where Individual and Small Cell networking is strictly limited or non-existent. Each INSURGENT Associate serves the Idea that whatever is Good for our White Race is the highest Virtue, and that whatever is Bad for our White Race is the ultimate ERROR.

Associates devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the Insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I Honor the Memory of Robert J. Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan Heroes throughout history who dedicated their lives to the Freedom and Advancement of our White Race, in all of its variations; and I Pledge, as a White Racist, Loyalty Only To Our Own!

A Distant Drumbeat

To the Death!

The Alamo against a Jewish New World Order, the Leaderless Resistance in Europe, is growing in strength daily. Observing the essential rule that no human being should ever be harmed or injured, furtive attacks on the institutions of the State, parasitic investment centres, Jewish-owned banks, and symbols of Zionist power, lone wolves have the authorities in a panic. Thus, for fear of inspiring a popular revolt, few of these pro-human attacks are reported by the mainstream German media. There's a dictatorial blackout on a silent national revolution. The Parasitic Elites are running scared.

"... victory does not belong to the strong, but to the swift."

Honored Aryan

Sure Shot

James Earl Ray

Robert E. Lee


January 19, 1807 - October 12, 1870

Use Your Inner Beast

The Eyes of March

Much of our time is spent being appalled at the nigger's brutal savagery. What many here don't realize is that White men have hidden, at our core, unrivaled and merciless barbarity. I call it our inner beast.

In relatively recent times, we've over-compensated for our ruthlessness by over-civilizing ourselves with pacifist religions in order to keep our inner beast in check. We have been trained to loath our inner beast. To turn our backs on it. To be ashamed of it.

For the sake of the survival of our race, it's time that we change. If we continue to follow along the jew's pathways of thinking conveniently laid out before us, we will die as a race. It's time to get back to our roots and unleash the inner beast which lies dormant within each of us. That is what has served us well for countless millenniums, and that is what will serve us today. The jews have attempted to geld and neuter us by brainwashing, but that sort of thing can never change our genetic composition. They have conditioned us to be afraid. But the fact is that they desperately fear us, because the jew knows what we are capable of doing.

Think primal. Think visceral.

Don't fear your inner beast. Our intellect can guide the enormous power that is our inner beast. It's something that we've possessed for a very long time and it's enabled us to survive the many ice ages and attacks from countless other tribes of peoples. Make it your friend once again, and it will feel as natural as the two hands affixed at the ends of your arms, ready to eagerly obey your command to squeeze a trigger or to plunge a knife.

This thing that we call our hatred is really our inner beast crying out for justice. And in years past our people immediately responded to those cries, and exacted immediate justice, as was our way and survival strategy for untold ages.

We all felt our inner beast welling up inside of us when we heard about Channon and Christopher. We knew in our hearts what had to be done. Only a few generations ago our forefathers would have listened to the cries of their inner beast and they would've lynched those niggers quick. And that was O.K. It set things right. It gave the only righteous thing that one could give to a grieving family, and that was pure unadulterated justice. Today, the jew's system of justice does nothing more than continue to victimize our people. We innately sense the wrongness no matter with how many clever lies the jew coats the truth.

These past few generations, and with the aid of the mass media, the jew has sneakily put a muzzle on our inner beast. And every day the jew draws the binding straps of the muzzle ever tighter. We need to rip the muzzle off so we can once again use the awesome weapon of the inner beast that nature has bestowed. We must allow the inner beast to do its job, and that's to slaughter our enemy without mercy as it was designed to do. Once the muzzle is off, it will be second nature for us to do what needs to be done. Completely instinctual and gratifying. Like riding a bike, something that we are genetically incapable of forgetting.

Ghost Wolf

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With Logic, there is No Surprise!

The Roman Empire succumbed to barbarian invasions in large part due to the gradual loss of civic virtue among its citizens. They had become weak, outsourcing their duties to defend their Empire to barbarian mercenaries, who then became so numerous and ingrained that they were able to take over the Empire.

Christianity created a belief that a better life existed after death, which fostered an indifference to the present among Roman citizens, thus sapping their desire to sacrifice for the Empire. Its comparative pacifism tended to hamper the traditional Roman martial spirit.

Toynbee and Burke:
The economy of the Empire was a Raubwirtschaft, a plunder economy based on looting existing resources rather than producing anything new. The Empire relied on booty from conquered territories, and on taxation.

The influx of Germanic mercenaries into the ranks of the legions led to "Germanization", "barbarization", and loyalty only to Roman commanders, not to Rome itself; and to a surge in decadence amongst Roman citizenry.

KikenLandia An extremely interesting history of capitalism written in 1890. Sadly, it looks like all the American railroad tycoons of the late 19th century were merely front men for the London money power. Haven't gotten to the steel tycoons yet.

It is mentioned how they extend capital to promote "good times" and then pull it back to cash in. Just what jew money power is doing to the US and the world today, only in addition to London it now includes Wall Street and Washington city.

Money history is behind all other history in our world going back to Babylon, then to Khazaria, then Italy, then up through decadent European nobility and royalty to the very Isles. Virtually impossible to find a noble family in the UK that hasn't been polluted by Khazar money, followed by Khazar blood. European royals who have resisted are out on their ears, like Hohenzollerns, Romanovs, Habsburgs, etc. Spain had its Marranos, but what has it amounted to after they fled to the New World, Hamburg, Amsterdam and London? It would almost seem that jew money is the prerequisite to power anywhere in the world. Perhaps the word "greed" is more determining than the word "money." Normal humans are quite satisfied when they have a comfortable sufficiency. Some few are never satisfied until they have it all. (PDF)


Germany's Angela Merkel:

Zionist Angela Merkel is supported by two press groups. Firstly, she has the support of Friede Springer, head of the Axel Springer group (180 newspapers and magazines, including Bild and Die Welt). The group's journalists are required to sign an editorial agreement stating they will work towards developing 'transatlantic links' and defending the state of Israel.

She also relies on her friend Liz Mohn, director of the Bertelsmann group (RTL group, Prisma group, Random House group, etc.). Ms. Mohn is also vice-president of the Bertelsmann Foundation, an intellectual promoter of European-American links.

Merkel relies on the advice of Jeffrey Gedmin, specially dispatched to Berlin to assist her by the Bush clan. This lobbyist first worked at the American Enterprise Institute under Richard Perle. He was then a signatory to the infamous Project for a New American Century (PNAC). He argued that the European Union should remain under NATO and is a staunch supporter of Israel.

No Difference!
I am not a racist!

Thousands protested Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's anti illegal alien efforts, and there was a clash with some police officers. Organizers say that Congress and the Obama administration need to find a way for them enter legally.

Arpaio said he wasn't bothered by the protesters and agreed that they should be directing their frustrations toward Congress because it has the power to change America's immigration laws.

"They are zeroing in on the wrong guy," Arpaio said. "They ought to be zeroing in on the president."

Critics have accused deputies working in Arpaio's immigration efforts of racial profiling, which the sheriff denies.

TT says: His deputies treat White Racists worse than niggers. The Mahon brothers were moved to the Federal prison because of mistreatment by his deputies. I have never seen a sheriff yet I liked or trusted.

The mysterious benefactor of this piece is a convict and gang member. J.R.'s affiliation with another group brings the books into the story. While working as a mechanic for a mining company in 1973, he came into contact with members of The Church of the Creator. He soon became a fervent convert, and eventually worked his way up to a leadership role in a local branch of the church.

As "Hasta Primas" (Second In Command) of his branch of the church, J.R. [John Haase] was given the key to a storage locker containing over 4,200 copies of Klassen's books.

In December 2003, J.R. [John Haase] became disillusioned with "The Church of the Creator," and contacted their primary opposition in Montana, The Montana Human Rights Network. He agreed to sell his [SIC] inventory of Klassen's works in exchange for enough cash to make a quick exit from "The Treasure State." Fearing reprisals from the group, he asked that the Human Rights Network keep his donation anonymous. But they overlooked this:

MHRN Brief, March 10, 2003 (excerpt):
Ben Klassen's Church of the Creator On the Montana front, [Dan] Hassett announced in February 2003 that he was leaving the Church of the Creator Northwest. He said "my resignation does not indicate a departure from our ideals but rather an alteration in my Movement work, tactics and affiliations." Shortly thereafter, Dane Hall, leader of the Northwest splinter group, announced that Hassett had "claimed to hold many positions" in COTC, but that was a "gross misrepresentation of the truth." Hall continued by saying that Hassett has "misled many Creators." Apparently, Hall did not like Hassett any better than Hale. Deardorff continues to be active with the Northwest group, and Hall has named Superior's John Haase his second in command [Hasta Primas].

Two Rats
Railroad Matt Hale

Matt Hale's entrapment was engineered by the FBI. An FBI plant, Anthony Evola (left), wormed his way into Hale's confidence and was named head of WCOTC's security force. Evola secretly recorded conversations with Hale that were, at worst, noncommittal concerning Evola's offer to "exterminate... the Jew rat" (a male Jew rat, as transcripts made clear). At one point, Hale was recorded as saying, "I'm going to fight within the law." Also, note that, while Judge Lefkow is married to a Jew, she herself is not Jewish, a fact known at the time to both Hale and the FBI.

Incompetent? Hale's trial was a sham. The FBI plant, Evola, testified that, during a conversation wherein he asked if Hale wanted him to "get the rat," Hale nodded affirmatively. Never was any evidence presented other than that single bit of testimony concerning Hale's alleged approval of the FBI scheme. A good deal of circumstantial and highly prejudicial evidence, especially concerning Benjamin Smith's rampage, was allowed, however.

Directly upon the State resting its case, Hale's attorney, noted Chicago criminal defense lawyer and former Federal prosecutor Thomas Durkin (right, foreground), rose and rested Hale's defense without calling a single witness or introducing a single shred of evidence. Durkin reportedly made numerous remarks derogatory to his own client throughout the trial both during the State's case and during closing argument.

FBI Admits Bin Laden Image Fraud

The US state department was forced to withdraw the mocked up photo-image of Osama Bin Laden circulated around the world last week, after discovering that it was a fraud developed by the FBI.

Gaspar Llamazares, 52, former leader of the United Left coalition in parliament, said his forehead, hair and jaw-line had been "cut and pasted" from an old campaign photograph.

Ken Hoffman, a spokesman the FBI, admitted that a technician "was not satisfied" with the hair features offered by the FBI's software and instead used part of a photo of Mr Llamazares, found on the internet. "The technican had no idea whose image he had used!"

JOOM Journal: Recent Additions

FORWARD OBSERVER Report: TT's Music & Tech Question

Hi TT,

Cambridge We love your Music Selections for the Radio Show. We never Realized that there was so much good WHITE Music out there. One Question we have is how to Amplify the Sound coming out of Our Computer.

A few weeks ago I bought a new Guitar Amplifier with a MP-3 jack input. The Salesman assured me it would work using the Output from a PC but it didn't work on my setup. Our question is: How to Amplify the sound from a PC? Pass it on to Computer Man. Thanks.

With Admiration......... Lone Wolf BROWNTOWN

TT says: I see no reason why a guitar amplifier shouldn't work. Simply audio out from earphone jack to input on the amp. I have a small guitar amp I use on the computer once in a while. If you are using that crappy vista program sometimes audio problems crop up. I have one computer with VISTA and I am reinstalling XP asap.

You should be able to find high quality used computer speakers if you nose around the thrift shops. I picked up a good set of big lab tech computer spears for less than $20.

Everyone here wishes the Insurgency a HAPPY JAMES EARL RAY DAY!

Got on C-SPAN Monday morning to wish Everyone a HAPPY JAMES EARL RAY DAY. At 1:07 into the Program Washington Journal January 18th. Best Wishes for the New Year from BROWNTOWN. Things are Looking up with Events Like Haiti.

With Admiration from everyone at Project Germania and the Browntown Wolfpack

Some more feedback:

Hail Russia! Hail Motherland!!
Russia sees first population increase in 15 years

Americans are sick, fed-up, and tired of Zionist Led America

Health Care Bill may be Toast!
Brown upsets Coakley in Massachusetts

We The People Stimulus Package
Another Right Wing Perspective.

US agrees to timetable for UN Gun Ban?
(These bastards flat aren't going to give up until
someone breaks a rifle barrel off in their ass.) ...JOOM

1907 Romanian Peasant Revolt Against KikeJews

After the Reich: Brutal History of Allied Occupiers

Fake Gold Bars in Fort Knox?

Google still linking to racist OZ website.

The Luistania Revealed: Contraband and second explosion.

Was Martin Luther King, Jr. a plagiarist?

Norway: 90% of crime committed by non-white immigrants!

Jewish Internet: Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay.
TT, One always has to be wary of discussion boards, chat rooms, social networking sites and search engines as well. While I use search engines I stay away from the other stuff. If you're going to use these on-line tools and give opinions that the so-called "Chosen Ones" don't like, you'd better be prepared to be tracked down. So unless you're someone who's already known and out in the open or are willing to risk exposure to give your opinions... you'd better tread with caution! ~~ LW

Hey, I came out for lunch and found your leaflet on my truck. You guys are right on. Me 'n my buddies would like to know how we can help spread the word. We went on the site and see you are in another state. Who can we talk to round here? ~~ Proud to be American

Hello Tom,
I recently started listening to your show. I'm just a white man that is sick and tired of being sick and tired; this country is rotting from the inside out and I feel my hands are tied. I would like to talk to you sometime other then electronicly.

(The coons worship that worthless, rabble rousing bigamist MLK, so I feel it's only fair that whites celebrate his killer's birthday! After all, there's no telling how much more damage that lying buck would have done to America had he lived. Ray is a hero (whether he did it or not.. lol.) ...JOOM

Polar Racism Racism:
Scientific and Polar

Scientific Racism is not popular racism except among so-called Nerds. The late Dr. William Pierce is an example of a Scientific Racist. Polar Racism is popular racism when and only when the public is deeply pessimistic. The late Adolf Hitler was a Polar Racist. The mixture of the two forms of Racism, Scientific and Polar, is almost unheard of. TT is an example of a very rare mixture of Scientific and Polar Racism.

As the public became more and more tolerant and less and less Polar, only Scientific Racists were able to remain Racist. This means that Polar Racists like Adolf Hitler are unlikely to have remained Racist during the public's historical tolerant and non-Polar Mood swing.

Polar Racism is only one aspect of Polarization. There is more to Polarization than just Racism. This is something that the German Nazis understood.

The Five Words campaign is only going to take root and work when Polarization is rampant. Currently, most Scientific Racists are not Polar. Because they are not Polar they can not make the Five Words work even if they have been around a Polar Racist for a quarter century. It is unlikely that intellectualizing the Five Words will help Scientific Racists to become Polar enough to make use of the Five Words. Fortunately, the public's Mood swing has turned away from tolerance [and] towards Polarization. Eventually, the public (and Scientific Racists) will become Polar enough to use the Five Words.

At this time promoting the Five Words is putting the cart before the horse. What should be done is to promote Polarization or wait for such pessimism in the public that results in Polarization sufficient enough to use the Five Words.

Lone Wolf

All White? 2010 Census

TT, For a reasonable percentage of demograhics of any state is the most dependable. Select a state of your choice in the drop-down menu under Popualtion Finder. When the webpage comes up scroll down and click on Fact Sheet. On the following page you will find Demographics and Race.

Indiana shows to be 85.7% White. Of course that includes Semitics/Arabs of all groups, Hispanics and Indians from India. It's done that way all over the country. My home state of Texas shows to be 71.4% White. No way. Hispanics are counted twice in all census findings: separate and White.

Here is the kicker: The White population for the U.S., is 74.3%. I don't believe that either. Not by our definition of White anyway.

Newsweek Nigger: Just call them White!


Dear Tom, A good way to get your voice heard by thousands of people is to make a few accounts for Yahoo Answers. You can ask questions relating to the racial struggle. Just avoid using racial slurs, and ask the questions in an adult manner and they likely will not get deleted right away. Some of the catagories include cultures and groups, government, politics ect.

Australia is under attack by many 3rd world people. Iceland has people from Asia settling in, and who could think of any reason they would come to a cold country like Iceland other than to leech off of a successful White group of people. England is also under attack and has been for years. People shout about Americans and Australians taking land from the indigenious people. That happened, but that is life. People from England having their former colonies invading their homelands are never thought of as being indgenious to the area. It's a double standard.

This is a peaceful way of getting your voice heard. Every White person needs to get on Yahoo Answers and tell the thousands of users your feelings about non White invaders. Also, we need to continue to ask questions as to why 20 million illegal aliens from Mexico are allowed to pour into America. Of course the answer is that the rich elite would rather pay them under the table at lower costs than pay White people a decent living wage. The same could be said about NAFTA bringing jobs from America to Mexico. Rich corporations would rather have slave labor than pay White workers.

Mid West Anglo Saxonville

Little Bo Thief Squatters Rights?

TT, I can't wait for that wonderful day when the same thing happens here in this DIE-verse cesspool known as the Jewnited States!

Imagine all those squatter niggers, wetbacks, scummy, worthless, low-life whites (you know, the kind that always claims they're fighting for "social justice") and other assorted hybrid cruds just start moving into the homes of those whites who openly espouse their love of 'equality' and their universalist Christian 'brotherhood of man nonsense' ...blah, blah, blah.

Whites are rapidly being maneuvered into a position where they'll have to fight back. There will come a day when fence-sitting will be impossible. Looks like we're getting close...

Which side of the fence are you on, White people?

Russians and Poles

Frankly, Russians and Poles are of more use to Britain than the Zionist BNP, who are either retards or fag jews promoting kosher racism. BNP are pro-Holohoax, so they should be deported along with their Jew masters.

You never see a faggot Polish immigrant, either. This focus on dead national identities is a type of anti-racism from the right.

Simon is in Jail but these retards support PC fag mason Griffin instead and are incapable of analysing his noise too deeply.

Euro Wolf

On the job! We love you Tom!

TT, We really love you and for all you have done for the White Race but your radio shows recently have been horrible. TT don't ever stop but have you been drinking heavy while doing the shows? We do not want to hear music for 1/4 or more of your shows WE weant to hear YOU TT our hero. Everyone has noticed. We hope you are OK. Tom you have an Army behind you. Tom if you are sick please tell us. We will understand. God Bless you Tommy.

War Clan 88, New York and Connecticut

TT says: I don't drink during the shows. I've had a beer for effect on a few podblanc shows. No one else has complained about my shows. As far as the music, many like the music, but now when I send out the show the music is in a separate file.

I don't recall you being a paid radio show subscriber.

Not Free! Subscribe

Hi Tom, after reading the mission statement, I realized I definitely am one of your kind. I am a true lone wolf and I have been for years. I have no desire to see this failure of a government continue in it's current form, either. I just wanted to live in peace and make my money laying block, but jew chertoff and zionist bush had other plans.

The subsequent invasion of MILLIONS of illegal sneaks in every nook and cranny of our country has gutted construction of american workers who made good money, and I hate to remind you, but it is greedy crackers who usually employ them. They have no redeeming qualities as far as I'm concerned, and they too, deserve a bullet to the headpiece. They deliberately sold us out, and cannot ever be trusted with your back. Ya know what I mean?

Anyways, I like what I have read so far on your website, and to be sure, I can hang with the best of you guys. Subscribe me to your newsletter so I can keep up to date with what you got to say and all and any meetings if you ever have any. I sure appreciate it. Thank You!

TT says: Download radio shows from our archives and stay tuned to our free NEWS AND VIEWS.

Meathead! All in the Family

TT: I used to watch All in the Family and Archie Bunker, the loveable bigot always hit the nail on the head. He asked Sammy Davis Jr., "I understand how you were born black, but why did you turn Jew?" Good question I might say. Also he said that when the niggers left Africa they lost all their jungle skills and he also said that God was waiting for the rest of the crazy people to move to CA so he could kick it off the shelf. Well Arnold No Last Name Necessary is the Governor of that state and look at what is happening there.


Obama Citizen Court ...

well as you know, the right wing in this country works with the left wing in this country to bring us to central control. the fascist knights of malta, and the billionaire communists are one in the same. i believe they are trying to create a right wing patriot reaction to the fact obama is not a citizen, i mean why else would they have installed him as president? that will allow them to bring on martial law, using all those nato troops who are holed up here and getting bored. if orly taitz is a mossad then it makes a little more sense to me why she is leading the charge and has found a judge to play along.

TT says: I think you will find this is over and done with and is false information: A federal judge has ordered Barack Obama to prove his eligibility for the presidency in court on 26 January 2010? FALSE

wot tu yow chen Learn Chinese

Hey TT, Just wanted to make a suggestion to some of the Lone wolves out there. I know we have discussed that our people should try to learn Spanish and I fully agree with that. However, I suggest, especially for the younger people out there, to learn Chinese as well. Yeah I know it's a really tough language to master, but there are tons of available online resources. Even if you can develop just a very basic understanding and an assortment of some simple phrases, it may be a real asset in any future struggle. Just some facts to consider:

Most populous nation -- China
Most spoken language in the world -- Chinese
Nation holding the most Foreign reserves & gold holdings -- China
Second most language on the Internet -- Chinese
Worlds largest military -- China (Active duty strength almost 3 1/2 million men & woman w/nuclear strike capabilities)
2nd largest economy in the world -- China (US currently 1st)
Fastest growing economy in the world -- China

TT says: I will leave that to the next generation, or the young ones now!

Equality exposed as a lie... again!

Ooom Laka Laka Laka TT, The equality myth shatters in the face of reality once again!

If all the races of man are truly equal, as we hear many mindless morons say these days in our society, then why aren't those nigger Haitians able to rebuild their own country and save and take care of their own people after a deadly major earthquake? Why do they need outside help from the white man they hate so much?

When I look on the TV, I see mainly white people doing all the grunt work, treating the injured, feeding the starving darkie masses, etc., while groups of niggers just stand around watching and waiting for whitey's handouts. Whites are expected to clean up the mess and rebuild a nation for a bunch of low-IQ, lazy to the extreme, ungrateful savages.

If we were truly all equal, blacks would have the same hard-working ethic of most whites as well as a white level of intelligence and morality.

But we all know the reality of the situation. If the Buckwheats in Haiti were completely left to their own devices, one year from now, hell, probably five years from now, the areas affected by the earthquake would look exactly like they do today. There would be no progress. Starvation and death would skyrocket. The already alarming level of savage nigger behavior that goes on over there (and every black nation) would escalate to even higher, mind-blowing levels.

And the Haitian niggers would sit upon their massive pile of rubble and bitch about how the white man didn't come in and take care of them and fix their problems.

But we're all equal!

No Quarter

MLK vs Bloody Bill

Several years back, I wrote to you about an event that took place at my high school in the South. King was shot on a Thursday. The day after, all Negro students were absent from school. It was a mourning/protest statement. I was absent from school Friday too.

The following Monday morning while standing in line to get a permit for class, I was surrounded by blacks. That's when I put the puzzle together. This is where it gets interesting. Mr. Anderson, our principal, gave all Negro students an inexcusable absent permit for skipping school on Friday. I told the White students what happened. By the 3:30pm, Mr. Anderson had earned the distinct title Bloody Bill, as a nod to William Anderson. Our school had recently been integrated. It didn't 'take' worth a shit. A rough mix.

A Tumultuos 1968: King was shot; Kennedy was shot; Tet Offensive; The Chicago 7 was indicted for inciting a riot at the Democratic convention; Black Power salute at the olympics in Mexico City...

From: Mel S.
Subject: Joining
Date: Monday, January 18, 2010, 11:06 AM

Dear Tom, Tim- whatever your name is, I am going to assume that you are not a well educated person, due to the large number of spelling and gramatical errors on your website. I know that if I was trying to spread a message (being a lone wolf and all) I would atleast hit the spell check once or twice. It tends to add to your credibility.

You claim that white people are superior to every other race, yet you also claim that every other race is the sole factor causing ALL of the world's problems. I ask you, how could a race of supremly intelligent while people allow a horde of undereducated tan people to assume such control? That acutally makes us while people sound... fairly retarded. I guess the better question is why you think a race of fairly-retarded people are so darn smart?

Speaking of retarded, Tom-Tim, you don't seem like you've taken any science classes as of late. You really should remedy this. Science is our freind, Tim-Tom. Science is what allows you to make your very interesting (albeit childish) web site. It's what makes your car go ZOOM and what makes the ink that prints those fancy numbers on your welfare check.

What I find most interesting is the total lack of scientific evidence you use to support the claims on your site. As with spelling and grammar, evidence also tends to add to our credibility. From a visitor's perspective, it seems like you just- I don't know- pulled those ideas right out of your ass. I am assuming this is fairly accurate, correct? Usually providing some kind of tangible evidence helps to support your "positions".

Just a few ideas!
Thanks for your time!

TT says: I am always amused at the people who get so bent out of shape about misspelled words which they obviously know what is meant. Those same people seem to embrace every word coming out of a Negroes mouth and never criticize them. The Hillbilly

On sight! Interested, but I have a few questions.

I am very concerned about the massive illegal alien invasion of our country, and the fact that it was oversaw when Jew Michael Chertoff was the head of homeland security. I truly believe that the Zionist have gutted our country, and because we are spoon fed Zionism, we do nothing but get down on our knees and pray to a Jew. I am atheist, as I have never met any god to help me out or lead me anywhere. I want to participate in the upcoming revolution but I refuse to be tied to any supremacist group that kneels to pray to a Jew god. Sorry, not for me, in fact it's disgusting to hear my lost brothers and sisters babble that shit. I am a mason by trade, and the illegals have all but taken it over, so my main battle is with getting them the fuck out of our house. All of them. I'm not racist with black people for the most part, because I was raised with them in miami, and, well, I'm just not blaming the black for the hell we are in now. It's the illegal alien sneeks, their employers, and the insatiably greedy jews who have stolen our counrty, and preach hate and murder for the goyim. So please let me know if this might be a place for me. I am ready to join now, if it is. Have a great day.

TT says: If you're concerned about the evils of religion you have come to the right place. I am not a believer and class myself as Atheist, but also Heathen, like our European ancestors, with reverance to the Sun and the Earth. Collectively, the Black Race is obviously a parasite race no matter how many individual blacks you may find acceptable.



Machete Gangs rule the streets;
barricades built with corpses.

A thought about Haiti:

Imagine this. Haiti is nothing but constant primitive instability. Think of how easy it would be for a dedicated white army to go in there and clean house, to establish the white homeland. With some secret and effective planning, a dedicated volunteer cadre of white nationalist mercenaries from all over the globe could accomplish this. Considering the lawlessness and crumbling infrastructure, if done with overwhelming and quick force, maybe no major power would even intervene.

TT says: Attack Niggers and take their Island? You must be MAD. The entire world would turn out to save their beloved NIGGERS!

Haitians in country illegally, can stay.

TT says: I am shocked ... shocked!

Catholic Church working to bring in thousands of Haitian orphans

Pat Robertson: Haiti cursed for making Pact with the Devil

Blacks are the same everywhere: Haitians looting like in Katrina

Police Open Fire on Haitian Looters

TT, Seriously, would anybody be able to recognize the difference in haiti before or after the earthquake? Of course here we go now donating millions, hell probably billions of dollars into this worthless ugly and disgusting piece of shit country. If there was an earthquake in russia do you think any nigger here would even donate one penny. Then again like you always say, 'white people deserve whatever they permit'. ~~ LW


Easy, Dobbin ...

Only in Alaska ...... This guy raised an abandoned moose calf
with his horses, and believe it or not, he has trained it for
lumber removal and other hauling tasks. Given the 2,000 pounds
of robust muscle, and the splayed, gripper hooves, he claims it
is the best work animal he has. He says the secret to keeping
the moose around is a sweet salt lick, though during the rut he
disappears for a couple of weeks, but always comes home.

Now... where's the BEER??

Wake Up White Man !! Breakout !!!

Lone Wolf

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