11 JULY 2010


THE INSURGENT is an association of highly motivated White Racists, each an Individual Leader in his or her own right. THE INSURGENT promotes the Lone Wolf tactical concept, where Individual and Small Cell networking is strictly limited or non-existent. Each INSURGENT Associate serves the Idea that whatever is Good for our White Race is the highest Virtue, and that whatever is Bad for our White Race is the ultimate ERROR.

Associates devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the Insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I Honor the Memory of Robert J. Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan Heroes throughout history who dedicated their lives to the Freedom and Advancement of our White Race, in all of its variations; and I Pledge, as a White Racist, Loyalty Only To Our Own!


The federal government is launching an expansive program dubbed "Perfect Citizen" to detect cyber assaults on private companies and government agencies running such critical infrastructure as the electricity grid and nuclear-power plants, according to people familiar with the program.

The surveillance by the National Security Agency, the government's chief eavesdropping agency, would rely on a set of sensors deployed in computer networks for critical infrastructure that would be triggered by unusual activity suggesting an impending cyber attack, though it wouldn't persistently monitor the whole system, these people said. Defense contractor Raytheon Co. recently won a classified contract for the initial phase of the surveillance effort valued at up to $100 million, said a person familiar with the project.

Some industry and government officials familiar with the program see Perfect Citizen as an intrusion by the NSA into domestic affairs, while others say it is an important program to combat an emerging security threat that only the NSA is equipped to provide.

TT says: All such programs will be used against the boobs that pay for them.

Honored Aryans

Welcome, Arkansas
Democrat Gazette readers!

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to speak with you directly on the issues which concern us. ~ Billy Roper

The state of Arkansas deliberately attempts to keep ballot initiatives and candidates off of the ballot in order, as they put it, "to keep from having a cluttered ballot". Really. They don't mind our state being cluttered with tens of thousands of illegal immigrant invaders, apparently, so long as the election ballots are simple and straightforward, and citizen's choices are limited. Is that how democracy is supposed to work, with the government by design and effort purposefully limiting the citizen's choices in the number and diversity of the candidates and ballot initiatives they can vote on? That is NOT what the Founding Fathers of our nation intended.

This week concerned Arkansas citizens culminated a yearlong effort to gain enough signatures to get a new ballot initiative added that would have allowed the citizens of the state to vote this November on whether or not their state taxpayer dollars should be used to provide unlimited welfare benefits to illegal immigrant invaders. The state claimed that they had only gotten 67,542 of the 77,468 signatures required, and refused to validate the signatures or allow the measure to appear on the ballot. Similarly, the state has fought growing third parties and political candidates in court for years, spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, in order to deny Arkansas citizens access to the ballot. (continued)

Billy Roper
P.O. Box 2024
Russellville, AR 72811

Phone: 479-284-0356
Cell: 479-747-1368

Chairman, White Revolution

NPA Presidential Candidate, 2012
Vote Nationalist Party of America!


Proof negative (PDF) for biz cards

H.R. 2932 : Stop VULTURE Funds Act


The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the Federal Communications Commission that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was honest, equitable and balanced.

Reagan's FCC Chairman announced in 1985 that the doctrine violated free speech rights, and by August 1987, the FCC abolished the Fairness Doctrine!

Break the stranglehold of rich media corporations against true Free Speech!

1. Institute or Raise Tariffs on Foreign Imports, other than for limited Barter Trade. Rescind NAFTA, WTO, GATT, and related agreements. Close the IRS.

2. Enable Sovereign Credit to rebuild Infrastructure, beginning with Railroads, Bridges, Highways, and the Power Grid. Seize the Federal Reserve for these and other National Funding purposes.

3. Close most offshore military installations, eliminate the occupation of foreign lands, and cut the Defense (WAR) Budget at least 50%. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

4. Eliminate Foreign Aid. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

5. Eliminate ALL immigration into this country, legal or illegal. Eliminate 'Dual Citizenship'.

6. Severely punish Companies and Corporations that hire Illegal Aliens, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

7. Employ Sherman Antitrust and similar laws upon monopolistic Corporations. Eliminate the Corporate 'Person'.

8. Seize assets of Companies and Corporations that destroy the physical environment, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

Immediately seize the assets of British Petroleum and imprison all Executives involved in the events leading to and exacerbating the Gulf Oil Disaster.

9. Empower the 50 States to regain their individual sovereignty. Empower offshore holdings to gain their Independence.

10. Revitalize the Articles of Confederation to enable these things.


Tom Metzger for Congress
P.O. Box 401
Warsaw, IN 46581

800-619-5739 • 574-267-5036


The MAIN way Jews conquer the world:
They create a greedy and corrupt Right Wing
which drives the Working Class to the Left
where Marxists scoop them all up!
~ Hervé Ryssen ~

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US AAA Debt Rating Gone!!


Wealth creation capacity and foreign reserves
used to determine credit worthiness in China.

The US falls to AA; Britain, France slither to AA-.

IMF KikeJew Dominique Strauss-Kahn gloats: "Asia's time has come!"

Chinese president Hu Jintao said in April that the world needs "an objective, fair, and reasonable standard" for rating sovereign debt. Dagong Global Credit Rating Company appears to have stepped into the role, saying its objective was to assess countries using methods that would "not be affected by ideology".

"The reason for the global financial crisis and debt crisis in Europe is that the current international credit rating system does not correctly reveal the debtor's repayment ability," said Guan Jianzhong, Dagong's chairman.

More than 27,000 abandoned oil and gas wells dwell on the Gulf of Mexico sea bed, an environmental minefield ignored for decades. No one -- not industry, not government -- is checking to see if they are leaking. The oldest were abandoned in the 1940s, raising the spectre that many deteriorating sealing jobs are already failing.

3,500 of the neglected wells are characterized in federal government records as "temporarily abandoned."

Regulations for temporarily abandoned wells require oil companies to present plans to reuse or permanently plug them within a year, but the rule is routinely circumvented. Some temporarily abandoned wells have been left in that status since the 1950s and 1960s.

Kaminski: Edgar Steele

The Mystery Deepens

Israeli slavery book may be the reason!

Ed Steele ... Another inconvenient voice silenced?

You know, Gerry Spence should be hired by Edgar's wife. He could do him better than anyone else I can think of. I watched him in court at the Randy Weaver trial and I can tell you he is very very good. The Republican lady Deon knows needs to talk to Mrs. Steele about this. Spence was terrific and the feds were in awe of him. Steele would be treated much better while in federal custody if represented by Spence. They would be much more concerned with their violation of his person and rights.

The Diesel Therapy is to kill Steele. The feds know his bad health will not endure such terrible treatment. Most everyone but former prisoners and those who support them are totally unaware of how hard it is on a person who is healthy. Much less an ill person like Steele. By causing Steele to die of "natural" causes they do not have to try him in court and thus avoid having no case and being exposed for the tyrants they are. Death and only death will save them now from exposure to the public. I greatly regret having to say this, but after forty years of fighting them I know them well. They have a PLAN.

Gerry Spence may be able to disrupt that plan.

Hi, You are right. I have already proposed that someone get hold of Gerry Spence. He still has a website - - so hopefully he will be available. I am sure he is not cheap! Ed had to ask for a public defender because they stole all his cash, silver and gold. He is broke! The bastards must have known that Ed had been robbed of his "wealth" so they gave him one, but only allow him period visits with that attorney!!! The bastards!!


The Death Of
Germany, 1944-1947

This book is brutally shocking in its eye-witness accounts of what happened to German citizens and soldiers as their nation fell to the Allies in World War Two. Many of these stories have never been told - particularly the role that the Western Powers played in the complete destruction of German civilian cities and the utter subjugation of the country's non-combatants.

To those who think it was only the Russians who savaged Germany's women and children in the race to conquer Nazi Europe, think again. This is an eye-opening and unforgettable read -- a tragedy of epic proportions. This book reveals a darker, more sinister side to the plans Roosevelt, Churchill, Truman and Eisenhower mapped out -- not just for the destruction of the Nazi empire, but for ordinary German people.

I was well acquainted with the rabbinical despotism which by the power of superstition has established its throne for many centuries in Poland, and which for its own security sought in every possible way to prevent the spread of light and truth. I knew how closely the Jewish theocracy is connected with the national existence, so that the abolition of the former must inevitably bring with it the annihilation of the latter. ~ Solomon Maimon

British Colonel John C. Scott who gave an election speech on August 14, 1947 revealed the real underlying issues of the World War II. Scott claimed that at the conclusion of military operations in Poland a war by telegram was waged between the Allies and the German Foreign Office. He was one of the transmitters in those negotiations.

The Allies gave the Reich two conditions, and their acceptance would have brought about an immediate cessation of hostilities, and a free rein for Germany in Poland. Those conditions were, Germany must return to the Gold Standard and the League of Freemasonry must be readmitted to Germany. This was not published until November 6, 1947 in "Tomorrow," which closed its article by stating "Some 55 million people had to die to make the Gold Standard in Germany permissible."

In another book written by British general J.F.C. Fuller in 1964 the title of which is "The Art of War," Fuller stated: "Hitler's political ideas were not what thrust us into the war. The cause of the war was his successful attempt to rebuild a new economy. The roots (of the old economy) were envy and fear."


Congo fuel truck victims buried in mass graves.

TT, Only in Africa will people try to loot a leaking fuel truck. Happens a lot actually, although it is usually Nigeria and they are trying to tap a fuel pipeline. 230 down a few million left. One fuel truck at a time.

I have a book on German anti partisan warfare in Russia during WW2. Got it from an older vet who used it in anti insurgency course back in the early 1960's before he went to Vietnam. They dosed him with chemicals and he died about five years ago from liver cancer, which the VA never admitted he got from chemical exposure in Vietnam. The VA does that with a lot of sick vets, just strings them along until they die. Cheaper for ZOG.

Guerrilla Warfare

Anyway, the book is of historical interest if nothing else. If you want it I will send it snail mail to the PO Box. Let me know. It is called Communist Guerilla Warfare and is from Prager Press, published in 1959. It is divided into two sections, one on what the Russian Partisans did, and the second on the German response to it. It also has an appendix which contains a "fuhrer order" from General Jodl dated May 6th 1944 outlining German combat techniques against what they call "warfare against bands." Unfortunately, there are no pictures in the book, but there are many drawings and diagrams of combat tactics.

The technology involved in ZOG hunting us down will be much more advanced than anything in 1944, but this was a course book for US anti insurgency efforts. It may even still be used today, I don't know.

It has a forward written by Lt.General Sir Reginald Dowding KBE, who is listed as a commander in Northern Ireland doing anti IRA actions. The book was written by Brigadier C Aubrey Dixon OBE and Otto Heilbrunn.

Pretty interesting reading from a historical standpoint alone. The VOLK will need this kind of info soon enough. Let me know if you want it. Us old white guys need to pass the torch to the younger generation.

[It would be good to PDF that book. Files are easy to distribute. It is available at Questia.]

Latest on the .50 and Long Range

Freedom Stick

Barrett has come up with a superior long range trajectory - velocity to the .50 cal. BMG. by NECKING DOWN the .50 shell to .416. [Also .338 Lapua - another one avail.]

Also I just looked at a .50 cal. long range GUN "KIT" based on the .50 barrel and an AR-15 trigger assembly - add a shock absorber butt pad and the long range scope = about $2500. total cost compared to the new Barrett .50 at $10,000. A big saving in cost. This gun would be able to shoot all the long range calibers by switching barrels and maybe the bolt.

I was told for the modern version of the old 1911 Colt Automatic pistol; "Kimber" makes the highest quality one avail. now. So many companies make them it's confusing to choose one. ~ Philosopher

FORWARD OBSERVER Report: Death and the Race Card

Hi TT,

When something dies, it becomes Food for other Life Forms. Recently I had the Oppurtunity to Observe this Process.

Freshly cleaned fish guts, Put in a Bag and left to cook up in the Sun can Produce a smell to be Appreciated. On the First day, no visible changes or smell. On the Second day Maggots can be seen on the dead, and something smells a little. On the Third day Maggots have encapsulated the dead, {Baby Songbirds Feasting on the Maggots}, and a wonderful smell travels a long ways.

What did I learn from this? Just because something's Dead, it's not the end. Crows need fed, worms too. Like putting down a Horse with a Broken Leg, or a dog that's old and Crippled and in Pain. The Jesus Cult taught us that Death is wrong, meaningless, a sin. Their Cult Followers look desperately for a way to get out of THIS Life Alive. That my Friends and Enemies is Truly a Fool's Errand.

Analysis: Mud People, NIGGERS, SPICS, METIZO BEANERS are much lower than Whites in the Food Chain. MUD people are the Maggots that feast on Death. The MUD PEOPLE'S Presence is a Sign that the Empire is Dying. Things will return to Tribalism and Local Governments. Maggots cannot live without a Corpse to feed on.

Action: On a Local Level. Our Efforts are worthless unless we Learn how to take care of our own Areas. Always pit one side against the other. Always talk to both sides. I realize this is impossible in all White Areas of the Country. But we are seeing a rise of Middle Class Whites Returning to the Inner Cities. They are Tired of the High Taxes in the Suburbs, not to mention all the NON-WHITES moving into the Suburban Areas. There is a DARKIE on every other Block. How could they Afford the $500 a month Property Tax Bill?

Roach World Browntown News: Haitian Darkie Plays the Race Card

Watch this Video in the Link Provided. Funny as Hell. This Haitian NIGGER is Upset because the Town of Hamilton, {3 miles outside of Browntown} has fined him $8,000 for housing 16 people in one small home. The NIGGER claims that because he's Black the Town is after him. He's Right too. Hamilton goes after Slumlords but Browntown DOESN'T. These NIGGERS and SPICS are used to operating in Browntown without anyone bothering them.

Haitian Slumlord Claims Racism

The landlord who built the illegal and unsafe "Hamilton Haitian Hotel" on Joan Terrace has been cited again by the township on allegations of running another hazardous compound in Hamilton. Pierre last night stood in front of his alleged flophouse and not only denied the township's allegations, but he also told The Trentonian that the township is only going after him to put a black man out of business. The house had numerous plumbing and electrical violations, according to Warney, who released pictures his housing inspectors took that show the basement and other areas of the house."

With Admiration......... Lone Wolf BROWNTOWN

Eiryan 'Independence' Day?

Hi TT,

Greetings from Mexifornia. It's warm today. The sheeple will watch fireworks displays today throughout Orange County.

Every year, my family and I go watch the fireworks over at Tustin High School. This year I thought we might go watch the fireworks at the Huntington Beach Pier for a nice change of pace.

Well, I decided not to go at all this year. Why? Because I don't feel any loyalty to this country anymore. The flag I thought represented me has been co-opted by the muds and kikes. Even Obama now wears an American flag pin on his suit. The monkey is patriotic all of a sudden now that he's illegally occupying the White House. This is the same man who refused to respect the flag before he got elected. I see wetbacks flying the Stars & Stripes (along with the Mexican flag) from their cars and trucks. Before they would only fly the Mexican flag but things are so good in 'Gringo Land' they think they could pass themselves off as Americans. When millions of wetbacks march in our cities demanding amnesty you see a sea of American flags. Before it was nothing but Mexican flags. Of course, we know the Jewish communists who organize these rallies tell the beaners to carry American flags in an effort to fool the White sheeple watching these demonstrations on TV.

The only flag on my wall is the flag of my ancestors. A large green, Irish flag which has 'Erin Go Bragh' on it. I'd die for that flag. I would NEVER die for the American flag. This country has turned its back on the White working class who built it with their blood, sweat and tears. The communists in Washington are working 24/7 to kill every last one of us. While stupid Whites are watching the World Cup, Major League Baseball, and CSI Miami, people like Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank are thinking of more ways to fuck White America. These dumb asses are being distracted and they don't even know it. They don't even care.

Fuck the American flag. I served three military enlistments and took the oath three times. I loved that flag. Not anymore. No sir, let the niggers, spics, gooks, dotheads and ragheads have it. When we Whites have been driven off our land then the muds can fight each other for what's left.

The White working class has nothing to celebrate on July 4th. But we have much to cry about. We're losing our jobs, homes, schools, way of life, culture and birthright. We keep losing and losing. The hunt is on and we're the prey.

Goodbye, America. It's been nice but now it's time to say goodbye.


TT says: I agree. I don't have that old time feeling anymore.


Water, and more Gas savings

TT: This may seem mundane but in the long run it is not. I just replaced my forty year old five-gallon-per-flush toilet with a newer 1.28 gallon per flush toilet (on deep sale prices due to falling home construction demand). I also put an insulated jacket on my water heater and insulated both the cold input pipe and the hot outflow pipe with insulated tape, duck tape, and insulative pipe foam, going from the water heater to the wall. I have already made insulated sheets that fit into my window frames which have, and continue to save, a considerable amount of money: I have also insulated my refrigerator with insulated sheets that has greatly cut my electric bills: I have washed all four of my outside walls twice each, then primed them twice each, and painted them once in accord with the weather for best use: I have built a new cloths line that has been used exclusively ever since: and I have now replaced all my incandescent light bulbs with the new mercury and highly efficient light bulbs (many I have spray painted Red). My savings on my utilities have been adding up and will start to add up much more from now on. Lone Wolfs should be led to doing the same in order to get over the huge hurdle of advancing on to a "Ghost Wolf" and doing missions.

Given that housing construction has collapsed, NOW is the time to do home improvements that will CUT UTILITY COSTS, and many of those construction materials are on deep sale prices due to collapsing demand. The toilet I just installed cost only $120 yet it lists for two to three times that much.

Pull/Push Toilet versus Whirlpool/Vortex Toilet

The prior toilet at my house was dated 1970 (stamped on the under side of the lid) and, therefor, used 5 gallons per flush as all toilets did until 1984. That type of toilet created a whirlpool that floated the waste away. But in order to create that "whirlpool" it took 5 gallons of water. I have replaced my older toilet with a newer and much more efficient model. After using it for several days I have figured out how it operates.

The newer more efficient toilets are "pull/push" in their removal of waste which is sorta like a "push/pull" airplane that has propellers in front and behind. Water is incompressible. The pulling action is like the "intake" cycle of a piston engine wherein the piston pulls air into the cylinder. Most of the water in the newer efficient toilets is being used to create a "water piston" IN FRONT of the waste. This means that you never see most of the water used per flush. This water piston "pulls" the waste behind it while the air "pushes" on the waste in front it. Nature abhors a vacuum. So, just like with a piston engine, the water piston creates a vacuum that the air rushes or "pushes" to fill.

With only enough water in the bowl required to lubricate the waste, a small amount of water is required to make a water version of a metal piston. This is considerable less water that what is required to make a vortex or whirlpool. Thus, the tremendous savings in water usage. My monthly water bill just came in at $37. I am now expecting it to drop by at least $20 a month which is the amount for a the monthly Radio Club dues. This is another example of "low" tech that Lone Wolfs need to be able to jump the hurdle to becoming actionable Ghost Wolfs.

Secure Insulated Storm Shutters

TT: Recently, I took a long trip to the South to see an old Associate. He is in his late sixties and lives on social security of only $600 a month. Recently he rented two of his rooms to raise more money. He wasn't expecting his utilities to rise much but they have because one of the renters brought in a bunch of consumer electronics and a half-sized refrigerator along with hot plates and a microwave. His electric bill alone has jumped $80 a month. I had already informed him of my new uses for Thermasheath-3 insulative sheeting. But like most people he hadn't done anything. But now that it is in his "interest" he was not only all ears but earnestly wanted to know more.

Last Fall when I came up with new ideas to use Thermasheath-3 insulative sheeting I, first, tested the sheeting for safety. I am an industrial construction electrician. The National Electric Code (NEC) is updated every three years but must be approved by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The NEC is far more concerned about Fire than about Electrocution. One hundred people have never been electrocuted, all at once, but well over one hundred people have died by electrical fire. Thermasheath-3 is not approved for external use by the building codes. None-the-less, I tested it for fire by trying to burn it. It lights on fire easily but just as easily it goes out. The slightest breeze puts it out as though it were a light alcohol fire.

No one in my household smokes. Plus, recent editions of the NEC requires Arc Fault Interrupters beneath windows to further prevent any possibility of window drapes from catching on fire. As I wrote you before, three inches of Thermasheath insulative sheeting "fits" in my internal window wells so that only the aluminum coating is exposed to the air. Two feet from my refrigerator is a fire extinguisher. My Associate does not smoke but his renters, either now, or in the future, might be smokers, so..... he needs to consider wisely.

In years gone by he installed security shutters on his back windows because Muds had attempted to break-in through those back windows. He asked why can't he use the insulative sheeting on the exterior of those windows and then slide the security shutters back down. I told him that sounds like a great idea and that I could see no reason why not. When I got back home I thought why not make "storm shutters" with insulative sheeting on the window side that would no only be realistic Storm Shutters but also full time security shutters that also added to my R factor of (heating/cooling) insulation. Using one inch and a half inch thick insulative sheeting would make my windows with four and a half inches with a R factor of thirty.

TT: It needs to be considered that American "ranch style homes" may not be conducive for the coming Dark Age. Most of these homes have too many windows that are much, much, too large. Hundreds of years ago windows were often only four inches wide and several feet tall with a "V" cut so that rifles could be put through their openings and used to defend the building. Seriously, we need to go forward such that "every man's home is a castle" in preparation for the new Dark Age (and Cap and Trade taxation).

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

Some more feedback:

Pound of Flesh Chronicles:
War crimes suspect Adolf Storms dies before trial

Star Chamber for 13 Russian Loyalists

12 Hours on July 19th


Redux: Drones will prowl US skies!

Drones Over America: Tyranny at Home!

Mt. Rushmore's Gutzon Borglum honored
MSM focuses on his KKK KonneKtion

Portland police: Al Gore sex investigated!
Tryst with Morris Dees revealed?

Maywood Mexifornia is no more!

Daily KOS eliminates GrOPer tainted pollster!

Oil trouble for Lake Pontchartrain

Oil Plumes Threaten Historic Gulf Shipwrecks

Band-aid Mortgage Modification Program Falters
Foreclosure-prevention program had minimal impact.

U.S. borrows $150 million for gift to Auschwitz-Birkenau

U.S. Taxpayers to guarantee KikeJew WWII claims?

Honest Israel commentary by former CIA anayst

Israel no longer needed by Rothschild?

Russian Jewish Organized Crime Best Source

Neuroscientist Uncovers Dark Secret
The New World of 'Neurolaw'?

Belgian Undertakers want to Dissolve Corpses
Green liquid to be mixed with soy.

Onging Gibson Bitch Attack

Ongoing Aussie Mud Attack

Race and Reason

I have been thinking about the Race and Reason TV show for awhile and have come to the conclusion that the work put into it is not worth the time and energy spent. The medium has pretty much lost its advantage to get the word out compared to the internet. Also, those willing to put the show on in their communities has dropped to a trickle and I won't beg people to do it.

I will devote more energy into producing DVDs with my own equipment which I can do at or near the bunker. I thank all for their hard work over the years, but it's time to redirect that energy to more productive projects. Tom Metzger

I just listened to your daily message. I'm assuming that was Joom you were referring to when you were talking about that man who gave that smackdown to that fat nigger bitch. I just got back from california and las vegas and I have to tell you that looking at these fucking fat ugly disgusting beasts is reason enough to segregate the races. I cannot describe enough how sick I get to my stomach when I look at these filthy disgusting things that walk among us. We had it so right in the fifties. South Africa also had it so right.

Loyalist Joseph Paul Franklin

Dear Tom,
I took your advice and wrote a letter to Mr. Joseph Paul Franklin, I hope others do the same. I have read that the Missouri Attorney General is pushing for an execution date, but I don't think they've got one set. I know you said that you can't attend, but I live only a couple hours from the prison and could go to show support. Please keep us updated on the situation.

I have never been to a prison or attended an execution before, do you have any experiences that you can relate?

Lone Wolf Mid-Missouri

TT says: That would be good. I am going to try and make it. No special instructions, you just hang out, maybe with a candle or whatever you choose.

How should mail be addressed?

To ensure delivery of your correspondence, we ask that you clearly address each envelope as follows, to include your complete return address on the envelope.


IAN Spain Sentences 14 White Loyalists

A Spanish court sentenced Roberto L. U. and Francisco Jose L. P. to between three and four years. They were the founders of Blood & Honor Spain. Among the rest, one received a prison term of two years and 11 were sentenced to a year, all of them for illicit association.

The court ordered that Blood & Honor be dissolved in accord with the Penal Code, which deems to be illegal groups that promote discrimination or associations on the basis of their ideology, religion, race, nationality, sex or sexual orientation.

Whitehorse Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
~ Dylan Thomas ~

Adrian Salbuchi:

The Global Power Elite is NOT That Strong!!

The End of the World is NOT near ... yet!

The Well From Hell

The Final Beginning of the End?

The Second Republic

Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD!!

I uploaded the 9/11 BBC interview with Ehud Barak, which took place just one hour after the operation - ending with WTC1's demolition. (Video taken from September 11 TV Archive.)

In these 8 minutes he effectively outlines the whole game plan for the past 8 years - using (coining?) the term "war on terror", identifying OBL as primary suspect, and reeling off his list of rogue nations (some twice for good measure): Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria, Libya.

UnSmart Repug guilty of ties to 'Terrorist Group'

Former Rep. Mark Siljander (R-MI) pleaded guilty today to obstruction of justice and "acting as an unregistered foreign agent," in connection with his work as a lobbyist for a group with 'terrorism' ties. Siljander, who served in Congress from 1981 to 1987, allegedly lied to FBI agents and prosecutors during their probe of the Islamic American Relief Agency (IARA). He faces up to 15 years in federal prison without parole, and a fine of up to $500,000.

TT says: HMMMMM!
Another Republican that doesn't understand the 5 words.

Burn, Baby -- BURN !! The 99% Solution

Dear TT: I like this Iran chap. Wish he will gain some nukes against Israel. From an European point of view, the USA is afraid to harm Israel, they rather lick their feet. What a nation of slaves to Israel. A colony - very well, but that they try to enslave us White Europeans also - well they successfully did. To us the only option left is to fly the Jolly Roger. Good luck my dear White comrades out there, you know that we will win. I rather join the Iran party than one of your sick basterds.

Except TT of course, the mass of self destruction will prevail of course. We White Europeans know the evil force of destruction. We will give no quarter. We know that 99% of White population will perish in the very next war. There will be a lot of injustice and I say: Great, better now than tomorrow... but those Whites in USA did not understand when we fought the Jewish virus by the root. They allied with the virus. The pest, the black plague they are so proud to be defending. Sorry to say - you are under kike jew command, and will be treated so. ~ No Quarter

Europe: The State of the Banking System

IMF, Keep the Jew-Usury Scam going? The REAL Reason for Liberalism's "Keynesian Economics"???? After all, that's where the Jew-Income comes from right? I had a vision not too long ago of America in a TOTAL DEFLATIONARY Debt DESTRUCTION FREE-FALL where the entire structure goes KAPUT! Actually, this is not too hard to imagine - the DEBTS are so outrageous, it might actually happen! BUT... What would be interesting while all of us quickly returned to a comical and grim [and boring!!!] subsistance - Modern Medieval - backyard-garden penury, barter - giving up Serfdom under Jew Usury, Ho HO!!! - What would happen to Israhell???? Total collapse there? The Jews return to their miserable Ghetto Existence?

Is that what all the stolen Gold is for? To somehow return to honesty [temporarily] in a last ditch effort to survive? A humiliating experience indeed, to have to pay the "productive" GOYIM with something Valuable? Trouble is, WE KNOW it was STOLEN to begin with! ~ Philospher

TT says: Like Wolf Wall Street says, "It's all over, they cleaned us out 2 years ago." Case closed. lol

SMILE! Higher Education

Dear Mr Metzger,
Gotta tell you, I've been complemented (I guess) lately here and there by some people; they like my positions on different subjects and my straight talk. Supposedly I have answers to every issue... Then I realized I started sounding just like you Mr. Metzger hahaha... No wonder; I've been listening to your shows for quite some time. You've shown me how to find what's already in me, not to be a pussy, and to reject bullcrap. Of course, some hate my guts and would hang me if they could. Maybe they will, you never know with those 'true believers'. And I'm talking about whites only, mind you.

But the main reason I'm writing to you is I've been doing a lot of traveling this year, mainly Europe. ONLY when I come home am I treated like an enemy (of the State of course). Coming back home from Holland was reason enough to be searched, threatened, testicle felt, almost probed and delayed. Throughout the ordeal I remembered your words: shut the hell up and smile! And that's what I did. Thanks for making my life easier and take good care of yourself.
~ Traveling Wolf

Now hear this, Now hear this:

The countermeasure to all this "the feds could get my personal information" nonsense is:

1. have a separate email account for just the show

2a. Use an offshore encrypted proxy server to check your show email, EVERY TIME.


2b. Use a public WIFI spot such as a library, college campus, etc. that isn't tied to you EVERY TIME.

3. If you like calling the rant line, use payphones or prepaid cells.

This way the feds don't have your IP address. This isn't Tom's job - ITS YOUR JOB! You are responsible for compartmentalizing your email and hiding your IP address if you want to be invisible.


PS: If this is COINTELPRO, they need to do a better job.

More on our pal, Whine Man

Tom, This guy stirring shit is probably just the common variety asshole, but I see where it could be the Feds. You have commented before that many of the agents aren't too bright these days. Maybe this is the kind of stuff that some niggers, spics and washed out, generic "white people" of the dumbed down variety come up with. The cointelpro boys were probably a little smarter than this new breed.

What do you think of the idea that it could be something to try to entrap some of us, get us making threats or talking shit? I am not that worried about this, but this is kind of like the last straw that is going to make me get off my ass and do something about my own e-mail security. Nothing big, just some of the stuff DC and computerman suggest. ~ LW

Hey Tom, What a sissy crybaby, this computer warrior is scared about his fake e-mail address being made public. Jesus Christ on ice skates!!! and this person is supposed to be useful for.... fucking anything!!? If everyone is that scared of confrontation go crawl in a hole somewhere and shoot your self in the head. That's the way I feel about it. You should tell all these 99 percenters exactly that, to get fucked. That "fortune" you're taking in, you deserve it anyhow, for all your labor of course. Yeah everyone who wants to listen to an hour radio show take three hours out of your day to make sure nobody knows your going against the grain, good fuckin' idea. If your that much of a coward, don't listen to the show. If hiding in the dark to listen to your voice is the only revolutionary act your capable of, we don't need ya.

You once said the Whine Man, I mean the White Man is the most ruthless warrior that has ever walked this planet, but sometimes I wonder?


Caught! Third Depression?

Paul Krugman is saying we are in the early [??] stages of a "third depression." The only reason why 'national leaders' are willing to destroy their social safety nets, throw their working people into serfdom, and drain the resources of their tattered middle classes to reduce their national debts is that there are now sharks in the water. Those sharks were liberated in 1998 and 2000 by Phil and Wendy Gramm and Bill Clinton, Larry Summers, and Robert Rubin.

Their easiest targets are the countries that have a lot of debt - just like the corporate raiders and so-called "private equity" companies look for companies with lots of debt to take down, disassemble, fire all the workers, and ship the jobs to China.

TT: This isn't coincidence with all the Jewish-America warmongering against Iran, and the current situation with Russia, especially their defense of Iran:

Spy suspects had interests in science and finance
Lives of Anna Chapman and other Russian spy suspects

[Possibly trading material for Khodorkovsky or Pollard ... or ??]

Barrel Ducks Collateral Murder

US soldier linked to Iraq helicopter video leak charged

The US military has pressed criminal charges against Army Spc Bradley Manning, who is accused of transferring classified data into his personal computer and transmitting it to an unauthorised third party. He allegedly handed over footage of an Apache helicopter killing 12 civilians in Baghdad.

Robert Stacy McCain's Friend May Face Another Trial

Bill White is also known at LGF for being a friend of Robert Stacy McCain; when McCain worked for the Washington Times, he actually was responsible for getting several pieces by White published in the newspaper. And McCain frequently posted articles from White's site at FreeRepublic, using the name "BurkeCalhounDabney" -- a pseudonym based on the name of an infamous pro-slavery Confederate apologist.

TT says: I pick this stuff up off the off the web for anyone who wants to pursue it.

Oy! Cousin Vinny! Russia: Dmitry Medvedev

Hi Tom,
I have great respect for Wolf Wall Street, but I just heard him say something on the Sunday show which I find suspect. He claimed that President Medvedev of Russia is a Jew. I know there was a great deal of speculation based on his name when Medvedev was elected Russian president, but I had thought that all of that came to nothing and that it was proven that Medvedev was non-Jewish. I have personally seen videos of Medvedev participating in Russian Orthodox church services with his wife, so I highly doubt a Jew would be doing those things. Regardless, even if he were a Jew, he is one of the most Russian looking "Jews" I have ever seen. Unfortunately I think this is a bit of disinformation, and if Wolf Wall Street can PROVE Medvedev is a Jew I'd love to hear the evidence... to this day I have found none save some suspicions on his last name which only means "bear" in Russian. I can't say I like ANY politicians anywhere, but I have to say I have some admiration for Putin and Medvedev, and what they have done to revitalize Russia.

Thanks Tom, and I hope you have space to pass this on to Wolf Wall Street through the NAV or the radio show. ~ 14

Being of Jewish, or more likely part-Jewish, ancestry in Eastern Europe should surprise no one... there are many, particularly among those earmarked for power. It should always be taken into account when assessing a situation -- better to err on the side of caution. I stick with my best estimate. Thanks! ~ WWS

Dmitry Medvedev Visits Jewish Center

Dmitry Mevdvedov has been a strong supporter of the Jewish community during his current service. Last week he spent a few hours with Jewish community leaders, discussing the development of Jewish life and the fight against Anti-Semitism in Russia. The meeting was headed by Russia's Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar at the Moscow Jewish Community center. ...

Dear TT,
Is it not crazy that many immigrants mostly Whites vote for the Right wing (the same racket as everywhere) here in Austria since they are afraid to lose their jobs to niggers who pretend to work for a third of their wages, actually they try to stay and deal in drugs? The cops know it but they are afraid to engage, there were some not so friendly encounters with them, one nigger died (suffocated) when a cop stood on his chest and no doctor needed. They all who did their jobs correctly were suspended and all those things. Can we curse them that they do not want to touch them anymore? By the way these niggers are biting and scratching, they must beat them with their service clubs or they risk to get aids. And when the nigger loses some teeth it is - oh those bloody nazi-cops. So they are forced to do nothing. Why? because our politicians are lackeys to the mossad, that is the truth, and we pay their wages! is it not sick?

JOOM is right, we get the worst Flack by those whom we try to protect. I am afraid that when it comes to a race war their resistance will be laying on their backs, like insects do when in danger, hey! never do too much, or: how much I get for this? - You will not only get kicks into your ass, you and your family will be raped and burnt alive! think about it! ~ Wolf Austria

Oh look, Spring2Hot is an admirer of Louie Farrakhan. Of course, old Louie leaves out the fact that the Jews were the ones who helped so much in the fight for Louie's people to get their civil rights. It is a funny world today, folks. At one time, a leading White Supremacist leader, Tom Metzger, down in Orange County, California went up to a Canadian White Supremacist, Ian Macdonald, for some money, and crossed back across the border and gave the money to old Louie. Yep, a good example of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." And it is still going on.
TT says: Another myth that never happened!

Subhuman niggers humilate the White Race

Dear TT, Please show this to as many white wolfs as possible! This ugly nigger, is one of the millions of "chances for France" who are exterminating systematically the honor and the blood of our Race. No one of us could stay calm and indifferent when we watch this:

French trial: It's open season on White people!

I wish to meet one day this "brave and virile African pride" in person, and "to shake his hand" for what he does... It is going to be an exceptional pleasure to have him in my hands!

Lone Wolf FR.

Coming attractions... Alien Invasion

Hey TT, Just had a thought about the Immigration situation in Arizona with the passing of the new law. I was thinking how in a way it's a weak example of 'how worse is better'. Bear with me and follow my logic.

Arizona has for decades been a haven for illegal Mestizos. The White population sat by and did nothing. It didn't matter that the Mestizos took their jobs, it didn't matter that they turned whole sections of their cities into third world slums, it didn't matter that they consumed oil, gas, electricity and what is most precious in that part of the country... Water! It didn't matter that they clogged their hospital emergency rooms and then never paid the bills or that their children consumed educational resources. All of that wasn't bad enough to motivate a change in behavior on the part of the White population.

However, fairly recently something started to change, it was the birth of the Mexican drug cartels and the ensuing wars between themselves and with the Mexican government. As the body count started to rise on the Mexican side of the border White Arizonans started to take notice. Soon inevitably the violence started to spread beyond the border into Arizona cities. Phoenix became the kidnapping capital of the nation [second to Mexico City in NAmerica] as Mestizo gangs sought to collect from family members for unpaid drug or smuggling debts. As the Border Patrol increased ranks to meet the rising influx, the Border area turned into something resembling the DMZ in Korea. Large areas of the state's southern desert became too dangerous to venture into for private citizens because of the danger of stumbling into a drug smuggling route.

Then came the collapse of the housing market, which hit Arizona harder than most other states. Foreclosures started to soar and tax revenue started to drop. That resulted into deep cuts to school districts, hospitals and local governments etc. Suddenly the Mestizos were becoming a burden that the Whites were now unwilling to bear. The killing of White rancher Robert Krentz outside of Douglas by an illegal Mestizo was the last straw. Now the Whites are able to do what for decades they had been unable to. The toughest immigration law in the nation was enacted.

So far, in excess of 100,000 Mestizo's have fled the state, no doubt headed for more accommodating states. It took a dramatic worsening of the situation in Arizona to make a positive change. I'm not naive enough to believe that this law is an answer, but it is a real life example of how worse is better! ~ LW

TT says: I think you're right. Also, it's the domino effect. They are swarming into midwest states dragging their sleazy life style and crime with them. I notice a lot more coming into Indiana. People are grumbling louder here.

"The southern border is more secure today than at any time in the past 20 years," declared a confident Obama in the speech pointing to the increased personnel now on hand, the improved screening of outbound traffic, and the seizure of more illegal weapons, drugs, and cash than in previous years.

As he addressed the possibility for reform, another bout of violence broke out near the Mexican-Arizona border, leaving 21 dead in gang and drug related attacks. This calls into question the sincerity of Obama to secure the border. He also stated, "our borders are just too vast for us to be able to solve the problem only with fences and border patrols. It won't work." Nevertheless, immigration laws exist, but have not received the type of enforcement the southwest has required.

Border Shootout Leaves 21 Dead

Mexican murder suspect: US consulate infiltrated!

"Modeled on the US political system."

Mexico's drug war heats up near Arizona border

Feds to block AZ SB1070

Drugsters threaten police in Nogales

Police in the Arizona border city of Nogales have been told to carry guns when they aren't at work after smugglers threatened to retaliate against two off-duty officers who stopped a vehicle carrying 400 pounds of marijuana. Nogales police managers advised off-duty officers to carry their guns, avoid the part of the desert where the bust was made, and carry a cell phone or police radio to report retaliation attempts or anything suspicious.

TT says: That's cool. The cops are Mestizos, too. It all spreads righteous fear north of the border. Fear motivates action sooner or later. Decriminalize drugs. Problem solved overnight.

Feds vs. Aizona again

The federal government will ask a judge to grant an injunction to block the law from taking effect on July 29. The arguments will focus on a core constitutional concern -- balancing power between the states and the federal government. More specifically, the issue centers on the long-running "pre-emption" legal argument that says federal law trumps state law. The lawsuit goes on to say that a "state may not establish its own immigration policy or enforce state laws in a manner that interferes with the federal immigration laws."

TT says: It's all smoke and mirrors, just like Simpson-Mazzoli -- and that was 25 years ago. If your dad gave you a car and said: "THERE -- YOU HAVE A CAR -- QUIT BITCHING!" "BUT POP, IT HAS NO GAS." Pop says: "DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO QUIT BITCHING?"

Mexican Gangs Maintain Bases in Arizona

This is what we have Special Forces for, they could mop up the Arizona border in one week.

TT says: The answer is quite simple. It's not the border bandit or the illegal that is the problem. They are simply the effect of what the federal government wants. Hundreds of trucks each day cross that border. And it's simply business. Big business is willing to allow almost anything to go on as long as they get their money. Any attempt to clean it up private forces at this time will result in an immediate ruthless federal move against it. There are perhaps hundreds of federal agents all along the border watching for any signs of direct action to take place. So the timing is bad -- those that could easily clean it up are forced to keep their powder dry to fight another day. Any suicide missions will be just that -- suicide missions. Nothing can be done as long as the Empire is still strong. But as it deteriorates it will be tested, and when the chemistry is right the wise will move. Tom Metzger


They're still in denial ... but getting closer!


              Sweat Pea

TT says:  She's such a blabber mouth!   

Right Wing: Obama Will Resign!


TT says: Gee, I wonder where they heard about this!

Wake Up White Man !! Breakout !!!

Lone Wolf

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