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28 NOVEMBER 2010


The INSURGENT is an association of motivated White Racists, each a Leader in his or her own right. Insurgent Associates promote the Lone Wolf tactic, where even small cell networking is limited or non-existent. Associates serve the Idea that whatever is Good for the White Race is highest Virtue, and that whatever is Bad for It is ultimate ERROR. They devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the Insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I honor the memory of Robert J. Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan Heroes who have dedicated their lives to the Freedom and Advancement of our White Race, in all of its Variations; and I Pledge, as a White Racist, absolute Loyalty only to Our Own!


More thoughts on the

Human Imbecility Virus

CAUSE This Andrew Neil guy did some interesting things when at the Sunday Times but did not last there long.


WN people are lacking in understanding about why ZOG uses AIDS propaganda. I have yet to see proper explanations about this from people on our side. I am digesting the issue as fast as possible and will write something in due coarse. I have been wrong on some issues in the past and am always willing to learn. I was surprised that something like this was still out there to catch me after ten years of being a dissident.

Nature is the bible of the church of science, and its editor, John Maddox, is the high priest. He has persistently refused to publish letters and articles from doctors and scientists who question the HIV theory of AIDS, and its corollary that heterosexuals around the world are at risk from a new infectious agent. To him, the theory is fact. To challenge that view, he argues, is to encourage teenagers not to bother with condoms. It is also to promote homophobia "made the more vivid by the smug wish-fulfilment that no harm will come to heterosexuals from AIDS because they do only what they have always done, and also behave 'naturally'."

AIDS resembles the Holohoax. In both cases, propaganda is made by pointing at corpses and attributing a false cause of death. The ZOG All-lies spread Typhus and the same Zoggies spread disease with their pharmaceuticals and their faggot sex industry. Such a smokescreen of pseudoscience has been put out that AIDS dissidents make the mistake of trying to hack through the Jungle just like Holohoax Revisionists do. None of the medical people give two fucks about anybody who is sick, that is for sure.

I read the book by Jew Seth Kalichman and it is clear which side the Jews are on with this but the whole motivation needs clear explanation as many WN think this is a harmless enough hoax by ZOG. The Jew groups AIDS Denialists with Holohoax debunkers in this book.

The result of the HIV hoax must be less White babies, when you think about it, and a general increase of neurosis. Some clever Protocols of Zion type formulation of Zog's motivation on this issue is out there waiting to be written for people.

Like every issue, ZOG owns the media and they would be capable of playing the AIDS denial case in a way harmful to our interests. Also, the system has so much invested in this they would lose face and credibility to do an about face. Money is the most obvious motivation as there is a lot of money to be made from these drugs which the tax payer gets caught for.

From my point of view I can't help but take this as another classic example of the Jew big lie theory, and one moreover that us Über Goyim got fooled by – including the great William Pierce.

Medical Dissidents

A media hitman was sent after Andrew Wakefield. This chap got hung out to dry to encourage others not to question the vaccine thing. The Japs have changed their childhood vaccinations as a result of such dissent.

Brain swelling helps to dumb down Whitey. This is the hidden purpose of vaccination. Much better to let kids acquire immunity naturally, and accept the casualties and have a stronger race, than have an entire damaged, including an epidemic of sudden infant death and who knows what else.

SIDS appears directly linked to childhood vaccination. The immune system is complicated and the present world population are guinea pigs in a big experiment.

More Iatrogenic Disasters


Interesting. It is possible that vaccines are not nearly as good as made out. In Greece there was no Spanish flu in 1918 because they did not do vaccination. Tetanus, who ever heard of anyone getting it? Even in the Civil war only 200 out of 100,000 wounds resulted in it so why does everyone with the slightest cut get a toxic injection?

Doctors seem to be one of the worst Germs going.

Euro Wolf

TT says: Beware of Big Pharma and corporate health care. Question everything!

World Trade Center

Penthouse Collapse

OBVIOUS Controlled Demolition!

Any man who believes a scientific study, and ignores
the evidence of his senses, is a fool. ~ Julius Evola

1. Institute or Raise Tariffs on Foreign Imports, other than for limited Barter Trade. Rescind NAFTA, WTO, GATT, and related agreements. Close the IRS.

2. Enable Sovereign Credit to rebuild Infrastructure, beginning with Railroads, Bridges, Highways, and the Power Grid. Seize the Federal Reserve for these and other National Funding purposes.

3. Close most offshore military installations, eliminate the occupation of foreign lands, and cut the Defense (WAR) Budget at least 50%. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

4. Eliminate Foreign Aid. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

5. Eliminate ALL immigration into this country, legal or illegal. Eliminate 'Dual Citizenship'.

6. Severely punish Companies and Corporations that hire Illegal Aliens, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

7. Employ Sherman Antitrust and similar laws upon monopolistic Corporations. Eliminate the Corporate 'Person'.

8. Seize assets of Companies and Corporations that destroy the physical environment, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

Immediately seize the assets of British Petroleum and imprison all Executives involved in the events leading to and exacerbating the Gulf Oil Disaster.

9. Empower the 50 States to regain their individual sovereignty. Empower offshore holdings to gain their Independence.

10. Revitalize the Articles of Confederation to enable these things.

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What next?

In 1976, Walter White, Jr., "a concerned patriot," conducted an interview with a young Jew named Harold Rosenthal who was the assistant to Sen. Javits of New York.

TT says:
That interview never took place. Walter White operated free and loose on some subjects, like this one. He disappeared once for awhile. I personally sent men searching for him. He showed up claiming the JDL kidnapped him and dumped him at the Mexican border. He was really shacked up with a younger woman in an L.A. motel – unbeknownst to his wife Opal Tanner White, a past secretary for Gerald L.K. Smith. He had a wife and child.

Three men attempted to punish Irv Rubin for the alleged kidnapping, but were infiltrated by LAPD and one went to prison for several years.

That interview is bogus. There is plenty of valid material to use against the Jews. Tom Metzger


Corrupt DC-area cops and businesses indicted

Chief: "Shocked, I'm shocked by such behavior!"

State Security Excess

Good Morning Tom,

Long time since I have sent any e-mail, let alone talked to you. Always listen to as well read everything that I get my hands on. As for the subject matter. That may need to be changed a bit. As you're able to see from the videos I have listed here, I was arrested for Obstruction of Governmental Operation. Which also I am willing to bet this is the first jail where it was video recorded from my home of arrest to the booking area of the jail. As you see from the video, I stated I have nothing to say many times, and he started off with: what are you a jackass, and goes from there. Attornies I contacted state to plead guilty as I am to answer questions when asked? Have a good Thanksgiving.

John Lewis Sr.

Part 1: November 22, 2010 – Part#1 of a three part video of Bentonville sheriff officer refusing to take no for an answer. This all takes place on private property, and this bad cop even starts off with name calling no matter how many times I tell him I have nothing to say. This starts from my home all the way into the booking room of the Bentonville Sheriff's office booking area. How did I do this? That doesn't matter, what matters is your rights you no longer have with bad cops running a muck!

Part 2: November 22, 2010 – Part#2 of the video of Bentonville sheriff officer refusing to take no for an answer. As you can see when I enter this bad cops paddy wagon, he continues to want to talk even after a false arrest. Doesn't matter how many times I tell this eleven year veteran that I have nothing to say. He does show concern of a big fat guy in a small space with hand cuff's so tight that my hands were numb for sometime. But, at sixty-four years of age. It is not right for a bad cop wanting information when I told him I had none. But, continue to view the videos and let me know what you think.

Part 3: November 22, 2010 – Part#3 of the video of Bentonville sheriff officer refusing to take no for an answer. This is the funny part and should be placed in the comedy section, and probably will be as well. How did I get to film this all the way into the booking area of the Bentonville Sheriff's County Jail? Even was able to shut the camera off as you noticed. Security is great. But, what can you say about keystone cops that don't care about your civil rights even on property that you own. Yes, court date is set. What will happen? The same as what you have seen, as no attorney will take such a case as they have to work with these bad cops. Charge was Obstructing Governmental Operation by sitting in a lawn chair in my front yard. Refusing to say any more after he called me a jackass for no longer willing to speak to him. Take notice of that power thrill he gets when he states, you call me officer. Not Mr. Or sir.

TT says: Long time no hear. Sorry the locals are giving you trouble. I hope you're out by now or have a good attorney. It appears that when confronted by a single officer with no witnesses on scene that "I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY" MAY NOT SUFFICE TO PROTECT YOUR SO CALLED RIGHTS.

Officers of the 'law' at any level are trained for many hours on how to needle, insult and lie to get information. So the only answer possible that fills the need is MY NAME IS, I LIVE AT**** then absolute stone silence. Or possibly stone silence from the git go. I appreciate you sharing this rare footage of actual methodology of a LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENT. I will incorporate it into general education advice. ~ Tom Metzger

Bill of Rights?

TT, I just listened to yesterday's radio show with one of our friends being questioned by a uniformed thug. It angers me to hear such a BS charge as obstruction being used against our people trying to exercise their 5th Amendment right. This goes to show you do know what you are talking about when you say we have no rights. The 2nd and 4th Amendment were ignored in a case involving myself a little over a year ago. That gave me a wake up call to the reality that these scums with badges can search you even if you haven't committed a crime (violating the 4th) and if they find you are a wolf with any real teeth (armed with an effective weapon) then they will violate the 2nd Amendment by stealing your property, charging you with a crime, and locking you up with real criminals. I heard your warnings of not carrying a gun in the past but had assumed that because I didn't violate any laws there would be no reason for the police to search me. I didn't listen so I had to feel. The experience gave me greater respect for the wisdom of your words and strengthened my resolve against this enemy system. From what I heard, our friend hasn't had any luck finding a good attorney that will stand up for his 5th Amendment right. I hope that luck changes. Our wolves that believe in the Bill of Rights should keep in mind that our enemies do not acknowledge those rights or afford them to us. When the tide turns, our enemies do not deserve to be shielded by rights that they failed to acknowledge.

I agree with saying, "I have nothing to say." Then say nothing else. Do not allow their game to continue. There is no telling the value of answering any of their questions, so it is safest not to respond to any question. By answering one question it may give a cop reason to believe you know more. It may also lead them to believe with persistance they can get you to respond to other questions. It takes great strength and discipline to keep your mouth shut especially when you are confronted by someone you've been taught since early childhood is an authority figure that is looking out for your safety.

As for something that can be done, I can't stress enough how important it is to infiltrate the ranks of the police. Use whatever creative methods you can imagine that will help bring this about. These uniformed wolves can more easily gather meaningful information on all the really bad cops and DAs than someone on the outside. They may also have influence on arrests and cases especially if they happen to be directly involved. Plus they will have access to armories when the SHTF. ~ LW

Don't Talk to Police

Here is a you tube video about a topic that I think you may be interested in. It's a lawyer talking about why you should not talk to the police: Dont Talk to Police

It gives you all the inside secrets. ~ LW

[N.B. The Google Video version is linked above: See "Don't Talk!" below National HOTLINE above.]

KikeJew Killer Skips

A Talmudic right-wing Jew, Yair Klein, and former IDF Colonel was released from prison in Moscow and back to Israel after training right-wing paramilitary groups to terrorize Columbia. This militia terrorized columbia and was pro-US. Just goes to show that the Jews can have a deathgrip on the pro-US right-wing back in the Reagan era and still to today. This militia terrorized and burned the Columbian countryside and was arrested in Moscow in 2007. After much attempt to send him to Columbia to be punished, under Jewish pressure he was released back to Israel. He denies having any role in cocaine dealings.

TT says: I opposed Reagan's run for president two times. I warned right wing Racists about him early on. But as usual the right wing just can't get out of the rut. Reagan's Southern Strategy was a total sham just to get the WHITE WORKING CLASS TO VOTE REPUBLICAN, which they did against their own best interests.

This does not mean I supported the Democrats! The Republicans are simply better organized than the Democrats, and are better liars. The Democrats are totally screwed up, but at least they are more in your face with their BS, so you recognize it. The Republicans, especially out here in the midwest, are the biggest bald-faced liars you have ever seen, and THE WHITE WORKING CLASS along with the CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS either eat it up like candy or are totally turned – period! Ronald Reagan was a war criminal, pure and simple, as were both Bushes and Clinton.


Hey Len.... I agree with most of what you say, but alas I can't go the "white only" route.... Im white of English, Irish and German decent and I have a beautiful JEW AWARE wife and JEW AWARE 4yo daughter, both of Asian decent.... my wife talks openly about the jews to other asians of her country, and how the jew has destroyed her country, and it's culture. I lived in asia for a year, and Canada for 8 years, and Im now in my homeland of Australia, which I will defend to the death.... thanks to the jew, we are multicultural now, and there is nothing we can do to change that fact. I grew up in a 98% white christian community, but thats all changed. I have spoken to many muslim cab drivers about the jews and was pleasantly surprised about what they knew about them.... some days I prefered their company over useless white retards who were too afraid or unaware to engage in any conversation about anything of importance other than sport or shopping on ebay. .... .... Anyway mate, don't ever stop talking!.... or they win.


Well, you proved my point; You have an asian daughter which is NOT "white". So generation to generation basically,grimly, YOUR White Genetics will soon disappear completely! As for "White Only", I'm trying to wake up Whites to this sort of grim reality of NATURE'S ABSOLUTE LAW. Yes, will mixed-race people fight along side whites? I suspect many will, if they understand the "jew-game". Even some disgruntled Jews.

Today there is an incredible UNSPOKEN JEW-TABOO Disaster going on; called; Destroy Whites through mixed breeding. Christianity says nothing, kiss-ass to the Jew toadies high and low say nothing. Most Whites are too UNCARING - TOO STUPID to care. The Mixed Race Hordes certainly could care less.

MORE TEARS NOW BUT BUT BUT!!!! HO HO HO!!!! YOU Damn Modern HYPOCRITES!!!! Every mixed-race female - every Jew-Female! - Feels fortunate to have what Superior "White Female Beauty" she does have! Every male on earth who has the Handsome Tall Superior White Male "look" in his face is fortunate indeed today! And NO ONE says a word about this!!!! Ha! It effects your life a hell of alot MORE than you realize! I've written articles about it. [avail.]

Sorry, but I don't back down on this deeper level of understanding. Being just where you are leaves you incredibly vulnerable to a Chinese invasion, and I doubt they'd have any sympathy-compassion for your white skin.

As for Rhodesia; Simply Jew-Control of America was the cause of neglect. I pound on my cowardly friends for paying taxes to this horrible Jew-Crime of a Gov! Other than "going postal", I do everything I can. ~ Philosopher

{Pres. Andrew Jackson's Battle with Jew-Banksters; 180 Years ago. Similar quotes come from Cicero in ancient Rome}

"Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out." – Andrew Jackson

TT – Before flying, eat a big mess of Pork and Beans, along with some beer and boiled eggs. When the TSA Groper, I mean Homo Fondler bends over to check your package give him the Works! ~ LW

TT says: Would that be an 'ate crime?

History of Social Security

TT – you have a tendency to go after the Republicans quite heavily (which I have NO problem with) but let's not forget that the Dem's are no friend of the White working man either. ~ LW

H.L. Mencken Translated Nietzsche's "Anti-Christ" from heavy, sophisticated German into English!:   The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who tell them the truth. ~ H.L. Mencken

LEAD Billy Roper slandered by $PLC

Did you get the email I sent you a couple of days ago? ~ TT

I did receive your last e-mail about write-in votes. I concur. Here's my response to the furor over the SPLC article – Right-Wing Extremists:

I invite those hundreds of Arkansans who wrote my name in for governor to look at the county by county listing availabe here, select your county, and look to see if your vote was counted. For example, in one county where 19 people voted for me, whom I know personally, and where it states that 19 write in votes were cast, none were recorded for me. Similar circumstances exist in several counties across the state, amounting to the over 500 write in votes statewide which were unaccounted for or unattributed. I have received an e-mail from another of the candidates for governor agreeing with me that he is very suspicious of the manner in which write in votes were counted and feels that hundreds more should have been attributed to me, and congratulating me and wishing me well... Billy Roper

WINGS TT, I disagree with the message on the this picture. The so called founders were innovative and creative. I'd say they were left-wing or liberal white extremists. Right-wing racism is largely a status quo ideology that looks to the past. It operates from an established opinion. A stick in the mud

Leaders of the American Revolution and national socialist Germany were not right-wingers. ~ LW

The citizens of the United States of America have a right to applaud themselves for having given to mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy; a policy worthy of imitation. –George Washington in 1790 during his first term as president of the United States.

Window Sandwich

TT: I just got my latest electric bill and it is slightly less than half of a year ago at this time. It has been colder than normal and colder much earlier than normal here in the Rocky Mountains. I have six of the ten windows on my Ranch House covered on the outside with insulative heavy duty storm shutters that I am making. It takes a week to properly make one shutter. As I already wrote you about, and now the results are fantastic.

I Guerrilla Glue the insulative sheeting to the one and an eighth inch thick flooring plywood, then place weights on them and let them dry for two days. On the third day I stain the exposed wood and stain it a second time on the fourth day. On the fifth day I paint the wood and paint it a second time on the sixth day. On the seventh day I Super Glue weather stripping around the edges then mount the shutters and paint a third time once mounted. This takes seven days to do a professional job. I have two shutters in some state of construction at a time. Shutter number seven is half way done and I started number eight yesterday.

TT: Yesterday the Federal Reserve Bank lowered its GDP "growth" predictions for next year and raised it's Unemployment predictions for next year. Working Class Whites have got to get it through their thick heads that abject poverty is on it's way. They need to act –soon– to lower their living costs as much as possible to stave off starvation and death –until– their fellow Whites FINALLY act in "mass" and stampede the enemies (waiting and preparing for "Worst is Better" to take effect). Until then Lone Wolfs need to radically reduce their living costs so as to be able to raise funds, legally, for extensive Handgun Training.

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

KKK Wicked Promotion

The latest Lincoln Project is proof that forcing Lincoln on the world is a living industry. How much can a person say about Lincoln before throwing-up from repetition?

As you know, Steven Spielberg is producing a biography film of the sectional civil rights president. So Lincoln is awash with Jewish approval of the Federal war against Southern kinfolks. No doubt, Spielberg will heap much praise on the Great Emancipator and his successful effort to restore the mandatory alliance. Lincoln's sad-sack appearance (crocodile tears), phony political conversation and effected manner that the weight of the universe was on his shoulders served him well.

It's true that the Southern Country is sanctioned by nature's god: Lincoln and Kennedy waged war on the South and were put down. German mercenaries fought against ole Dixie. But they suffered terrible loss against Stonewall's Valley Campaign. The lifelong sorrow recoiled across the Atlantic to many of the once happy homes they left for the promise of a federal paycheck. The Clansman, a novel and play was Thomas Dixon's answer to Uncle Tom's Cabin. The Birth of a Nation was based on Dixon's book. It was the highest grossing film of the silent film era. A masterpiece of Southern racism and resistance. ~ LW

have a happy white thanksgiving

sir i want to say have a happy white thanks giving tomorrow i know we whites do not have that much to be thankful for these days however our ancestors created western civilization and all the technology that we see today the white race is the sole purpose why we are as advanced and sophisticated as our lives are now good and bad you must take one with the other after all we do not live in a utopia who would want to anyhow as i say that is social marxism our race has had the greatest explorers in history from Lewis and Clark to Columbus to the great Viking explorers remember they discovered america first way before the mongolian indians did so mr.metzger we whites have many things to be thankful for despite all the negativity that we see floating around these days because negativity is counter productive to our cause and people we must look at what our people have done and will do in the very near future can you imagine where we would be if our great ancestors would have threw there hands in the air and given up without even trying so sir we must fight on and never surrender as Robert Mathews said in his final speech one hundred hearts one beat thank you sir

p.s. sir do you have derrick macthomas email address or Australia calling's email address if you have please pass it along thank you sir

SCUM Leyden Lying

Tom, I remember this guy!

He is BS saying he changed because his kids started saying racist shit.. lol I think he sold out to save his ass and made a deal with the Feds. Any info to 100% confirm this for a video would be appreciated!

Harassing Willie Nelson is open ended

TT, Scumbag establishment can't win a war or find Bin Laden, but arresting the legendary Willie Nelson for possesing a plant found in nature is not a problem. Cheap publicity at the expense of a folk musician. What a diversion for the income tax slaves across America. Sierra Blanca, Texas has a long history of molesting unsuspecting drivers on Interstate 10. ~ LW

Israel and the Global Frottage Pat Down Rape

BOGART Now I see that South Korea, at the behest of the world ruling Zionist parasite monsters has stirred up trouble with North Korea. I know that the wholly owned Zionist press will say the opposite so I know that that's the lie and whatever the opposite of that is, is the truth. The dictator of North Korea is like St. Francis next to the Zio-Ogre, H.P. Lovecraft inspired beast, from unmentionable deeps.

Is something going wrong in your life? The cause is Israel. Are you having a bad day? The cause is Israel. Has someone lied or done something ugly anywhere in the world today? The cause is Israel. Any country interested in its own survival must immediately seize all Zionist owned banks and businesses and seize all their assets and evict every single one of them. Through history nearly every nation on Earth has done this at least once. There must be a reason. This is a parasite lifeform that attacks the host country's body and then sucks the life force out of it.

Little Jews?

How accurate George Lincoln Rockwell was in his famous Playboy interview: "The big Jews sacrifice the little Jews the way a general sacrifices soldiers to achieve an objective."

Thousands of the two million little Jews in NYC breathed in the asbestos that floated for weeks over Gotham after 9/11. What does Rothschild care?

I think a huge number of Jews and half-Jews are waking up.

John de Nugent

Race & Reason

Just saw your show on public access; my family loves it. It's good to see someone who isn't afraid to blatantly speak the truth. Keep up the good work!

TT says: Thank you. Spread the word. What region are you in? – The show is shown in several areas. Tom Metzger

The world will run out of oil around 100 years before replacement energy sources are available, if oil use and development of new fuels continue at the current pace, a US professors warn. The current share prices of oil companies and alternative energy companies was used to predict when replacement fuels will be ready to fill the gap left when oil runs dry.

TT says: 3 billion in the non-white world live with no power at all. Every hour at least 1 to 2 hundred thousand people are born. No matter how much oil there is it can't possibly keep up with non-white millions who are using more and more oil. God bless capitalism, which makes the rope that will hang itself.

Who Killed JFK?

I don't really care about the Kennedy deaths.
But I do care about truth. Their involvement
in changing our immigration laws to favor the
non-white world instead of Europe, along with
that swine Johnson, forever brands them all
as RACE TRAITORS. ~ Tom Metzger


Thom's blog: The Bailout Trickle Down Scam
American businesses posted the largest profits ever - and moved our jobs to China!

Between July and September this year - American businesses posted the largest profits ever - nearly 1.7 trillion dollars! Never have US companies been so profitable in the history of this country. In fact - this this is part of a steady trend that started when worker salaries began to flatten out with Reaganomics. Most recently, corporations have seen their profits steadily increase every quarter since 2009 - and then they went through the roof the last few months. Yet what have we seen in the labor market? Nothing!

In fact - as businesses started making profits again last year - job losses continued. And now - even as we are seeing record-breaking CEO and stockholder profits - job growth is anemic. Why is that? Reagan told us that hiring would start when companies and their rich stockholders and CEOs started making profits again, and they used those profits to hire employees. That's how trickle-down economics says a labor market recovers from a recession. But Reaganomics - which we're still following after thirty failed years - is a crock.

What makes economies recover is when workers have money in their pockets to buy things. Combine that with trade policies that keep manufacturing here in the US, and you have an economy. People buy things, that creates demand for products, which makes factories hire, which gives workers more paychecks. But after 30 years of Reagan/Clinton/Tom Friedman trade policy insanity, that chain has been broken and the factories - and thus the jobs - are now in China. 2 years ago - we all bailed out CEOs with taxpayer money - saving their butts - now those same CEO's are taking that money and running to China and India to build more factories. Oh - and they want a tax cut too. When are we going to realize our nation's relationship with corporate CEOs in no longer mutually beneficial?

Now it's simply parasitic!

TT says: It's Class War is what it is!


Is the bottom in?

Wake Up White Man !! Breakout !!!

Lone Wolf

E N D  Jew T H I N K !!!