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10 OCTOBER 2010

The INSURGENT is an association of motivated White Racists, each a Leader in his or her own right. Insurgent Associates promote the Lone Wolf tactic, where even small cell networking is limited or non-existent. Associates serve the Idea that whatever is Good for the White Race is highest Virtue, and that whatever is Bad for It is ultimate ERROR. They devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the Insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I honor the memory of Robert J. Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan Heroes who have dedicated their lives to the Freedom and Advancement of the White Race, in all of its variations, and I pledge, as a White racist, absolute loyalty only to our own!


Another Jewish colony was established in China between
960 and 1126, composed of Jews that came from India.
There are millions of China Jews!

The China Jew

Jews have used their women in China to ensnare great leaders, following the rules fixed in the Book of Esther, which tells how the Jewish Esther, hiding her Israelite origin and religion, beguiled the Persian Emperor into falling in love and marrying her, thus becoming Empress of Persia. From this position, she engineered the appointment of her uncle as the Prime Minister, resulting in the first Purim.

Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek marry Jews

Esther 1 Esther 2 In China, the Soong family of Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou Jews obtained great success in this century by the same means. One of the Song sisters married Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the man who ousted the ancient Chinese monarchy and founded the Republic, becoming the first President. Another sister married Marshall Chiang Kai-shek, President of Nationalist China. Sun Yat-sen's widow became a member of the Maoist Popular China, where she presently lives and where, with the prestige of being the widow of the national hero, she can undoubtedly help the plans of international Judaism in ensuring that a clandestine Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou Jew, or at least a Gentile Chinese easily manageable by the Jews, will succeed Chairman Mao Tse-tung when he dies.

Lost Opportunity in Manchuria

As in other countries, communities of Ashkenazim, Sephardic, Arab, Indian, Russian, German, Roumanian and other Jews have authorized, since their arrival in China, mixed marriages with Gentile Chinese; children with partially Chinese features came from these marriages, who after getting married with other Gentile persons of the country, had children with more Chinese than Jewish appearance. Later, mixed marriages have increased the number of fifth columnist Israelites, whose racial appearance is Chinese but who in secret are members of the nation of Israel, increasing in this way the clandestine Israelite fifth column.

The Fall The Japanese did not know these secrets of Judaism, and they tried to eradicate it using wrong methods, similar to those used during almost two thousand years by other nations in the world. In 1942 they closed all Synagogues, but they did not know that any time Gentile governments, through the centuries, have used this method, it has only served to force Israelites to turn from public Jews, identified as such, to clandestine Jews that hide their adherence to the nation of Israel, apparently being assimilated among the people in whose land they live; thus becoming more dangerous. In this way, due to the Japanese mistake, public Judaism in Manchuria massively sunk into clandestinity, except those who emigrated with their enterprises to the south of China and other places.

Bakunin, and now Mao

The fact that in some countries in Europe, and especially in America, there are Jews leading the Maoist organizations, has made some people wrongly believe that Maoist communism is also controlled by the Jewish imperialism. However, what is really happening is that world Judaism – imitating Karl Marx's tactic of annulling Bakunin's International by infiltrating and controlling it with Israelite agents – tries to do the same with the international communist movement that Mao Tse-tung has been creating. These public or clandestine Jews who pretend to be enemies of the Soviet Union and its satellite communist parties, infiltrate and obtain leading positions in Maoist organizations of different countries; little by little they obtain control over many of those organizations or parties, often following a genuine struggle against the puppet Moscow parties.

Judaism, as always, will win this game if it succeeds in taking over Maoist parties and organizations throughout the world, just as it won when it succeeded in infiltrating the International movement of the Gentile revolutionary, Michael Bakunin.

~ Chinese Communism and Chinese Jews (1969, Itsvan Bakony)

Taiping Rebellion

Chinese Spaceship Orbits Moon

TT says:
Paid for by stupid American middle class whites!

By Deception Do War
To Facilitate Infiltration
B'nai B'rith

The self-government enjoyed by Judaic communities throughout the world, and the ambition of their leaders to command ever greater economic and political power, often provokes deep conflict between them. Some of these things remain secret, but others spread scandalously, to be seen clearly by goyim.

In 1928, feuding Ashkenazim and Sephardic Jews in Shanghai met under the auspices of the ruling lodge of Masonry – B'nai B'rith – which was extending its dominance throughout China. The situation was successfully defused. One worldwide goal of B'nai B'rith is to conciliate such rivalries and disagreements, promoting harmony and progress among various Jewish communities and rites. Another is to co-ordinate solidarity against goyim through organizations like the ADL and AIPAC.

B'nai B'rith is the modern Sanhedrin!

Honored Aryans

Creating a future.
Roper Attacked by Repug

"I will not participate in the League of Women Voters forum tomorrow if Billy Roper, a write in candidate who spews anti-Semitic hate speech, takes part. While I value the 1st Amendment, I will not help provide a political platform for a white supremacist. For weeks, I have been calling for series of serious debates with Governor Beebe to discuss the challenges and issues that face Arkansas, but I cannot in good conscience help legitimize Roper's candidacy," said Republican Jim Keet.

Read the whole article here: Beebe and Keet to appear at Forum with Roper?

Billy Roper
P.O. Box 2024
Russellville, AR 72811

Phone: 479-284-0356
Cell: 479-747-1368

NPA Presidential Candidate, 2012
Vote Nationalist Party of America!

The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the Federal Communications Commission that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was honest, equitable and balanced.

Reagan's FCC Chairman announced in 1985 that the doctrine violated free speech rights, and by August 1987, the FCC abolished the Fairness Doctrine!

Break the stranglehold of rich media corporations against true Free Speech!


Tom Metzger for Congress
P.O. Box 401
Warsaw, IN 46581

574-267-5036 • 888-570-4114


The MAIN way Jews conquer the world:
They create a greedy and corrupt Right Wing
which drives the Working Class to the Left
where Marxists scoop them all up!
~ Hervé Ryssen ~

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Who's Behind It?

UN safe?

• Abolish Organic Farming
• Promote GM Food and Livestock
• Eliminate Ingredients Labeling
• Restrict Natural Remedies

Behind the Codex Alimentarius Commission is the United Nations and the World Health Organization working in conjunction with the multinational pharmaceutical cartel and international banks. Its initial efforts in the US with the FDA were defeated, so it found another ally in the FTC. Now Codex, with the FTC and the pharmaceutical cartel behind it, threatens to become a trade issue, using the campaign of Operation Cure-All to advance its goals.

Codex began simply enough when the U.N. authorized the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization to develop a universal food code. Their purpose was to 'harmonize' regulations for dietary supplements worldwide and set international safety standards for the purposes of increased trade. Pharmaceutical interests stepped in and began exerting their influence. Instead of focusing on food safety, Codex is using its power to promote worldwide restrictions on vitamins and food supplements, severely limiting their availability and dosages.


This is to bring about international 'harmonization.' While global harmony sounds benign, is that the real purpose of this plan? While the stated goal of Codex is to establish unilateral regulations for dietary supplements in every country, the actual goal is to outlaw health products and information on vitamins and dietary supplements, except those under their direct control. These regulations would supersede United States domestic laws without the American people's voice or vote in the matter. Treaty Law supercedes Constitutional Law.

Codex Alimentarius website

Codex Alimentarius USDA website

Missionaries Work For Big Pharma

Shaman's natural remedies replaced by rows of bottles!

White Hater Retires

Warsaw (INS) - Morris Casuto, stringer for the Jewish supremacist B'nai B'rith cabal, is retiring from their Anti-Defamation League after four decades promoting the destruction of living conditions for White people in Southern California. To send him off, a 'Gold Watch Dinner' will be held October 17th in La Jolla (details below). A native of New York City, Casuto had eschewed his Asian studies in the early 1970s to become a paid sayanim when corralled by his first katsas, the cabal's then ADL director.

In those days, increasingly effective efforts by Tom Metzger to rid Southern California of illegal aliens were eventually thwarted by Casuto and SPLC co-conspirator Morris Dees, through intrigues surrounding a contrived 'hate-crime' trial in Portland, Oregon. Suborned perjury, paid for by recorded sexual deviant Dees, ultimately sealed Metzger's fate, assisted by silence from nearly every White Nationalist leader, even as the case was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Noted exceptions were supporters Pastor Bob Miles, Pastor Richard Butler, and J.B. Stoner.

In one successful scheme, ADL pressure, directed by operative Casuto, forced the San Diego Sheriff's Department to actually support ongoing illegal alien invasions of its own County. Informants were deployed into anti-illegal organizations, such as Metzger's Border Watch, which undermined their ability to save the region.

He is someone to be dealt with when push comes to shove. ~ Former Asst. Sheriff Bill Flores, spokesman for La Raza's El Grupo

I'm very sad to see Morris retire. ~ Sheriff Bill Gore

Gold Watch Dinner
Date: October 17, 2010
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Venue: Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines
Location: La Jolla, California

Please join the Anti-Defamation League of San Diego at our Gold Watch Dinner honoring Regional Director Morris Casuto upon his retirement. Morris has been with the Anti-Defamation League for 37 years and has served for 33 of these years as the Regional Director of the San Diego office.

Tickets: $250 per person
For more information, please call 619.293.3770.

TT says: $250 a pop?! Only Jews and Crooked Cops can afford that much. He spent his career trying to trap Tommy using his Butt-Buddy Cops, Feds, a Jew Sheriff – the entire Law Enforcement Community – but he never really put a glove on me. However, he knows the gloves I put on him, but is too embarrassed to tell!

For my people
Duke Channel Removed/Reinstated

SUCCESS! YouTube Finally Responded and Removed Antisemitic/Racist David Duke YouTube Channel!

Well, the antisemitic and neo-Nazi forums are abuzz! The David Duke ("drduke") YouTube channel has now, finally, been eliminated!

It just goes to show, hard work, determination, and patience pay off! We've urged our supporters to report the David Duke YouTube channel for quite some time. Back in April, we published Rabbi Dov Coder's Letter to YouTube Regarding David Duke's Antisemitic YouTube Account in full. It seems that the folks at Google/YouTube finally got around to reading it, and responding to our thousands of complaints, as the David Duke YouTube channel is now gone! ~ JIDF

TT says:  What goes around comes around all you KIKEJEWS! You never Know when to back off!

Well, that didn't last long. Tom's right – KikeJews are often paper tigers:

TT says:  Where's all the right wing hysteria when Tom Metzger's banned from Youtube? Inquiring minds would like to know.

The electric telegraph had come on the scene in the 1840s and was gradually being adopted for both civilian and military uses. In the U.S. Army during the Civil War, however, the electric telegraph was by and large kept out of the hands of military commanders in the field and served instead as a rather private tool for Secretary of War Edwin Stanton and his personal staff – much to the consternation of Chief Signal Officer Myer.

The Signal Corps made do with the less powerful Beardslee telegraph, a magneto-electrical device (pictured here). Writes Raines, describing the battle of Chancellorsville: "The Beardslee's revolving magnets could not generate enough electricity to transmit signals more than about five to eight miles. Therefore, it alone could not connect the new commander of the Army of the Potomac, Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker, situated on the south side of the Rappahannock, with his chief of staff, General Butterfield, at general headquarters over ten miles away on the other side of the river. Using both electrical and visual signals, the Signal Corps took three hours to deliver messages between them:

"The system broke down completely when Hooker and Butterfield overloaded it, sending more messages than the officers and equipment could handle... The inadequacy of the Union's field communications contributed to the failure of the Chancellorsville campaign."

Environment and Race


Pacific Jet Stream

The Jet Stream plays an extremely important role in Planetary Weather. It has three main parts: Arctic, Pacific, and Sub-Tropical. The most important is the Pacific Jet Stream.

The Jet Stream always flows from West to East. It varies in speed by 60 to 80 mph from slowest to fastest. The variation in speed has profound effect upon Planetary Weather. At it's fastest it flows around the Earth in a near perfect circle, but at it's slowest it makes deep convolutions south, turning north five to seven times around the Earth.

QBO Winds above the Jet Stream cause it to slow down or speed up. They flow in Both directions, cycling every 26-29 months between West to East and East to West. When QBO Winds flow West to East the Jet Stream speeds to it's maximum. When they flow East to West the Jet Stream slows to it's minimum.

The Pacific Jet Stream at it's maximum speed flows just south of the Canadian-American border. This has an effect on air masses beneath it which prevent Colder Canadian air from mixing with Warmer American air – meaning NO RAIN. This activity often means Drought everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere: USA, Europe, and Russia. A nearly opposite effect occurs when QBO Winds flow East to West and the Jet Stream is at it's slowest.

One reason for Russia's historic 2010 Drought was the Jet Stream at it's maximum speed. This also resulted in America's declining crop yields. In 2012, QBO Winds will again flow West to East and the Jet Stream will again reach it's top speed. This may result in similar or worse Northern Hemisphere Drought conditions.

There are other factors, but Jet Stream speed is a Primary reason for Drought in the Northern Hemisphere.

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

Power Tools:
Home and Work

I just took a friend's "Skillsaw" apart to find the trouble; Surprisingly, the bearing on the back [- no load side] of the armature was frozen to the shaft and spun - "melted" - ruined the plastic housing - Lack of lubrication, the cause.

From my experience; These "homeowner" type power tools; "Less Expensive" Power Drills, Saws, jig-saws, and grinders are quite inferior in the "bearings" dept. If you own these types of tools the best you can do to prolong their life is LUBRICATE the Critical bearings, gears, and shafts occasionally - they'll last twice or three times as long. Some disassembly required here.

As for the Skillsaw, it had NO "ball bearings" - only oil-lite bushings; A defective design for longterm use, so occasional extra lubrication is the fix. Oil-lite bearings in a motor - probably turning 3,500 - 8,000+ RPM? - Trouble just waiting to happen!

Here are other ones you never think of; Have you ever lubricated your bench Vise? Wheel barrow & lawn mower wheels? Locks, Door & Hood hinges on the Car? How about windshield wiper pivots and the linkage? Speedometer cable? Do it once a year if possible. Shooting a little WD-40 into outdoor locks just before Winter Freezing will save you some aggravation.

As for expensive Commercial Grade power tools; I service-repair the ones at work occasionally. Here you have suitable "sealed" ball bearings that usually don't give trouble, but the failures are usually worn out armature brushes and the "gears". The gears fail from lack of lubrication - again. Power cords, switches, brushes and gears - the ball bearings usually last 300% as compared to all these.

Gun maintenance? Lubrication again, store in a DRY place and STILL "GREASE" the Barrel inside for long term storage. {and Grease must be removed before shooting!} WD-40 is NOT a long term lubricant, rust protectorant - BUT there are similar spay-ons with a sort of WAX in the oil that dries to a thin protective coating - these work much better.

If you follow thru on these tips, you'll save money.

Brrrr Survival Stove – Cheap

YOU MUST STAY WARM in Winter and have some way to Heat Food and purify - heat Water. IF the POWER goes out for extended times. So an alternate INDEPENDENT & CHEAP Energy source is a must;

But "Wood Stoves" are Expensive - they can be,,, but...
Just happened to notice that Sportsman's Guide catalog [1-800-888-3006] has an iron barrel stove kit - casting set for just $49.97 plus $10.50 shipping. [Google shows some other prices at $40.] You simply find a good used 55 gal. Barrel and cut-drill appropriate holes to install the parts. The "kit" itself will last a lifetime by just replacing the barrel part - very rarely. Even with NO firebrick - just relying on the ash for a "bed" - My "homemade" "welded" barrel stove parts are 20+ Years old and going strong with their 2nd barrel installed. Absolutely 100% reliable! - Few things in life are...

If you end up never needing it? Just use it to burn trash in the back yard in the meantime.

BUT if You DO need it? If the power goes out in Winter? YOU'LL REALLY NEED IT!!

SlitPower Reloading the 9mm

9mm is pretty small but it's effectiveness is enhanced with the modern expanding hollow-point fragmenting bullet [#3 in the photo].

[#1]; primers here are "Tula" [Wolf] RUSSIAN Import - and they work just like CCI or others. Cost was amazingly only $20. per 1,000 but added Hazmat shipping charge caused I and a friend to go in together on the order - splitting the $25. hazmat charge. {the Russian "small" primers were all that was avail. from this source}

For 9mm you'll need a "Resizing" Die and case mouth "expansion" Die, also a "decapper" - de-primer pin = shoves the old primers out. None of this shown here.

[#2]; I tested both Aluminum and Brass cases, and both large and small primers, [aluminum tested better in 9mm than .45] Everything worked well but Brass cases are recommended for longevity.

Because there is so little room for the powder charge, use "Bullseye Pistol Powder" [takes up less space] and the bullet SPACING in the 9mm CASE is IMPORTANT because of internal pressure on firing; The more space, the safer, so the bullet should be OUT as far as practical with 9mm.

During testing, I set the powder charge DOWN to 4.5 grains and set the bullet OUT further than shown here at [#4].

At close range these hollow points would be real "killers"!

SlitBoost 9mm Test

Tested the 9mm Reloads today; Every method; Brass with small primers, brass with big primers, aluminum with big primers, etc.

5 grains of "Bullseye" or "Red Dot" in "little old" 9mm luger is a pretty hot load; flattened out primers and a stout recoil "kick" just like the .45 acp. I'll test 4.5 grains next - minus 10%; should get less kick and alittle more accuracy.

{Aluminum reloaded shells in the 9mm cal. work quite well - expect more frequent cracks though, same as .45.}

If you haven't bought a gun YET, My God! Get going! {Experienced advice about this avail..}:

The "good" - quality automatic hand guns are more expensive - AND WORTH IT! Figure $650 to $1200 - used and new. DON'T buy a "cheap" - "junk" gun! Even an "old" quality gun is much better - worn parts are replacable. AND there are plenty of rifles available quite cheap now.

Wake UP! It's getting late. ~ Philosopher


Hi TT,

Marshmellows anyone? The Municipal WATER Supply in BROWNTOWN was cut to a Trickle Yesterday. As a Result this house burned while Fire Fighters Looked on Helplessly:

Authorities located the source of the Trouble and it wasn't the Machinery that my WHITE GREAT GRANDFATHER installed in 1901. NO, it was some LAZY NIGGER, hired by the new mayor, who FORGOT to change a water Filter.

Water pressure lost; fire and health risk!

Trenton's continuing water pressure crisis forced city firemen to call in tankers from other towns this morning to fight a blaze that ended up gutting a house on Lamberton Street in the South Ward.

Reported at about 10:40 a.m., the flames spread quickly as firemen found their hoses lacking enough pressure to battle the blaze. Water tankers from Florence and other suburbs hit the scene to help city firemen. Soon it came out that a new Water Works employee with ties to the Mayor caused the problem by failing to show for work Sunday when called to come to take care of clogged filters that were getting worse due to high water in the Delaware River.

With the filters clogging and the new worker not responding to calls on his cell phone, the intake at the filtration plant was closed at noon Sunday, which in 24 hours had the amount of water in the Trenton reservoir down 188 inches.

This is what happens when Non-Whites are allowed to run the Machinery. Just sit back and enjoy the show. It's funny as hell.

With Love and Admiration for our Associates.... Lone Wolf BROWNTOWN

Ghost Wolf Volunteer Report: Quality of Shows & more

Very good work boys. I can tell there's some audio engineering go'n on. Bigger files, bigger workload, but much more enjoyable listening experience.

The "Old Man Chronicles" of West Virginia labor struggles with the capitalist was pregnant with lessons for the future. He has a good story telling voice, a good story to tell, and better yet, he and his kin folk lived it. It doesn't get any better. Thanks to Wolf Wall Street!

Let me report on some of my activities:

First I'm an underground guy, not known, don't want to be known. My activity has been volunteering. Yes that's right volunteering. You can volunteer to counties, cities, the homeland security, banquet committees and so on. You're probably thinking "He's giving away his valuable labor to help the system?" Yes, that's correct. That's the only thing I have to give them in exchange to get thier protocols, names, secrets... their anxieties, or lack of anxiety. Do a Google search for volunteering. Find something and learn a little. Soon enough you'll be a pro. After a couple of years, you find yourself on the inside. Take notes, remember who the rats are. Remember who the good guys are. This arena is great to practice your leadership and speaking skills. As soon as you become the most knowlegible you become the go to person, and you get to rise in rank.

Never Dead! Also, and now here's the fun part. Do you remember the book "Wasp"? I read it. I use the tactics in that book to put one sub-group against another. Rumors - gotta have'm, learn to use'm. Misinformation? Find a useful idiot and put it to work. I use these against competing groups. Sympathy is currency, because our DNA says it is; learn to trade in sympathy. The thing is that this stuff works. I have my own laboratory. I'm learning how to recruit assets (and make them like it), just like TJ Waters did for the CIA in his book called the Class of 911. It fits the lone wolf strategy, it's effective, it keeps me sharp and practicing for 'that' day. You will definately find yourself in the midst of Jews doing the same thing as you. You may find yourself a new Jewish friend. They recognize talent and seek it out like a moth to flame. Parasites don't seek the sick and the lame.

One caveat fella's. You will develop new friendships with those who do not follow your ideas. You must have the strength to keep it in. Otherwise it can all go bad. For true, it's not risk free. ~ GWV

PS 1 - I use your lessons, attitude, and tactics all the time. I feel like a spy living behnd enemy lines. Thanks for the education.

PS 2 - I read the Werewolf book. Good lessons but it was difficult to read. (I see GWR's fingerprints all over it.) A good first start. Tell him to keep it up.

Of that which nothing is known, nothing can be said.

No chance! Wiretaps upheld in Mahon case

A federal court judge has ruled that wiretaps taken during an investigation into the 2004 mail bombing is admissible as evidence.

Twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Mahon are scheduled to stand trial next year [speedy trial?] in the bombing that badly injured Don Logan, who ran Scottsdale's diversity office at the time. He recovered and now works for Glendale. The Mahon brothers, 60, are avowed White supremacists with ties to White Aryan Resistance, a neo-Nazi supremacist organization, authorities said.

TT says: This of course is another KikeJew lie. The Mahons did not belong to any membership organization. If they are referring to White Aryan Resistance, WAR was never a membership organization. No membership cards, no uniforms, no dues, no organizational meetings. The Mahon brothers and Tom Metzger were simply friends with similar political/racial interests. The KikeJew loving feds and judges know this, as do the KikeJew newspapers. Show me a membership card or certificate you KikeJew liars! WAR is only being added to try and make it worse for the Mahons.

Early Years My SS Grandfather

Several years ago, my grandfather spoke about the famous speech that was made at Posen. My father who is a historian had a WAV file of the speech which he played back to my grandfather.

My grandfather was utterly shocked.

First off, he said that Heinrich Himmler would never have allowed himself to knowingly be recorded, so he was shocked that any kind of recording existed. Second, and most shocking, was that he said the speech that Himmler gave that day bore no resemblance to anything that was in the recording. He also said he did not even recognize Himmler's voice on the recording at all.

My grandfather said that during any war there are always many deaths, and World War II he said was no exception. He very openly stated there was a lot of corruption and distrust within the Nazi party. he explained everyone was grabbing for power and this often lead to murder or execution within the party. ~ AVAM

Inka Dinka Due Zionist Geert Wilders in Berlin








It's all Greek to me! ~ Casca

Lone Wolfs hit a Brick Wall

TT: Many of today's youth are so lacking in finger and hand skills that they can not write in "long hand".

There is a video of two Aryan Nations White brothers thought to be gun runners who had a shootout with System Force Men. It is a famous shooting. Lots of rounds fired on both side but no one hit. It was not intentional. Everyone was doing their best to hit their opponents. The first System Force Man is rapidly backing up while firing his autoloader. He has such little control of his autoloader that it is a wonder the gun doesn't fly out of his hands and hit him in the face. If it weren't for his rapid retreat it probable would have. The second System Force Man is behind a Suburban dealing with the driver when he pulls his handgun. He has such little control over his own handgun that it appears to be bouncing around or up and out of his hands. The handgun appears to be a "hot potato". To the public it looks like a big bad impressive shoot out. To me it looks like it was the first time in their lives that the two System Force Men ever held a handgun in their hands and weren't exactly sure how to hold them or how to operate them.

THIS IS A VERY FAMOUS SHOOTOUT. It has been shown on the boob tube many times over the years. But the above reasons are the real reasons why none of the shooters ON EITHER SIDE were able to shoot their opponents. Neither the two White brothers nor the two System Force Men had the mechanical aptitude with their fingers and hands to hold their handguns with any reasonable skill to hit their opponents.

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

TT says: It depends on the situation. Given another set of cops and suspects the story could have been much different. If you dwell on the negative, every act becomes negative. If you keep balanced you will see good things happen also.

Someone mentioned information from WIKIPEDIA. That service is as Jewthink as you can get. After I read the Jew information that was written about me, I do not trust anything they say. Each time I try to put the truth into the page they change it right back to the lies that were in it before.

6 million – 2 years Effective Argument

Great to hear that you are doing well and healthy! Keep up the great work, you're our best voice out there.

Just finished listening to Wolf Wall Street's Sunday show and it was as good as ever. I think the Old Man has it right about the H-word in that it is the biggest and most effective argument the Jews (and our enemies) have in the battle against us and if that were taken away they would fall right on their face. The use by The Old Man of disclaiming the logic and validity of eyewitness accounts may be the answer, of course balance that with the technological and logistical studies that have been conducted to disprove the event, in combination, would make an affective weapon against them.

Again, as you say, "Race is everything" and that should remain our focus for all that we do in this Struggle. The use of logic and reason to spread our ideas to a selective audience is key to our success in the future. No matter the topic, whether it be the H-word, economics, the environment, foreign policy, religion, etc., it should all come down to what kind of an affect it has on our Race. We must remain focused on the goal of preserving and advancing our Race and not to become sidetracked on the sub topics in our Struggle.

Thanks again,
LW SoCal

P.S. A little feedback on the Sunday Show. I can see your point about the use of the Mexican owned tire shop this weekend, especially in light of the lack of a sympathetic alternative. I see no fault in your logic and the money that you saved only increased the money you have available for the Struggle.

Wilding Niggers: Polarizing

Hi, The pattern of attacking European-Americans has acquired a name, "polar bear hunting," so maybe whites in the college town of Champaign, Illinois, can make the case that they have been the victims of "hate crimes."

Typically, blacks and Hispanics are not charged with hate crimes. It is a charge reserved for European-American perpetrators and minority victims.

Attacks on the rise; similar beatings reported in 2008

Former TV weatherman victim of unprovoked attack

Seig Saucer White Flour!

When I saw the "apple" article on the NAV, I thought that anyone who sees anyone with those arm bands and uniforms should toss up a fascist salute and yell out: "White Flour"! I can see great possibilities for street theatre with things like this.
Lone Wolf

No need 4 conspiracy theories

Dear comrade,
I read alot of topics on the NAV and see alot of theories and ideas on the internet, its all fine and dandy but some people buy into some weird shit that leads to nowhere. These theories just make people think the govt. is more powerful than it actually is. We need to purge out these ideas and focus on solid rationality. For example

The Holocaust: you and i can agree this is beating a dead horse. I do believe hitler killed 6 million jews and Im GLAD! I just wish he focused on the rabbis and jews with real power instead of your common tame jews, they were bystanders but no point arguing bout it now.

9/11: Sorry, i dont think israel did it. It was a bunch of filthy rag heads and it just shows how ANY judaic religion is bad, in this case islam. Besides, i hate to say it but we had it coming for fucking around in affairs that should be left alone.

One world order: This includes theories from masons, bilderberger group, etc. etc. u hear this alot in right wing circles. the jews already run everything, and they want to keep people docile no point in trying to control them more most already act the way they want. Its only when someone acts up and fucks up their plans that govt. increase control. until then they wont change anything till shit hits the fan.

Constant bashing on communism: Last i check we are a capitalist nation and are roughly 50% white, Russia was commie and is 80-90% white hmm, makes me wonder? yes it was made by jews but many of them despised their jewish heritage and the soviets had an effect plan of freedom of worship instead of religion, which means you can keep it to your self but cross that line and you will suffer. it ain't a great thing, obviously it turned bad in the end but aryan socialism on the other hand could work.

Constant Obama bashing: he's not socialist, muslim, commie, or an illegal. He's a nigger and a politician, that's enough reason to hate him. the right wing over does this and just makes themselves look stupid.

This is all i can think of now but others exist. We have to base our struggle on passion but to throw out logic would be a blow to our credibility and leads to going in circles. If other lone wolves take anything from this its to think before they buy into some theory or it could lead to one kicking their own ass.

Reaper wolf 14/88

just my opinion

Why not releave yourself and all of your mateys by commiting mass suicide ? I know ways in which it will be practically painless. Anyways, there are better ways of spending the short amount of days on this globe Whatever happens, you should conclude every day with keywords like love and respect, not hatred and death. I'm sorry for you and all the people you infect with sick thaughts. you are in fact robbing them of a normal succesful and above all a happy life ! You are blaming innocent humans for your own dissapointments and incapability. And why the hell do you think you can pull stunts like the ignorant german did in 40-45 ? I do not believe in god, and your excistince almost makes his non-excistance a fact, but if he is there, i wish you forgiveniss from him.

Well, just took the time to mail you, after watching a documentary on national geographic in my country, telling you that you are wrong. And linking a race or colour to a sort of character.. Thats beyond ignorant!! And remember that i am white 100 %. And therefor have a good character, as you state yourself, and therefor you should link value to my spoken words. I know this has no effect on you whatsoever because you are stuck in your own created moment and unwillingly to adjust any of your principles. Just wanted to let you know that you dont represent me and with me probs 99% of all white humans on this globe.

Let me ask you this.. If one of your loved ones would be in the hospital with a need for some sort of lifesaving organ... ANd you would find out after the surgery that a black person offered his organ to save that persons life.... Would you shoot your loved one

Well, mister Metzger, i would like to conclude my message with telling you that its never to late to leave the path of hatred and walk the path of love. Take each and every person for what he or she is and does..

With kind regards,
Bas Donkers

Ps. There are more whites on this globe with a normal attitude towards whatever population then there are rascists. So your ideaoligy,.. is an ideology of a minority. In other words, you out of all people should understand what it means to be a minority.

Dear Race Mixer:
Why don't you start the clean up by stopping all the race mixers from murdering people all over the world in the name of brotherhood. The U.S. Army and its allies proclaim not to be racist, but in reality they have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent non-whites in the middle east. Millions of Christians are all for helping Israel to kill thousands of Palestinians. On the other hand I haven't killed anyone!

You great lovers of all humanity kill infinitely more than my friends would ever think of killing. ~ Tom Metzger

Hidden travesty

RAND Hires BP Disaster Master Thad Allen

In your face payoff so soon?!

Peak Oil Production By Decade's End?

No Social Security COLA for 2011

But Billions in Bonuses for Bailout Bastards!!!

States plan joint inquiry into foreclosure fraud

When KikeJews/Jewthinkers manage the peoples money!

Israelis desecrate graves of Blacks AND Jews

Another Bank Bailout Sought

Ongoing White Working Class Desiccation.

More Tales of Brave Ulysses

Strafing for Peace

The 'Rock' calls in Warthog attack!

UberMenschen U.S. Army Paratroopers from 2nd Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry Regiment, "The Rock", 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, call in an A-10 Warthog to engage Insurgent position with 30mm gatling gun in Korengal valley, Afghanistan.

Additional info: "The distance was no more than 500 meters and this is after we had just gotten attacked from multiple positions, this being only one of them, and in a village we visited frequently and were shot at on the way in and on the way out just about every f******g time and in a place where we took contact on a daily basis, some from far some from close."

TT says: Audio (mp3)

White Germans vs Destroyers

Populace says NO!

Kraut Heel 1   Kraut Heel 2
Stuttgart: Water Cannon, Gas Used Against Protesters

The Beast!
Old Growth Chestnut Trees Make Way For 'Progress'

Kraut Iron Heel In Action

Around 600 police used water cannon, tear gas, pepper spray and batons in an operation against over 1,000 demonstrators in the southwestern city of Stuttgart on Thursday. The activists had tried to use a sit-down protest to prevent the city's Schlossgarten park from being cleared so that work could begin on felling trees in the park as part of construction work on the new station. Thursday's officially registered demonstration was attended by a broad cross-section of society, including pensioners and children.

The Stuttgart 21 project involves moving the city's main railway station underground and turning it from a terminus into a through station. The project is controversial because of its $5.38 billion price tag, because of the trees that will be cut down in the Schlossgarten park, and because the project does not make sense from a transport point of view, as few main lines go through the city.

This will cause political problems for the state government, a coalition of Angela Merkel's center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the business-friendly Free Democratic Union.

Supremes Reject Seale Appeal


Obvious KikeJew Court Bias

Wake Up White Man !! Breakout !!!

Lone Wolf

E N D  Jew T H I N K !!!