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Associates devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the Insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I Honor the Memory of Robert J. Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan Heroes throughout history who dedicated their lives to the Freedom and Advancement of our White Race, in all of its variations; and I Pledge, as a White Racist, Loyalty Only To Our Own!

Spraying Death

Crime Scene

Sickened family has Corexit in swimming pool!

"Our heads are still swimming," stated Barbara Schebler of Homosassa, Florida, who received word last Friday that test results on the water from her family's swimming pool showed 50.3 ppm of 2-butoxyethanol, a marker for the dispersant Corexit 9527A used to break up and sink BP's oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

I just saw this on Facebook this morning and I'm completely nauseous!!! I wish this was a theory. Unfortunately, lab results are included in the source material. The part that REALLY sickens me, literally AND figuratively, is that it came in from either the wind or the rain, quite likely both.


Hey TT,
In response to your questions asked on the radio show. First in regards to taking on the title of Socialist. I'm in full agreement with that! We have much more in common with Socialists then we will ever have with Conservatives! The only real issue I see standing between us and current Socialists is the race issue. I would caution however that it is highly unlikely that we will somehow convert traditional Socialists to our racial view points. I think we would just be wasting our time with that.

Instead I think we will have to pave our own way. Go back to the original National-Socialist ideals prior to Hitler embracing the German military-industrial complex, and removing the German Nationalist aspects. Maybe the term Racial Socialists would fit us better? Socialism is a good thing in a Racially homogeneous society. It only becomes destructive to us when the principals are applied in Multi-racial societies because the Muds will infect and feed off the society as natural parasites. ~ Wolf 5W

The Greatest Fear of KikeJew and Jewthinker Elites

Left and Right combine
to Destroy Them!

Revolution in America!

This is a message to the people of America and the people of the world. The American government, as pawns of the Jews and organizations like the Bilderberg Group, is staging a revolt. They want the people of America (and at different stages the people of the world) to revolt against each other. Thus the making of such racially propagandist movies as "Machete". Thus the information made available about the "Obama Deception". It is all carefully staged and timed to pit the peoples of America against each other, especially the Mexicans, Latin Americans and Whites, so as to make the implementing of the North American Union possible. To force those true patriots, those proud of their racial lineage and ancestry into the open, so that you can be easily identified.

The American government (Jews) has already started building detainment camps and putting together a Civilian army in preparation for this revolt. It is their plan, when the revolution starts, to arrest all those who oppose them publicly or through their internet websites, those who dare to make the truth known, who still think for themselves, and put them in these detainment camps. Then the American government (Jews) will enforce the patriotism act on those who dared to utilize their freedom of speech, for they will be TERRORISTS -- a threat to the safety of the United States of America. Under this cloak the arrests will be legal. And the people of America will allow this atrocity to happen, because 9/11 was engineered by the Jews for this purpose, to instill fear into the people of America.

You, who fight for truth and justice, your houses will be seized, your bank accounts, your livelihood taken away under the patriotism act. In these detainment camps you will be micro-chipped for as a prisoner of the State -- a terrorist -- you will have no rights. With this chip you will become the pawn of the Jew -- you will not be able to earn a living, to buy food, to even leave the country unless you do as they bid. Fellow Freedom Fighters for the Truth be careful -- this is not the time to speak out, this is the time to disappear into the cracks, into the woodwork -- to BIDE YOUR TIME. This is the time to outsmart the government (Jews) by not playing into their hands, but to start growing your own foods and medicines. To set up a barter system, to move away from GMO -- seeds and products that are taking away the livelihood and health of the people of the world, to buy preservative, additive free foods, to use fluoride free toothpaste, to go back to Nature.

This is the time to become self sufficient, less dependent upon your government (Jews) for survival.

Your governments want war, they want revolution, they want a NEW WORLD ORDER where billions will starve to death because of the Monsanto monopoly on seeds and agriculture. The rest will be mindless pawns living on inferior foods poisoned by additives and preservatives that lowers the IQ and makes us complacent and easy to control.

Only a handful of powerful people are (and already are) going to control the world -- more accurately the NEW WORLD ORDER. They are the Bilderberg Group, the Rothschilds, the Oppenheimers, British Royal Family -- and they are all JEWS. People of America, people of the world, now is not the time for revolution, now is not the time for violence, now is not the time for racial or religious wars. Now is the time to ENDURE, by not being dependent on your governments (Jews) for you food supplies and medicine supplies. DO NOT GROW GMO SEEDS -- THEY TO LEAD TO THE STARVATION OF THE PEOPLE OF THIS EARTH.

Now is the time to keep ALL RACES PURE, to become proud of your INDIVIDUAL RACIAL HERITAGE AND ANCESTRAL LINEAGE once again, for therein lies the strength and survival of all the nations of the world. Now is the time to use your CUNNING and RESOURCES to ENDURE. If you want to take your power back from the governments of the world -- from the Jews pulling the strings of the puppets in government -- if you feel the call inside you to keep your freedom of thought, your right to live as a free human being, your right to information and truth, then let us stand together and take back our pride and our ability to be masters of our own destiny.

There is no such thing as democracy, communism, Bolshevism, nationalism, Marxism, etc, they are all guises -- different shapes with the same content -- so that we would not see that they all spring from the same source, they are only tools in the hands of the Jews to divide and eventually conquer the people of the world into the NEW WORLD ORDER where everyone will be their slaves, their GOYIM.



1. Monsanto -- worlds most unethical and harmful investment/terminator technology and world wide famine and starvation

2. New World Order

3. Machete -- released in United States by Twentieth Century Fox (Jewish owned company) on September 3rd

4. North American Union


The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the Federal Communications Commission that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was honest, equitable and balanced.

Reagan's FCC Chairman announced in 1985 that the doctrine violated free speech rights, and by August 1987, the FCC abolished the Fairness Doctrine!

Break the stranglehold of rich media corporations against true Free Speech!

NAACP (1980): Metzger a 'Serious Threat'!

TT, This is the only article I have been able to find referencing the NAACP during your 1980 Congressional campaign. It is about the NAACP's concern about your candidacy and that Clair Burgener spoke at their local conference.

I have finally been able to locate where I can find past issues of the Oceanside Blade Tribune. They are available at the main Oceanside Library, which happens to be closed for remodeling until next week. It may be a week or two before I will be able to find out more.

LW So Cal


Tom Metzger for Congress
P.O. Box 401
Warsaw, IN 46581

574-267-5036 • 888-570-4114


The MAIN way Jews conquer the world:
They create a greedy and corrupt Right Wing
which drives the Working Class to the Left
where Marxists scoop them all up!
~ Hervé Ryssen ~

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Direct all email to only. Thanks! -- Tom Metzger


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La raza Blanco Unidas

This seven part interview is about as recent as it gets in terms of usable information and future expectations. Joel Skousen is also able to bridge Alex Jones' interruptions and continue his train of thought, unlike some of Alex's interviewees.

Interesting views on the Beck/Palen infiltration of the Tea Party movement, which while started by Ron Paul, I'll predict will veer as far away from Paul's sacking of the Federal Reserve scam as they possibly can. With hundreds of diversionary side issues hitting us daily, the only thing we all should be concentrating on is the ending of the privately owned FED, and a return to an honest monetary system controlled by government, and not private banksters. For those who still bother to vote, I would suggest they confine their voting to individuals within their cities and counties, and do not even go after state candidates, let along the federal ones. Down at local levels there may still be many not yet contaminated by the lure of wealth and position. Once they hit Washington city they must be written off as lost causes.

Wyoming Rancher

[Decent info on control of politicos, but gatekeeper Alex Jones, Mormon Skousen, and WR all fail the Jew Test. Also, scumbag Repug Kevin Phillips, who developed the White Race destroying "Southern Strategy", is favorably promoted by Jones and Skousen.]

Rutherford B. Hayes

I had always thought that President Rutherford B. Hayes was the worst President we ever had because he withdrew Federal troops from the South, ending Reconstruction, and the KKK took over.

Until 1888 a state could hand out a charter to a corporation, but could take it away if they didn't like what the corporation was doing. The Supreme Court said, "No, you can fine a corporation if they do something illegal, but you can't take away their right to live."

Hayes then said, "We no longer have a government of the people, by the people, for the people. We have become a government of corporations, by corporations, for corporations."

Pete Seeger

Eat meat & retreat
RALLY ... Really?

TT says: Waste of time and dangerous security problems.

ANP:   Nothing that promotes white pride and awakens our folk to the Jewish question is a waste of time. Your idea of "leaderless" Resistance is in my opinion a waste of time. You should be thankful that the ANP is doing something while others like yourself are just sitting behind a computer screen when you could be an activist and holding a public meetings instead of complaining about others who have the guts to get out from behind their computers.

TT says: You have no idea what I do and you would be the last person I would tell, lol. Fuck off. Have fun with the HOLLYWOOD NAZIs.

ANP:   Tom, I am not your enemy. I want to work with you not against you. Your just upset that I called you out on your idiotic leaderless resistance which is only an excuse for not engaging in public activism! Unless your going underground and hurting the enemy I don't want to hear such crap if your not killing or bombing enemy targets.

I never really had any great respect for you in the past due to your alliance with the degenerate tattooed skinhead thugs who are the lowest of the low undisciplined and cannot become real political soldiers in this legal* above ground struggle because white so-called leaders like yourself are filling their heads with silly Bolshevik terrorist ideas like leaderless resistance. Name me ONE revolution or war that was won without leaders? This is contrary to our Aryan nature. No, you are going to join the National Socialist American Workers Party and you are going to like it! You might even look good in a Brownshirt uniform without that stupid looking white trash hillbilly cowboy hat that you have been pictured wearing on your website. WAKE UP TOM! Its time to lead by example. Everything else is a waste of time if your not in the NSAWP!

Heil Hitler!

TT says: I'm not going to explain if you're too dense to see. Both leaderless resistance and lone wolf tactics are tried and true throughout the ages. Even the feds know that. They're employed all over the world.

What is not used, except in rare cases, is Uniform fetished parades by people with no power, who are being protected by the cops. By the way, I am a White Man -- not an American!

*Being legal in this KikeJew Talmudic Contract Law system is not a virtue. Natural Law will ultimately define our future, as even Common Law bows to Its Law of Lead!

Connecting the Dots?

Tom Metzger used to work for David Duke.

Tom says that Duke used to hang out with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom also says that Duke admitted to him in private that he worked for the CIA.

InFatuaShun Arnold went on to be a huge movie star and then became governor of California (which would be the 4th richest country in the world, if it was a country). He also married into the Kennedy family (I mean what are the odds).

Duke went on to be the figure head of the White Racialist movement in the USA. He now has connections in Iran and Ahmadinejad.

TT says: Not in secret, Duke said many times he worked for the U.S. in south east Asia training Laotian officers to speak English. This is a matter of public record.

How much time Duke spent with Arnold I don't know. But he called Arnold from my house to make arrangements. I was standing right next to him when he made the call.

Arnold used to stop at Nazi demonstrations and pick up a lot of anti black literature -- but never anti Jew literature.

Backscatter Mobile Inspection Van

Invasive Inspection

TT, This is the patent. Interesting! ~ LW So Cal

JOOM Journal: Recent Additions

Philosopher on Survival
6. Purity, and your Newer Auto

Cheese Wolf Great Lakes Lone Wolf Update

Howdy Terrible Tommy!

I have added some links here below. Today, I was on the bus because the wife had to use the car. I don't understand why niggers gotta sit by me. I was sitting in the back of the bus, this bald overweight buck Negroid dressed in a khaki shirt & blue jeans pants sits on the seats that face sideways by me. Man Tom, this buck shit groid had Cologne on him made me wanna pass-out!!!! Gawd this nigger smelled like crap! I'd rather smell skunk piss than him! I hate these bastards when they sit next to me! I think next time, I'm going to put something on me to make them not want to sit by me! After I ride a city bus, Tom, I always wash my hands because I never know what these damn niggers touch!

Then these stupid dumbed down Negroid school kids get on the bus, always loud and jumping around like a bunch of chimps in a zoo. One of them I can over hear: 'I gotta gets my selfs a White gurl... yeah sheeet... gotta get a Whites gurls!' He looked like a future criminal with large bushy Afro. Niggers are driving me crazy up here! Now to the stories!

Well duh!? Doesn't anyone understand a Negress can't watch its chimp babies??? Of course, it doesn't have a high I.Q. or high thinking! They don't think like White folks! DUH!? Stupid Niggers! Dumb as usual! Well, I don't want them to be smart as me! This is an example of how dumbed down and low I.Q. this unfit race is!

Great Lakes Lone Wolf
LW Adviser & Consultant

John Kaminski:
Millions of Americans are about to go feral

RFID Chips Track Students in California

Judge allows KKK lawsuit against Missouri!
Use of public meeting places had been stalled.

Talmudic Contract Law Judges Seek Bodyguards
Fear Natural Law consequences of Jewthink!

Not guilty!
KikeJew emptied his clip into a schoolgirl.

Kill The Best Goyim

KikeJew Pedo Snuff Film Voyeur

Semen Weaselthaw was a Mossad operative!

German banker: I am not a Racist!
"All Jews share a particular gene."

Jewish Role in Slavery: What KikeJews Say

007 Scriptwriter was KikeJew Commie Spy

KikeJew Bill Gates closely linked to Monsanto

Become a Citizen of the World
Is it possible to go farther left?

Learn Hebrew Online

GPS Aids Illegal Border Crossings

Illegal aliens set community afire!

GrOPer treasurer embezzles over $800,000

Sunlight, Cancer and Vitamin D

Is vitamin D for real?

The FDA continually targets Dr. Burzynski

A Nap Can Make You Smarter

Food expiration dates: What do they really mean?

Pigs Taser Senior in His Own Home

Self Defense Against Unlawful Arrest

Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa State Fair
TT says: The only BACKFIRE to this is
BEAT NIGGER NIGHT. Nothing else works!

Judge bows to Sovereign
Case Dismissed with Cause and Prejudice

More on KikeJew Wiki-Wonking
Zionist editing of Wikipedia has become overt. Those who found their own corrections of Wikipedia articles erased within hours of posting will not be surprised. Clear for a long time is that good press for opponents of mass immigration is not tolerated.

You mentioned in the radio show on 9-4-10 after playing the George Carlin clip that people might bitch that he was a Jew. Just to let you George Carlin was Irish & Roman Catholic prior to becoming an Atheist & as a teenager he even attended Catholic schools prior to enlisting in the Air Force. ~ LW

Short Burst Police and Firefighter Salaries

Tom: After hearing your comments about police and fire fighter salaries on the show a couple days back, I have to comment. Unless you are talking about places like New York City, or some of the major cities in California, cops and firemen are not high paid. From a quick search on the internet, I am seeing salaries for police being listed at anywhere from $27,000 a year to $60,000 a year. Those are average figures. One department, Los Angeles, officer pay tops off at five years at around $90,000 a year, but that figure includes benefits, which I assume are pension, life insurance, health insurance, etc. Fire fighter salaries are listed at about $10,000 less per year than for police.

Also, these salaries are based on a 40 hour week, not the 50-80 hour overtime week most cops work. Anyone trying to attack these types of workers in the media, will always list the earnings of the top overtime workers, people who are spending almost every waking hour on the job.

And, if you see police living in homes that are more expensive than they can afford on their salaries, driving fancy cars, etc., those might be the guys making more money, being on the take and in racketeering than on their hourly salary. The salaries of these people are comparable to skilled and semi skilled people in health care, construction and manufacturing. Many cops in Michigan, unless they work in the larger cities, or for the State police, only make ten dollars an hour. And, I find from personal experience and from that of others, that the nastiest, meanest, dumbest cops are the lower paid ones.


TT says: I do not hold Cops or fireman in any higher esteem than any other White Worker. With many cops even less.

Doc What CHE said!

Tom, I found a quote attributed to Che Guevara on Debbie Schlussel's site, and I did a search for other quotes and here is what I found:

"The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing, have seen their territory invaded by a new kind of slave, the Portuguese."

"The black is indolent and a dreamer, spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink. The European has a tradition of work and saving, which has persued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations."

"Mexicans are a band of illiterate indians."

The niggers in Detroit have been stealing the tires and rims of of the cars of the VIPs. They got one of Mayor (nigger) Bing's cars, and one of Al Sharpton's cars. They took the tires and rims and left the cars up on blocks.

Also, a 90 year old woman was raped by a couple of niggers, one of them in his early teens, the other in his late teens.

White trash: Some idiot helped his buddies in electrical class in school hook up clamps and cables to his nipples and allowed them to hook up and turn on current to them. He had a heart attack and also has brain damage as a result. Now he is suing the school. I think he was retarded BEFORE the incident and should be euthanized.

An article on the Drudge Report says that we are now being expected to bail out banks in Afghanistan.


Yummy Fast Food Nation

Hey TT, After listening to the show on 09-02-10 and hearing you and Computer guy discuss all the issues with food. I would like to recommend an excellent book on the subject that I am currently reading Fast Food Nation: the dark side of the All-American meal by Eric Schlosser. I'm about 3/4 of the way through the book now and its a pretty interesting Exposé on both the history of the fast food industry and how corporate greed has corrupted the safety of the entire food system that we rely on, supported illegal immigration, ruthlessly suppressed unions and jeopardized the health and safety of their employees. This is a book I would highly recommend to everyone!

Hunter Wolf

Mossad Israel Runs the Pakistani Taliban

43 Pakistanis were killed in a terror attack, killed for supporting Palestinians in Gaza. This attack was vicious and clearly the work of Israel -- meant as a message that if people rally in support of those imprisoned in Gaza, they will be murdered.

This is far from the first time Israel has been caught. The PKK, the Kurdish terrorist group, communists, who have been attacking Turkey from their mountain "caves" in Iraq for over 40 years have long been trained, funded and even recruited by Israel's Mossad. Now the partnership between India and Israel, helped along, not only by the CIA, the Karzai brothers "corporation" and MI -6 is becoming difficult to ignore.

Mrs. Clinton continually chastises them about failing to find long dead Osama bin Laden, imaginary planner of 9/11. With the Israeli lobby in control of Washington and Washington's money in control of Pakistan, this won't be the last terror attack.

Turning White JOG/ZOG Disinfo Ops

One of the authors of a report which calls for KikeJews and Jewthinkers to infiltrate conspiracy websites with commentary to "increase trust in the government" has responded. Carl Miller characterizes "conspiracy theories" as dangerous ideas that "demolish trust between government and communities". He claims that conspiracy theories spread, "lies, distrust, bigotry, intolerance and ultimately violence."

The only notable individual to cite conspiracy theories as a justification for violence in recent times was radio talk show host Hal Turner - who also happened to be paid by the FBI to do so. Turner conspired with the FBI to spout violent rhetoric in an effort to entrap "conspiracy theorists".

TT says: George W. Bush was the greatest conspiracy theorist. The loss of vast amounts of life on his watch was the result of the biggest lie in decades.

Shooters Bar And Grill in Waynedale is racist!

There's a fairly new place in Waynedale called Shooters Bar And Grill. A friend of mine recently went there, and here's how it went:   Shooters in Waynedale! This was the place that we went to a few weeks ago and the guy at the door told us to come in, invite your friends, unless they are "COLOREDS" "We need to keep them coloreds out". That is exactly what the guy said!

TT says: For a drink in the Fort Wayne area, try this bar. They have the right idea.

Great Warrior Guderian's Tank Warfare

I did not manage to get an E-book of Panzer Leader by Heinz Guderian yet but must get it to use as a guide book next time in this country. I don't buy paper books anymore.

It seems the one valid criticism I have heard from German generals was the one by Guderian that Germany would have been better off building thousands more Panzer 4s and Stug 3s instead of Panthers and Tigers and the other eccentric projects. The Panther was not as good as it could have been either due to various commercial rivalries. This is an interesting what-if to see debated.

Euro Wolf

HQ One way to Lose Wars

Insane they were, still making these hand crafted items in 1942. Shows the total lack of industrial leadership. Prussian spit and polish tradition going back a long way this item. Mine needs a little attention from the cobbler. Not the most comfortable item to carry and not very big. Squeezing everything into it another example of the military culture.

Compare this to the cheap as dirt, simple and unbreakable Russian Veschmeshok, which is far more comfortable and practical, if lacking in that special Prussian magic.

The east Germany material stuck to the traditions and was much more in the Prussian mold that the Bundesqueer. Even that distinctive helmet was originally a Nazi design. The American army modern woodland camouflage is based on Leibermuster which was on of the last Nazi camouflage innovations. Infrared proof inks are now only commonly being used by the wigger states of the world but the Nazis also were first in using such dyes. ~ LW

Three Food Savings

TT: In the past several weeks I have come up with some ideas that I am using to save on my food cost. (1) I now take cans of soup that have pull open tops and one spoon with me in my auto. I park the auto in the sun and put a can of soup on the dashboard. It heats up nicely. This is far cheaper and much better than going to fast food restaurants. (2) I filled up the lower rack of my freezer with Blue Ice. I keep a cooler in the kitchen that I slide over to the frig and fill with Blue Ice and any thing else I need for one or more meals when traveling. There is a second reason for all the Blue Ice in the frig and that is to extend the cooling effect when the power fails again (along with surrounding the five sides of the frig with Thermasheath-3 insulative sheeting that I already wrote you about.) (3) I have started filling microwave pasta dinners with Pasta Sauce, after three minutes of heating, and then heat some more. It seems that the food makers are cheating on the pasta sauce. This fills the microwave tray all the way up and saves some money too. I buy the Pasta Sauce in large plastic containers that have screw on plastic lids. Like ketchup, pasta sauce seldom spoils due to the acidity of the tomatoes. Again this is cheaper and maybe a little better than fast food.

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

Yee Hah !! Occult Country Music?

TT says: You don't really believe in Satan do you?

How else can you explain all the evil in the universe? If God is perfect and He made everything else perfect, then where did evil come from. Obviously this earth is evil: race mixing, the wars, famine, disease, the destruction of pure white race. I think there is evil. I do believe there is a devil with his fallen rebel angels and I believe Satan has children in the earth. I believe he slept with the virgin Eve, Adam's wife, and that Cain was Satan and Eve's son and that the descendants of Cain are the so called Jews today. I believe all the offspring of Cain are devils and evil and destroyers of the pure white race.

TT says: Evil and good are abstract terms and 180 degrees out of sync with nature. Anything good is what works for you and your race -- and evil is which doesn't. Evil can be understood better as the street statement: "SHIT HAPPENS". It doesn't take a bogey man called the mythical Satan to cause anything. The natural man accepts mistakes, errors, screw ups etc. as part of life. The unnatural man seeks a crutch, an excuse, and he finds it in unnatural and mythical religions. It's easier to blame a spirit, a demon etc. rather than the natural order of life and personal responsibility. Christianity, Islam, Judaism all are simply control mechanisms that make it easier for the masses to be led into slavery of all sorts.

Adam, Eve, Cain and Able are just myths, or possibly allegories, that have no practical use to the White man.

Digital Overload? Your Brain On Gadgets?

The average person today consumes almost three times as much information as what the typical person consumed in 1960. [??]

"It's an onslaught of information coming in today," says NY Times technology journalist Matt Richtel. "At one time a screen meant maybe something in your living room. But now it's something in your pocket so it goes everywhere -- it can be behind the wheel, it can be at the dinner table, it can be in the bathroom. We see it everywhere today."

Not really true! There was nearly as much information 'consumed' (huh?) in 1960 as there is now; however, most of it was enslaved to the inane detail laden printed word. Books and magazines were as ubiquitous as iPods and such are now. The difference is that Digital Exception Filtering (searching) now assists us in much more quickly targeting problems -- and those responsible for them -- more effectively using the video even then available!

It is true that some folks excel more today because they exist in this digital internet era, but calling this 'overload' is just more HyperBullshit promoted by KikeJew/Jewthink culprits. ~ WWS

***THANK YOU*** Mr. M.

Dear Mr. Metzger:
The report here is the same as it was years ago and will be for sometime to come till someone stands up to these swill jeeeews... niggers and mexican subhumans everywhere you look now. Can no longer simply go outside without these filth around. It's that simple. Defensive driving a MUST due to nondriver somalian apes behind the wheel. The stand up to jeeews, nigs and spics will only occur when White Man is FORCED to stand up due to **** STARVATION **** even homelessness does not inspire... NO QUARTER for the enemy and NO QUARTER ACCEPTED HERE..

Thank you for your radio shows and especially for the current updated ones... Lots to listen to this weekend. A thank you also for keeping us informed durring this very turbulent time. Each and every "civilization" that has accepted the jeeeeeeeews has been destroyed by them/the culture destroyers.. Why can't WHITE PEOPLE see and realize this???? Because of the jeeew-god myth and you can't disagree with the jeews cos "god" is a jeeew!!?? FASCINATING!!! Who taught "god" to be a jeeew?? is our only reply. From the time vault of Bob Miles (r.i.p.): A jew is a race, a religion, or an attitude. PERFECTLY SAID.

p.s. Take care of yourself T.T.

kennedy swill??? happy they're dead..... what if some dead woman shows up in my car?? Maybe I'll be a senator for 40 years too!!!!

TT says: True

DNA Testing

Well TT, curiosity and bragging rights have led me to want a DNA test. The link is to a site with lots of info on DNA testing for race and geographic location.

They are from $100-$1000. I would like to know as much as science will permit about my past. I really didn't want to spend $1000 to do so. I am sure the same test could be had cheaper somewhere else. I am into history, and race. One would spend $1000 on a TV so I feel very justified in the expense. No jew crap and materialism, just fact and truth please! What are your thoughts on the type of DNA test I should get and why? Thanks brother (hopefully! LOL).

Spoof Card

TT, I was listening to your show yesterday and a caller mentioned a spoof card. As you mentioned, this may be a good way to get the update number out to people. These cards can be purchased on the internet. A search for "spoof card" on the web will list providers of these cards. They are very similar to a calling card except you can alter the phone number that appears on the recipient's caller ID. A person might be able to use the card without using up many minutes. I may be wrong, but I'm thinking if the recipient doesn't pick up the phone before the caller hangs up, chances are no minutes will be used but the phone number will be left on the caller ID. This might make a good rain or snow day operation when the streets are too bad for outdoor activities. Plus calls could reach out all across the country to areas far from where the caller lives. If someone was to use this tactic, they need to take into account that many people will not call back. So a high volume of calls to different numbers would be necessary to have an effect.

A spoof card might come in handy for a sort of black propaganda purpose as well. For example: Getting hang up calls from the NAACP in the middle of the night might get people pissed off at that organization. ~ LW

Command & Control

The Year America Dissolved

The first clans organized around local police forces. The conservatives' war on crime during the late 20th century and the Bush/Obama war on terror during the first decade of the 21st century had resulted in the police becoming militarized and unaccountable. ~ Paul Craig Roberts

[Good article, but fails the Jew Test.]

Report from Greece

In Greece the situation has reached the point of suffocation of the market. One in four shops has been closed in the center of Athens. The occupation governmental troika (IMF, E.U, E.C.Bank) plus their local serviles estimated to collect many bilion Euros from the heavy taxes, but they were mistaken. Now they are going to increase the VAT for another time within the year, either on the oil or on the food or both.

Our puppet Jew prime minister George Papandreou or Jefry is secretary general of the socialist international. He is continuously flying and make vacations in the islands and abroad. He has gathered hundreds of foreign consultants paying them with the money of the heavy taxed people, but instead of good our economy is going to the worst. Now he is going on the occasion of the Fair of Thessaloniki to speak there, on 9/11. Why this symbolic day?

The Greek patriots are gathering old shoes to drop him during his shuttle from the airport to the city. The famous old composer Mikis Theodorakis, that express the soul of our phyche, stated recently : "The Hellenic people have been pushed into the corner. Now we have two solutions: either to become heroes or to become slaves." I am struggling to become hero, of course whith heavy cost in blood and sucrifice.

Please give support and solidarity to the Hellenic people that is struggling once again for all the humanity against the New World Order.

Friendly yours

Bankrupt Miami Breaks Employee Contracts, Hikes Taxes

Come on down! Labor Day 2010: Picnic Food Stamps

40.8 million Americans on Food Stamps, over 17 million unemployed Americans celebrate Labor Day.

My Country? My ASS!

RFID Chips Track Students in California

The Mine Wars

Descriptive map for Old Man's anthology
(Wolf Wall Street Sunday Clips Show)

If someone has some gold and silver stashed away and the economy collapses or hyperinflation ensues, and let's say gold went to $5000 an oz. would that person's mortgage still be the same amount even with hyperinflation? Could that person sell his gold and silver once it reaches astronomical sums to pay off his house?

Logic says yes, but never trust logic alone. If such a collapse is allowed (or cannot be stopped) by the KikeJew/Jewthinker Cabal, their Talmudic Contract Law System may self-destruct. Mortgages and mortgage payments may become moot. Precious metals may better be reserved for trade. ~ WWS

I had no idea Texe Marrs had switched to our side, last time I heard about him he was kind of a patriotard like alex jones. I went and looked at his radio shows and was wondering where I could download them for free in mp3 format so I can listen to them on my mp3 player?

His show is refreshed weekly. Sometimes they are too damn religious, but usually there is good info there. If you fail to record a live show (using an 'MP3 Recorder'), his archives are available for a small charge. ~ WWS

Good Odds!

30 to 1

100 Russian Racists bust up rally of 3000!

White Patriot?

Antifa Killings

"Violence against prominent public antifa figures sometimes makes it to the international media, and the faces of murdered activists have become younger.

"The government has failed to react to a growing wave of ultra-right-wing racist violence. Nazi violence -- mainly against immigrants, people of color, and against anti-fascists, anarchist and progressive social activists - is on the rise.

"Until now the antifascist movement has had a policy of not killing Nazis in revenge. That's a very strong moral statement and a noble stand, but nobody knows for how long this can be sustained."

Indiana Debate

Caught on film!

Who's that in the black hat?

Barbarians at the Gate!

Half The Gang's Here!

Repugs in the Queue!!

Wake Up White Man !! Breakout !!!

Lone Wolf

E N D   Jew T H I N K !!!