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28 JANUARY 2011


The INSURGENT is an association of motivated White Racists, each a leader in his or her own right. Insurgency associates promote the Lone Wolf tactic, where even small cell networking is limited or non-existent. Associates serve the idea that whatever is good for the White Race is highest virtue, and that whatever is bad for the White Race is ultimate error. They devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I honor the memory of Robert Jay Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan heroes who have dedicated their lives to the freedom and advancement of the White Race, in all of its variations; and I pledge, as a White Aryan Racist, absolute loyalty only to our own!


There is now evidence Mossad has recently been dealt an even bigger blow by the exposure of 10 of its spies in Iran, where it has been busy running a dirty war with the direct assistance of the CIA and U.S. Special Operations agencies. One element of this undercover war has been the targeted assassinations and abductions of Iranian scientists and other Iranian nuclear experts.

Some of the Mossad-CIA operatives used in Iran were trained at a joint Mossad-CIA facility within an Israeli base close to Herzliya on the Mediterranean Sea coastline. The base is classified within CIA files as one of a number of U.S. military-intelligence sites in Israel. Most of the sites contain military and technical equipment to be used in the event of a war with Iran but the one at Herzliya is also reserved for managing combined CIA Mossad operations aimed at Iran.

The Mossad and the CIA appear to have underestimated their Iranian counterparts because it took just one year for Iran's internal security apparatus to unmask the spy network, which Iran says was involved in killing one of its scientists. Among the spies seized was a young man who admitted he was trained by the Mossad in electronic surveillance and counter surveillance, as well as in bomb making.

Israel did not deny Iran's claims about the spy network. In the past year, Iranian intelligence has also captured and executed leaders and senior fighters of the Jundallah terror network, which has been used by America and Israel against Iran. Much to the displeasure of Mossad and the CIA, Pakistan has begun handing over Jundallah fighters it has captured to the Iranian military, as well.

The CIA-Mossad-NATO toppled Ben Ali and they will try to topple Mubarak. Elliot Abrams has spoken warmly of the revolts. ~ Anon

Honored Aryans

The Extreme Middle

Editor, Times-Union:

I would like to express my high regard for the letter from the local John Birch chapter. It is time to expose the Kissingers and the Rogers and the Council on Foreign Relations and bare all to show who really runs Richard Nixon.

You extreme middle-of-the-roaders better wake up, it's your heritage that is going down the tubes. If this worldwide charade is not exposed, you and your offspring have no future, unless dictatorship, slavery, and dehumanization are your bag.

The show has been going on for a long time, only the actors change. Why do super-capitalists bankroll revolution? Why is communism, socialism, and fascism a front for a much higher power? If you don't know, you'd better dig in and find out, and if you can't find the information, drop me a card. I will see that somehow you get it. Citizen, you're being conned and you better start checking.

Incidentally, maybe you didn't know it, but we have a newly formed national police force, otherwise known as the Federal Protective Service. Remember Germany's national police force, the Gestapo, or Russia's KGB? Keep your police out of the hands of Federal control at all costs.

Also, gun registration. Fight it! There are at least 125 million privately owned firearms in this country, and the would-be dictators know it.

In closing, thanks a lot for sending Senator Bayh out this way. I know you would like him to get out of the state; but if you insist, we will be forced to reciprocate by sending two of our darlings of the Left like Cranston and Tunney, back home. But seriously, I wouldn't do that to anyone, let alone my old home state.

Tom Metzger
Fallbrook, California
16 August 1972

1. Institute or Raise Tariffs on Foreign Imports, other than for limited Barter Trade. Rescind NAFTA, WTO, GATT, and related agreements. Close the IRS.

2. Enable Sovereign Credit to rebuild Infrastructure, beginning with Railroads, Bridges, Highways, and the Power Grid. Seize the Federal Reserve for these and other National Funding purposes.

3. Close most offshore military installations, eliminate the occupation of foreign lands, and cut the Defense (WAR) Budget at least 50%. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

4. Eliminate Foreign Aid. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

5. Eliminate ALL immigration into this country, legal or illegal. Eliminate 'Dual Citizenship'.

6. Severely punish Companies and Corporations that hire Illegal Aliens, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

7. Employ Sherman Antitrust and similar laws upon monopolistic Corporations. Eliminate the Corporate 'Person'.

8. Seize assets of Companies and Corporations that destroy the physical environment, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

Immediately seize the assets of British Petroleum and imprison all Executives involved in the events leading to and exacerbating the Gulf Oil Disaster.

9. Empower the 50 States to regain their individual sovereignty. Empower offshore holdings to gain their Independence.

10. Revitalize the Articles of Confederation to enable these things.

G'DAY The first person in Western Australia to be convicted under the state's racial vilification laws. Brendon Lee O'Connell posted a video on YouTube showing him 'insulting' a young Jewish man in 2009. The video also showed O'Connell standing in front of the Perth Bell Tower telling Jews their days were numbered.

Members of Western Australia's Jewish community were in court for the sentence and welcomed the jail term. Steve Lieblich, who represents the Jewish community and is on the Australia-Israel and Jewish Affairs Council, says racial vilification must be stopped.

Palestinian views were not allowed during the trial.

Three years not enough! ~ KikeJew

The charges were about posting a verbal altercation with Stanley Keyser and Timothy Peach. Keyser said O'Connell had forced him to 'suffer' for 18 months. "I wish he was in (prison) for longer," the KikeJew said as he rushed past reporters.

"You have a religion of racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing," Brendan O'Connell told them in the video.

During the trial, O'Connell refused to acknowledge Judge Wisbey when he entered the court and, instead, rose to bow to the jury. About a dozen supporters in the court cheered when O'Connell labelled the proceedings "a kangaroo court" and gave a long discourse about the King James Bible and the Constitution.

As he was led out of court, O'Connell shouted: "Don't forget about the Gazans!"


No free speech in Australia:
Man gaoled for critcising Jews and Israel!

Australia has morphed into a police state in which unapproved speech is illegal and people who say anything ciritical of Jews are locked away in a gulag. In Perth, an opponent of the Zionist occupation of Palestine in the form of the bandit state of Israel, was convicted of thought crime (yes, in the Orwellian sense of the term) and put behind bars. Also, a woman who wrote a letter to a Labor politician in Queensland to protest against the sale of state assets lost her job after the politician contacted the woman's employer.

Derrick MacThomas
"Australia Calling"

SUMMARY (Abridged):

Defines "cyber" as: (1) any process, program, or protocol relating to the use of the Internet or an intranet, automatic data processing or transmission, or telecommunication via the Internet or an intranet; and (2) any matter relating to, or involving the use of, computers or computer networks.

Directs the Secretary of Commerce to: (1) develop and implement a system to provide cybersecurity status and vulnerability information regarding all federal information systems and networks managed by the Department of Commerce; and (2) provide financial assistance for the creation and support of Regional Cybersecurity Centers for small and medium sized U.S. businesses.

Requires the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to establish cybersecurity standards for all federal government, government contractor, or grantee critical infrastructure information systems and networks.

Directs the Secretary to develop or coordinate a national licensing, certification, and recertification program for cybersecurity professionals and makes it unlawful to provide certain cybersecurity services without being licensed and certified.

Requires the NSF to establish a Federal Cyber Scholarship program. Requires NIST to establish cybersecurity competitions and challenges to recruit talented individuals for the federal information technology workforce and stimulate innovation.

Requires the Department of Commerce to serve as the clearinghouse of cybersecurity threat and vulnerability information. Grants the Secretary access to all relevant data concerning such networks notwithstanding any law or policy restricting access.

Directs the President to: (1) develop and implement a comprehensive national cybersecurity strategy; (2) on a quadrennial basis, complete a review of the cyber posture of the United States; and (3) work with representatives of foreign governments to develop norms, organizations, and other cooperative activities for international engagement to improve cybersecurity.

Heimdall's Ghost HEIMDALL'S  GHOST
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FORWARD OBSERVER:  Maine Sunk; Cottage Industry

Hi TT,

The Governor of Maine has snubbed the mighty NAACP, telling them to: "Kiss my Ass". How did he get the mirth to do that?

It's Simple, his SON is BLACK!

Maine Governor on NAACP: "Tell 'em to kiss my butt."

MUDSHARK While attending a meeting for business leaders in Sanford, Governor Paul LePage spoke out about why he would not attend Martin Luther King ceremonies on the upcoming holiday. "Tell 'em to kiss my butt. If they want to play the race card, come to dinner and my son will talk to them. "My son happens to be black, so they can do whatever they'd like about it," said LePage.

You need to adopt a Nigger or Chink Baby to join their Club. A sick Club it is. Don't EVER Vote for any of these Bastards as they do NOTHING for the Working White Man.

Cottage Industry

Labor Unions are not needed in a "Cottage" type Industrial base. The way I see the Labor situation is Big Corporations vs the Cottage Industries. Labor Unions, as well as Big Business have spoiled the Relationship between Management and Labor.

The Labor Unions Fault was to protect weak workers, giving them Salaries above their work output. {In 1988 we had JANITORS at the Ewing GM plant making $25 per hour}. While Labor made gains in Hourly Rate through Lawful means, the Big Corporations were Planning their Revenge. The Only way for the Corporations to increase profits to their liking was to disinvest in American Factories and move them overseas for cheap Labor and No Environmental Restrictions. They found a way AROUND the Strong Labor Unions. Ask an unemployed Union electrician, Plumber or Carpenter how good the "Union" is now that they've been out of steady work for YEARS.

We used to have a Toilet Factory here in Trenton. Know where the Toilets come from now? Vietnam. These are the Higher End Toilets. "Toto" Corporation sells $500 toilets from VIETNAM. Upon seeing the "made in Vietnam" Label I almost Puked into the toilet I just Installed.

Harley Davidson just opened a Factory in INDIA! After 100+ years making Machines with only 2 Production lines open a third in INDIA. Factories sit EMPTY here in BROWNTOWN. Labor Unions are Ineffective with this type of Hostile Government Position toward the Worker Class. Government is Working as Hard as they can to Assist the Corporations in LEAVING the American Worker out of work.

Next the system will cut off our food and Water supply. Hunting animals for food will be Forbidden. Owning of firearms will be allowed but your ammo will cost $100 per box. Your Beloved Constitution does NOT mention a right to Ammunition. Are those who still rally around the Constitution children? Don't they see this point?

Invest in ROPE Factories. There will be a need for it in the Future.

With Admiration......... Lone Wolf BROWNTOWN

WOLVERINE INTEL:  Michigan Reports

White Labor Report Issue 1,
24 January 2011

I will be putting out a written and later on, audio report on labor and working people's issues in Michigan and the surrounding Great lakes states. There is a great need for white American workers and the white middle class to wake up and start acting in their own best interest. When they acted in their own best interest in years past, the whole country and even the world, benefited. If Labor loses, we will end up with a society of nothing but slaves and masters.

In my preliminary searches for news stories about labor in Michigan, I looked up my old union local, UAW local 599, which represents people who work for Buick in Flint, Michigan. When I worked for Buick and was a member of that local, we had something like 14,000 members, made up of skilled trades and production workers. Now, that union local is down to a little over 400 members, and not all of them are working. That union local has had to put their union hall up for sale and had to start charging a subscription for the union paper, the "Headlight". I will comment on local 599's moving out of the old union hall, and into the new one, that they are now losing, at a later date.

Attacking the White working class!

Michigan has some of the most reactionary, greedy, knee jerk Republicans I have ever heard of . One of their main websites, where they get right down to the real nitty gritty of attacking unions, the middle class, the working class and promoting the idea the the rich and business can do no wrong is the michigancapitalconfidential.com They are associated with the Mackinaw Center for Public Policy, another capitalist think tank that pushes union busting and wants Michigan to be a right to work state. ALL MINE I only had time to do a quick scan of the capital confidential site today, since I have so many irons in the fire right now, but, one thing that jumped out at me was an article about Jeb Bush of Florida's ideas about how to reach out to "Hispanics". As of now, Michigan doesn't have much of a Mestizo invasion problem, but our ruling class here wants one. One of the more sneaky and sordid ways they will get cheap Mestizo labor here in Michigan is by re opening the private prison in Baldwin, Michigan, located in an impoverished area of the upper peninsula which will house California prisoners. (Mexicans) Since being bi lingual is an asset to work there, you can bet they will be hiring plenty of Mexicans to work there. But, that is only the tip of the ice burg. The real screwing of the State of Michigan is going to come when the prisoner's families move into cheap housing in the U. P. and continue breeding like rats and stay there. Well, there it is. That's their plan.

Michigan is also looking to fuck Indiana. The local capitalists are drooling over Indiana's alleged plans to drastically raise the state income tax. The local Michigan robber barons assume that businesses will flee from Indiana and come to Michigan.

In wrapping this up, tonight, I salute the sanitation workers and supervisory staff of New York City for standing up to their greedy city government. Other public and even private sector unions can learn from them. And, Michigan's newly elected governor, Snyder, is being pretty cryptic about his actual plans for workers and unions in the state. And, one of my future projects is going to be to find out how many Jews he is appointing to cabinet and other positions. I am betting I will find a bunch. I already skimmed a local paper that has a picture and article about what appears to be a hook nosed kike Jew that Snyder recently appointed.

Michigan Report, 27 January 2011

I saw something on Drudge report that was interesting. Someone froze up a dead dog in a block of ice and left it in some guy's yard. Naturally, it pissed everybody off. Imagine if someone wanted to send someone a "message". Remember the scene in that old movie "The Godfather" where that producer woke up with his prize race horse's head in his bed? Well, this ice thing could be the northern boy's version of that. Imagine someone dear to everyone's hearts opening their front door and being face to face with a large block of ice that contains a once living being? The target's favorite critter, two or four legged would work best, but, if you didn't want to go that far, something already dead would work nicely.

Something else I wonder about. I wonder how local shoppers in the electronics department would like being serenaded with the Insurgent Radio Show as they are shopping. Someone could try out the CD player by putting a Terrible Tommy CD in, putting it on blast, and walking away. For this, a disguise is a must, because almost all electronics stores and departments are on camera.

The shit's really rollin'!

Since worse is better we should be doing great, soon. The shit is flying so fast it is going to take one of those Wall street style ticker tapes to keep up with it.

Four cops were shot at a Detroit precinct station Sunday evening. The first one shot was a female sargent, who survived because of her armored vest. Another cop "Came out of his office and exchanged fire with the gunman and was shot IN THE BACK". (If the attacking enemy is in front of you, and you are resisting, how do you get shot in the back. Inquiring minds want to know.) The gunman was killed and the police are saying that they are going to upgrade security at police stations.

They caught the nigger that went in and shot up the police station. It was some boot lipped ape named Lamar Moore. I guess he was having a bad week. His house burned up and his sex slave, a teenage girl that he had been holding captive in his home, escaped. Hours later he went down to the cop shop and went out in a blaze of Baboon grease. They just caught the latest serial rapist in Detroit, a nigger of course, with his momma saying he was a good kid, of course, and comments being made about his time in prison contributing to his criminal behavior. Sure, it was an influence all right, they let him out instead of putting him in a hole in the ground.


It's a cold, snowy day, here in Michigan, and some recent news is helping put on a chill. Our newly elected governor, Snyder, Republican, of course, is giving some of his newly appointed department heads and top administrators huge raises in salary over the salaries of the people they replaced. All this while he is talking about lowering the average state worker's wages. My guess is that he is rewarding some people that helped get him into office.

I have to comment on something on the last radio show. A guy on the phone line talked about not using that advantage flea killer on Cats. I had a bad experience with it, myself. About ten years ago I used some on my cat, and he started showing symptoms of being paralyzed. As soon as I saw this, I ran a tub full of warm water and threw his ass in there and washed him. the symptoms went away and I never used that brand again. I went on the internet and found that many other people were having the same trouble. Maybe the advantage flea medicine could be used on the Jews?

Idea for those netless days!

Egypt is coming off the chain, with rioting and street actions and shootings of "unarmed" protesters. Also, the Egyptians used their version of the internet kill switch. This bears watching, since when the shit hits the spinner here, they will shut our internet down, too. I believe our government has the capability to do that right now, they just want to be able to do it under color of law. That way it might be a little more acceptable to the sheep.

If they shut down the net, we should put a weed up the asses of the masses by rubbing it in. We will need to remind them frequently that they can't go on their favorite websites, can't surf porn, sports and music, and can't spend all day on Face Book, My Space and Twitter. There goes fantasy football, and maybe nightly nigger ball. I know quite a few people who wouldn't go near a computer until just the last few years, and now all they do is hang out on social networking sites. They are hooked on it like dope. Honestly, I think that shutting off the Internet would be like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.

Michigan White Labor Report, 31 January 2011

Today, just for the hell of it, the usual Michigan report and the Michigan white labor report will be dished up to you as one. Maybe just today, because most of the things discussed here impact working people whether they know it or not.

I was in a local cell phone store today to try to see what I could get done about one of the displays being burned out and to find out why my battery usually goes dead in a day's time, even if I don't talk on it, or it is turned off. The young white man who waited on me was more helpful than the average clerk in a cell phone store, and sent me to the main office, saying that they would probably replace the burned out display and the battery for free. His pals at the store must have bullshitted him, though, because they couldn't replace the burned out part. They are getting me a battery, though. I took the opportunity to ask them about what kind of repair work they did there, because I am always on the lookout for job opportunities, even though I have a job. One of the repairmen told me that they only do a few basic repairs on a few products, and that they send quite a bit of it to company repair centers. According to him, these repair centers send you a refurbished (rebuilt) phone, and then rebuild and re-sell yours. He said that some of the manufacturers glue their phones together, in addition to using screws, so you can't work on them. He said that their goal was to get you to keep buying new phones. He also claimed that this practice enables stores to keep small parts inventories. It sounds to me like the cell phone companies learned nasty habits from the auto makers.


FIST I suspect that this is also part of a trend to control labor, by isolating skilled workers and making sure not too many people learn skills. I forgot to ask him where these repair centers are, but I will the next time I drop by.

On one of the recent shows, some cop was advising people not to get involved with union activity because of the dangers of reprisals by the management. Well, the reason management persecutes union officials is so that no one will want to get involved. But, someone has to strap on a set of balls and step up. I have held various union positions for most of my adult working career, and, all I can say is that you have to be two steps ahead of the bastards. You have to find a way to make them a little bit afraid of you, and then they won't come after you so much. In addition to being cowards, modern management bastards tend to be lazy pieces of shit.

In many big corporations and government, the reason managers have their positions is because of affirmative action or because they are ass kissers, related to someone in power, or all of the above. Many of them aren't too bright, and can only get things done through the threat of firing people. Their laziness will work in a labor activist's favor, because the lazy manager soon tires of trying to out-think someone who is smarter and more determined than they are. The work involved in laying the paper trail to fire you can take up the time a manager uses to goof off, do personal business at work, steal, gossip and use the work site as a singles/swingers meat market and whore house. I'm not going to say that you can't be taken down, when you are in a war, there is always risk involved. If you are in the working class, you are always in a war, whether or not you know it or want to be in it.


On the latest show, TT, you said that when things go bad, and we lose the Internet, among other things, that most of the right wing racist groups and leaders will disappear because they are too reliant on high tech and haven't been developing low tech. Well, I agree, But, I must add that nobody will notice them gone, because they aren't accomplishing shit with high tech, either. If there is another website out there that can compare with resist.com in terms of useful and interesting information, accuracy, and even entertainment value, I challenge anyone to treat me like I'm from Missouri, and show me.

We don't agree on everything, but we don't have to. As long as we agree on the white race, basic strategy and tactics, and watch each others backs, we don't have to agree on everything. The CB, ham and shortwave radios will be good to have, but I would like to bring up the idea again of the dial up bulletin board service. (BBS) Could it be possible for us to go ahead and set up our own servers and re-establish a portion of the Internet? Hopefully computerman or some other tech savvy person can advise us on this. I agree that it is likely that even if the government shuts off the Internet and the cell phones, they will leave some communications open, and I am betting that you will still be able to use a land line. The government agencies and corporations won't want to give up all of their communications. Most of the masses, if you ask them, will tell you they don't have a land line or home phone, but they rely on cell phones. As far as I know, all government installations and almost all businesses still have land line phones, even though they are also using cell phones and the Internet. I also see a possibility for the government to shut down only portions of the Internet, so that the various agencies and corporations can communicate and do financial transactions and other tasks on the net, via DSL, cable modem or dial up. They won't want to give up their data bases of information they have accumulated on us, or any security devices that work through the Internet. This opens up great opportunities for dissidents to hack into or disrupt their communications.


SAILOR INTEL:  Portugal Report

Hello TT,

More politics and one question:

I can see you posted my last report on NAV! Just for the record, our former president (social-democrat) was re-elected this last sunday, 23rd, with a record of abstention. A russian newspaper commented the portuguese people "prefered to change nothing"... I have to say in their defense that there were no greater alternatives left – and I am not playing with words.

The outcome of the elections also proves that the bigger problem is the socialist government, not the president. The big boss here is the prime minister, not the president.

Besides, most people still believe this bullshit is all for real. In this country all left extremism is allowed until Stalin and Pol Pot, the communist party is democratic, the socialists are the democrats, the social democrats are right wingers and christian democracy is extreme right wing! (extreme, not far, I guess1) – I know this is all a bunch of crap but it is only to give you a political scenario, I am beyond left and right wings too, but can't pretend not to see how ridiculous this is... a bunch of bought off fabians in the end... lackeys of the new world order.

I loved the "White World Report" on the NAV, that's the spirit!!

Is everything all right with Craig Cobb? [Yes!] That made me remember of myself when they came for me once. 5 words my ass!!! – Sorry TT, sometimes you just can't keep your mouth shut, specially if the ministry of truth already knows what you think! You can only put it on words... but I hope he hasn't got into trouble with that.


Chaos benefits only those who can take advantage of it!

Low Power FM Radio Act Passes
This opens up the radio dial to the general public for Low Power FM, with the FCC mandated to license thousands of new stations in all areas, not just rural communities.

GOLLYWOGGLE Attacks on our Constitution...
and our [sic] kids

Since the Civil War, the 14th Amendment to our Constitution has guaranteed citizenship to all children born in America, regardless of race, class, or creed. Last week, however, Senators David Vitter (R-LA) and Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced an extreme bill to remove this 150-year-old Constitutional right. Why? Apparently, to them, some babies born in the U.S. are not true "Americans." Really, Senators?

Now more than ever, we need the Constitutional rights guaranteed in the 14th Amendment to protect us from politicians like Senators David Vitter and Rand Paul, who stoke fear and racial division in their quest to take our country backwards. Tell Congress: It's time to show leadership and put an end to this disgusting attack on our Constitution. Thanks for your dedication and support.

Adam Luna
America's Voice

TT says:
The 14th amendment was never legal in the first place. It was unconstitutional. Also constitutions be damned if you think the White Race is going to sit around being ruled over by a bunch of old federal judges for much longer. Survival is the number one law!

Rand Paul: De-fund Israel!

(INS) – Tea party-backed Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) favors cutting U.S. aid to Israel as part of a deficit-driven effort to slash government spending, drawing criticism from KikeJew and Jewthinker Democrats and Republicans alike. He unveiled a budget proposal this week that also reduces money for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and eliminates the $3 billion military aid provided to Israel annually.

"The overwhelming majority of Americans agree with Senator Paul," spokesman Gary Howard said in a statement responding to KikeJew and Jewthinker whining.

HOTSPOT Sawtoothed Sun Spot Cycles

The eleven and twenty two year Sun Spot Cycles are not sinusoidal but sawtooth-ed. The last two years saw both those cycle lows come in together and, sure enough, there were few Sun Spots. However, even with those two cycle lows coming in together, the low number of Sun Spots for so long was historical. It is not the Sun Spots themselves that is important but what is going on in between the Sun Spots that is really important; and, it is a two level heating effect. With out that dual layer of heating the Sun is so old, and cold, that Earth slips into mini Ice Ages.

In 2011 both the eleven and twenty two year Sun Spot Cycles should be at their sawtooth-ed maximum. This means the greatest number of Sun Spots and, of course, the greatest amount of two layer heating. But what if it doesn't happen? If it doesn't happen then the odds are great that a more powerful Sun Spot Cycle is happening and that Sun Spot Cycle could be a Cycle that equates to mini Ice Ages. In other words, a mini Ice Age Sun Spot Cycle could be happening and that is the reason for the historical low number of Sun Spots at the recent eleven and twenty two year cycle lows – and – will continue at their combined greatest cycle high.

Given the past two years historical low number of Sun Spots this year, 2011, is the most crucial for Sun Spots as to whether or not another mini Ice Age has begun.

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

sneaky jew hollywood:

In the Older Version of the movie; "Midway", Charlton Heston plays the part of a chief Naval Air commander with an attractive [white Patricia Neal] Girlfriend "RELATIONSHIP". In the LATER "EDITED" VERSION of "Midway" - the exact SAME MOVIE – the ENTIRE White Woman – White Male Relationship is TOTALLY CUT OUT OF THE MOVIE. Just thought you'd like to know how meticulous and minutely detailed your rotten Enemies ARE at this "game" of WRECKING WHITE AMERICA – they never let up!

And... with long memory of this sort of knowledge... I sure as hell won't let up either! ~ Philosopher

GAY Jamie Kelso's article on Loughner

I have asked on the VNN forum to have someone ask Kelso where he is getting his info on Jared Loughner's mother Amy Loughner being a member of the same synagague as the Giffords. Kelso never provided it, and continued bragging on what a popular guy he is and all of the other forums, blogs, and news articles qouting him. Well, Jerome Corsi popped his inflated ego:

Blueboy' posting debunked, synagogue denies links!

There also was "word" that Loughner belonged to the same synagogue as Giffords. But a representative of Congregation Chaverim denied this, telling WND that "Amy Loughner is not now and never has been a member of this congregation." I figured out where Kelso got his info. From a post on Godlike Productions, that someone got from a chat message. Great source Kelso!

The only thing that we have is the Mother Jones article where Jared Loughren's best friend said that Amy Loughren is jewish. Kelso should be raked over the coals for this one, should White Nationalists be made out to look bad over this.

Smoky Wolf


TT says:
It would seem to me that it would be much more effective to use the term working class instead of liberal or proggressive.

Hi Tom,
In what context? I rarely use liberal or progressive and working class makes most people think uneducated blue collar. A meme that Reagan used to convince the middle class they had everything in common with millionaires. Most Americans who have a job at any level think of themselves as middle class, so I prefer to use that. Basically everybody in the bottom 98% is in the same boat. (Anybody who can't afford to leave the US or won't be allowed to immigrate to some safe haven, if there were such a thing.) ~ P2

USUKz The Moscow Attack
and Airport Security

Unlike hard targets, which frequently require attackers to use large teams of operatives with elaborate attack plans or very large explosive devices in order to breach defenses, soft targets offer militant planners an advantage in that they can frequently be attacked by a single operative or small team using a simple attack plan. The failed May 1, 2010, attack against New York's Times Square and the July 7, 2005, London Underground attacks are prime examples of this, as was the Jan. 24 attack at Domodedovo airport. Such attacks are relatively cheap and easy to conduct and can produce a considerable propaganda return for very little investment. ~ Stratfor

(INS) – Never broached by this Jewthinker who toils for KikeJew George Friedman is the distinct possibility that this Moscow outrage was co-ordinated by the Mossad as 'payback' for recent independent moves by the Russian leadership!

School Dazed

I (as well as most race conscious whites) always appreciate your support for the white working class. You are probably the only person that speaks up and fights for the white working class. But here is a scary fact that cannot be overlooked. Our educational system simply sucks. Sometimes I wonder how we are the biggest superpower when our educational system is almost dead last. Pretty soon, and I'm sure it's even happening now, most companies are not going to have a choice but to ship jobs overseas because our workers simply don't measure up to the chinks and indians. Let's face it, we can talk about companies shipping jobs overseas because they don't want to pay real wages, which for the most part is true, but when we a have a company like Intel which right now has two thirds of their workforce overseas because they cannot find enough qualified workers here in the US, that should raise alarm bells.

The bottom line is unless there's somebody like you that has the balls to address the real elephant in the room, more and more jobs are going to go overseas not out of greed but out of merit. The elephant I'm referring to is dumbing down our educational system for the purpose of satisfying a race of people that are incapable of learning anything beyond dunking a basketball or catching a football. Yes of course niggers – you know what I was referring to. Unfortunately most of these useless and worthless politicians constantly complain about the state of our educational system but just cannot bring themselves to talk about the real issue when they know what it is. ~ LW

Evergreen Aviation's Chemtrail Contracts with USAF

Here in Austin recently I noted lots of chemtrails.
The main culprit in this is Evergreen Aviation.

Charlie Wilson

I watched the movie (documentary) "The Real Story Behind Charlie Wilsons War", the one in Afghanistan, and also the one called "Restrepo", also about Afghanistan. My comment on both is "wtf are we doing there?" The one about Charlie Wilson pissed me off so much I could not watch it through to the end. This rotten sob of a texas congressman was able to push this war with practically no resistance. He was a whoremongering booze hound with way too much influence. I suggest all whites watch this and tell their children not to volunteer for any service whatever. "Restrepo" showed what a total clusterf–k that whole mess is.

As to the intel reports, my vote is send as many as you want to, I do not think you can have too much truth. As often quoted – "Truth is the first casualty of war".

14/5 LW Austin

P.S. INTEL: Crooked Uncle Thomas – This one was over the top. I laughed my ass off at this... and Mike Malloy is a hoot. I have had my problems with the federal bloodsuckers over the years. Keep 'em comin'. I forward some to people I hope will listen.

TT says: Sounds good!

Bells ring for Clarence!

Biological Jew in the Huffington Post!

Glenn Beck has a habit of supporting his arguments by using the work of known anti-Semitic and white supremacist individuals. On September 22, 2010, he promoted a book by Eustace Mullins to cite information to supplement his 'distorted argument' about the Federal Reserve. Mullins also wrote Adolph Hitler – an Appreciation in which he compared Hitler to Christ and described both as victims of Jews.

One of Mullins' works, The Biological Jew, is a literal treasure trove about Jews.

Beck often refers to himself as a teacher who presents information to let his audience come to their own conclusions. If Beck is preparing his curriculum and chalkboard illustrations on works like those of Mullins, exactly what conclusion is he hoping is audience will come to?

eagleclaw 04:56 PM on 1/28/2011
Can't see anything that Mullins wrote that is wrong!

Yes, I absolutely do. Those calling themselves 'Jew' are by definition endorsing the loveless exploitation of humanity. To defend Jews, Judaism or Jewthinkers in any way is a moral crime against humanity. Judaism commands its followers to kill or enslave all non-Jews in the world and to take their property without penalty. Judaism is, without question, the unnatural cause of our upcoming and imminent deaths.

Anyone who uses the term Zionist in conjunction with anything at all is working for the Jews, assisting in the concealment of those really responsible for the creeping bloody horror that now promises to end all our lives prematurely by their pathologically destructive behavior. They are helping the Jews hide behind a distracting label, enabling them to distance themselves from the guilt of their own crimes against humanity.

John Kaminski

TT ~ Classic Dave Allen. This guy was quite funny.
I found myself laughing out loud watching this. ~ LW


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